NTRCA Syllabus: Preliminary and composed

NTRCA syllabus Very important for all NTRCA tests. NTRCA has arranged the test in three (3) steps. Finally publish the results after Viva Voice. The selected candidates can then apply for the job and institute the choice. Let me explain NTRCA syllabus. Let’s look at both the initial and written syllabus in this article. This is the 17th NTRCA syllabus.

The NTRCA syllabus is published by the Private Teacher Registration Authority. We also upload NTRCA primary syllabus and NTRCA written syllabus on our website for all candidates or NTRCA exam. You can download ntrca syllabus pdf file from our website.

Details of NTRCA syllabus

NTRCA has arranged the test in three stages. There (1) Primary (compulsory). (2) Written (optional). (3) Lively voice. So, to pass the exam you should know about both NTRCA syllabus. PDF files of NTRCA syllabus are also available on the authority’s website. I have included both preliminary and written syllabus in this post to help with the test.

NTRCA Preliminary Syllabus

In this step, the NTRCA Preliminary Examination is arranged by the NTRCA Authority. The NTRCA Preliminary Syllabus is general for all candidates or examinees. This is called compulsory syllabus. Total 100 marks for examination in primary syllabus. This test has 100 MCQ and must be completed within one (1) hour for this test.

Initial mark distribution

There are four types of questions in the preliminary examination. Has knowledge of Bengali, English, Mathematics and General. Here I am writing NTRCA Preliminary Mark Distribution System.

Subject Signs
Bengali 25
English 25
Math 25
Common sense 25
Total marks = 100

NTRCA written syllabus

There are three types of NTRCA written syllabus. There (1) NTRCA written syllabus school level. (2) NTRCA written syllabus School Level 2 and (3) NTRCA written syllabus at college level. The NTRCA written curriculum depends on the undergraduate subject or major. Here I am writing all ntrca syllabus in this post. See details of NTRCA syllabus below.

NTRCA written syllabus school level

There are two types of syllabus for NTRCA examination at school level. Includes general high school, junior school and madrasa school level. In this post I am explaining about school level NTRCA written syllabus. Below is a list of all school level topics. Let’s follow.

To download the school level written curriculum, click on the download button below. Here you will find written curriculum for all subjects at school level.

NTRCA Written Syllabus School Level 2

Vocational Schools, Technical Schools and the Department of Business Management under School Level 2. In a nutshell, school level 2 is for technical education teachers. Students who have completed a technical diploma and graduation are eligible for School Level 2. What if you are a technical graduate and you want to take a school level 2 exam? Follow the Belo syllabus. Here is a list of NTRCA School Level 2 subjects.

Click on the pictures of the download button below to download the school level 2 written syllabus. Here you will find written syllabus for all subjects of school level 2.

NTRCA written syllabus college level

College level written curriculum is implemented for the post of lecturer. If you want to be a lecturer in a private college, madrasa and technical education center? You will pass the NTRCA College Level Exam. Below I have added written syllabus for all college level subjects. Follow the list of topics below.

Click on the download button below to download the college level written syllabus. Here you will find written syllabus for all college level subjects.

NTRCA Viva Syllabus

There is no fixed syllabus for NTRCA Viva Voice. Your questions depend on your main subject and general knowledge. But you need to know all the famous information of your district, famous people, famous palaces, historical places. We have to follow Sheikh Mujibur Rahman about the war of liberation. This is all about preparing your NTRCA Viva Voice. Follow NTRCA Merit List To check your position in the combined national merit list.

Solution to the previous NTRCA question

The solution to the previous NTRCA question is most important for the NTRCA Preliminary Exam. You can find solutions to all the previous NTRCA questions on our website.


In conclusion, see the solution to our question and tell us if you find any wrong information. Let us know in the comments. We will fix this as soon as possible for best practice. Thanks for visiting our website and stay tuned for the next update Best Job Preparation Website Bangladesh and HSC Results 2020.

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