NU Covid Vaccine Registration for Free Corona Virus Vaccine

The NU Covid vaccine registration process is underway. The Bangladesh government wants to re-introduce the education system after the NU covid vaccination process. We know that the first step in the vaccination process is registration. Therefore, the first stage Covid-19 vaccination process of the National University is already underway.

The National University Corona or Covid-19 vaccine registration process is conducted by So the link is very important for NU covid vaccine registration. This registration process is compulsory for all students under the National University. Since the registration process is mandatory for all students, registration should be done as soon as possible. Because today is the last day of NU Corona or Covid vaccine registration.

Eligibility for Application (NU Covid Vaccine Registration)

Students of any college or educational institution studying under the National University will be able to register for the vaccine. There are different types of courses under the National University. Many students are studying in these courses. There are two types of courses, short courses and long courses. Both types of students can register for the covid vaccine.

Degree, Honors, Masters, Professional, PhD, MPhil students can also register. Therefore, all students studying under the National University, regular or irregular, can apply for covid vaccine registration. For one thing, data from the 2015-16 session to the 2019-20 session is available on the data server. So to register for the NU Covid vaccine you must be a student of the 2015-16 to 2019-20 session.

Corona or Covid-19 vaccine registration for NU students

There are about 18 to 20 lakh students under the National University. We know that schools and colleges have been closed for about 20 months due to the epidemic. But the government has decided to open all educational institutions again. According to the plan, the national university has adopted a plan to vaccinate all students. The government wants to start educational institutions after giving cavid vaccine to all students.

That is why the National University has introduced a registration process for all students to receive the vaccine. The National University provided a link to a server via notice. He also gave some instructions to the applicants. Follow these instructions to apply for the covid vaccine.

Which of the following is required for NU Covid registration?

National University students do not need to register for the covid vaccine. However, I will provide all the necessary information below. I think it is better to collect all the necessary documents and then register. Because if you do not provide the required documents or information at the time of registration, registration will not be possible. So please collect all the information then start the registration. Below is the information required for National University students to register for Corona or Covid vaccine.

  • First you need your registration number
  • The second is the National Identity Card (NID) number of the students
  • The third is your mobile number

It will take time to register more information including the above information. The information is – Student’s Name, Father’s Name, Course Name, Session, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, National Identity Card Number, Covid 19 Vaccine Information, Resident Status. Students who do not have National Identity Card will not be able to apply. The National University will issue a notice about them later.

How to register for NU Covid vaccine?

The National University has developed a system for registering the covid vaccine for students. The system is connected to a server. The National University’s covid vaccine registration process is extremely simple. Registration will be completed following a few steps. Below is a detailed discussion on how to complete the registration.

  1. First, visit the National University website ( from your mobile, computer or any other device.
  2. If you go to the link, you will be asked for the registration number. Enter the registration number from your registration card.
  3. Then enter your mobile number and national identity card number. You will also be asked to fill in a lot of information correctly. If necessary, check the correct spelling from the registration card.
  4. When all the information is complete, click the submit button.
  5. After submitting the application, download the application document. Keep printing if necessary.

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103,113 NU App

103.113 What to do if there is a problem with the NU register?

National University students must visit the official website to register for the covid vaccine. The official 103.113 NU website is You need to go to this site and provide the necessary information. If there is any problem or error in registering. You will then need to apply at the email address provided in the notification. Application issues must be specified. What kind of problem is happening? The National University provided an email address by notice. Email address

Above all, I think NU covid vaccine registration should be completed as soon as possible. Because many times the server goes down, there is a problem to complete the registration. Many are having trouble registering for the Covid vaccine. So read our full article on how to register for NU covid vaccine.

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