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sixth Week SSC 2022 Assignment Answers to all points



The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE) guidelines have recently published the assignment for SSC 2022 candidates. Problems with how to handle assignments? You don’t have to worry at all. We are providing 6th SSC 2022 Assignment Answer Guide for you here. On 23rd August 2021, SSC Recruitment Notification has been published. You can download the assignment questions in PDF format from the official website of DSHE.

6th Week SSC 2022 Assignment

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The current Kovid-19 epidemic has changed our education system a lot. Students are lagging behind in their course. Many are not able to take classes online. Not all students have access to internet and laptop or smart phone. In this unfavorable situation, Bangladesh Board of Education has decided to take assignment for assessment of students.


Its evaluation process 6th Week SSC 2022 Assignment Answer

SSC 2022 Assignment 6th Week PDF

The evaluation process of this assignment is in Rubrix format. There is a range of numbers

Number rangeComments
14-15Very good
0-9Improvements are needed

6th Week Geography Assignment North SSC 2021

Geography is a matter of human group. Assigned to six chapters; Sea level The total number in this assignment is twelve. Here are the answers to the 6th week SSC 2022 assignment and questions for you to solve.


Assignment: Report on landforms and resources of seabed with concept of atmosphere.

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

  • Description of the atmosphere, oceans, seas and bays
  • Identification and description of landforms on the sea floor
  • Description of the marine resources of the Bay of Bengal

6th Week Citizen Recruitment Answer SSC 2021

6th Week SSC 2022 Citizen Science and Citizenship Subject Assignment Answer Here. The appointment is in the sixth chapter; Government system of Bangladesh. The total number of these assignments is twelve.


Assignment: Analysis of Administrative Structure of Bangladesh (Central Administration and Field Administration).

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

  1. Textbooks / teachers (mobile / online) can be contacted.
  2. If necessary, help can also be taken from the internet.
  3. The administrative structure of Bangladesh needs to be analyzed
  4. The central administration needs to be analyzed
  5. The structure and functions of the departmental administration should be described
  6. The functions of the district administration have to be described
  7. The functions of the upazila administration have to be described.

6th Week Economy Assignment Answer SSC 2021

Sixth-Week Assignment Questions and Sample Answers 2022 for SSC Examiners. SSC 6th Week Solution 2022 is available on our website. In this article, you will find sample solutions to all the homework topics published this week. Additionally, you can download all assignment answers as a PDF file.

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Assignment: Demand and quantity of masks at different prices in Kovit-19 situation :

Price of mask (in rupees)Demand (in numbers)Amount of supply (in numbers)

Drawing the demand line according to the demand line with the demand line, yagan line, equilibrium price and quantity as well as the demand line of the product of choice;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

  • Demand;
  • Demand schedule
  • Demand line
  • Translations into Assamese:
  • Yagan schedule;
  • Yaegan-line;
  • Balance price and quantity;

6th Week Chemistry Assignment Answer SSC 2021

A common topic in the chemistry group. Students need to read the third and fifth chapters thoroughly to solve the assignment problem. Chemistry subject code is 137. To get the chemistry assignment answer, you need to follow the link here.


Assignment: The use of radioactive isotopes of the elements present in the compounds by reviewing different compounds

Preparation of a report on the use of radioactive isotopes of other elements of the atoms by reviewing the following compounds as hydrogen atom 1 (one).

H2O, CO2, CCl4, PCl5, PCl3, PI5, SO2, SO3

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

6th Week Accounting Assignment Answer SSC 2021

6th Week SSC 2022 Assignment Answer for Accounting Here. Accounting is one of the major topics in the Commerce Group or Business Studies Group. You must read chapter six carefully; “Journal” to solve accounting assignments.


Assignment: Special journal is prepared for recording transactions;

Helpful information:

Following are some of Safwan Enterprise’s transactions in March 2020;

6th Week Finance and Banking Assignment North SSC 2021

The total number is 20, the subject code of finance and banking is 152 To solve this week’s assignment you need to read the fourth chapter of your book Finance and Banking which is “Risk and Uncertainty”.


Assignment: Analysis of the effect of quality of standard deviation in investment field selection;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

1. The concept of risk and uncertainty needs to be explained with examples in the preparation of assignments

2. The difference between risk and uncertainty needs to be explained with examples

3. The class of risk needs to be defined from the perspective of the business organization and the investor

4. In the light of the following information, it is necessary to determine the value of standard deviation and analyze the effect of standard deviation quality in the selection of relatively low risk investment areas.

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Information: The two investment fields are ‘Forest’ and ‘Unique’ respectively. The rate of income earned from ‘Forest’ for last 4 years is 20%, 25%, 10% and 5% respectively and the rate of income earned from ‘Unique’ for last 4 years is 10%, 15%, 16% and 18% respectively.

6th Week Biology Assignment Answer SSC 2021

The biology subject code is 138 and the total number of this assignment is twenty. The fourth chapter of the assignment is called “The Power of Life.” To get answers to the biology assignment, you need to click on the link here.


Assignment: Identify the stages of respiration through play and analyze the production and use of energy;

Instructions (signal / step / circumference): 1. First you have to read pages 7-8, 8-81 of the biology textbook.


6th Week Higher Mathematics Assignment Answer SSC 2021

The subject code of higher mathematics is 126. SSC 2022 Assignment Answer 6th Week of Higher Mathematics is in Chapter 7 of “Osim Section”. The total number of these assignments is fourteen. There are five math problems you need to solve.


Assignment: Solve infinite flow problems;

You have gone to a strange country. There are 10 boxes under a tree. Each box has a fraction written on it. The boxes are arranged in such a way that the order of the fractions looks like the figure below;

The fraction obtained by expressing the product of fractions in the smallest form is m / k

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

A) Determine the minimum size of a / b; Determine the value of (a or b)

B) determine m / k; (Express the fraction of each box in minimal form;)

C) Find the general terms of m, k, m, k, m, k, sequence; (1,0,1,0,1,0,… and 0,1,0.1,0,1, করবে will use two common terms in the sequence;)

D) If the number of boxes is infinite, find the nth partial sum of the series formed by the fractions of the fraction obtained on each box;

E) Fractions of a box anywhere. Convert the recurring decimal to the infinite multiplicative series and then find the infinite sum of the series (if any), then determine it;


Here is the answer to 6th week SSC 2022 assignment including all the topics Students have to write the assignment in their handwriting. Add a cover page to each assignment. All students of SSC 2022 or equivalent examination must submit this assignment on time. Here we have provided a sample answer for you but the best way is to change something in your own words.

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