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SSC 2022 Assignment Answer second Week PDF Science, Business Studies, Humanities

The answer of SSC Assignment 2nd week is attached here with the syllabus of 2022. Our students who are now studying in SSC in high school level education will have to apply the assignment answer within the existing week. The new week assignment has been presented to SSC students as 2nd week assignment. We also gave part of the 2nd week assignment to our favorite students. So now and then every one of our SSC students can have SSC Assignment 2nd Week Answer 2022 to download from here.

SSC 2022 Assignment Answer 2nd week

We visited a number of SSC students who were expected to extend their SSC assignments. The assignment is an innovation of the government aimed at keeping students engaged in academic activities. In addition to the plan, the government has also come forward to extend this week-long class assignment this year. As a result, everyone has to look at the SSC assignment from here.

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On the north side we have added the name of the year to the SSC assignment. This is because SSC students usually combine previous year’s assignments with one another. So, our squad named the 2nd week assignment SSC Assignment 2022 Since students prefer to enter that keyword, our website has also made appropriate sense here with the Department of Education’s announcement.

Answer to SSC Human Recruitment 2nd week

Active since this week, efforts have also begun to spread the assignment widely, including English and chemistry. Intellectual filth can be easily overcome in hiring SSCs with a strong knowledge and an outstanding knowledge. Thus, SSC 2nd Week Assignment 2022 is going to be very hot and risky for the students.

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This instantly available SSC assignment designed for state high school level apprentices is 2nd week. The 2nd week assignment is to help students with both academic and non-academic matters. SSC students will get possible questions and answers from their lessons by following the assignment tasks. You will also become an expert in that course, with suggestions for improving their writing.

SSC History of Bangladesh and World Civilization Recruitment 2nd Week Answer

Submitting SSC 2nd Week Assignment 2022 for expert reading and feedback will be unusually fast and enthusiastic for feedback. In our country there is a huge number of newcomers in every class. So not only SSC students have to write the answer of the second week assignment on time. But teachers need to complete the experimental answer in order to evaluate correctly between the same time and date.

SSC Assignment Answer 2022 History and World Civilization PDF


Chapter One: Introduction to History

Assignment: Article entitled “History in Human Life” (within 300 words)

Learning Outcome / Content:

Be able to explain the concept, nature and scope of history and tradition; Be able to describe the elements and types of history; Will be interested in history and tradition;

SSC Geography and Environment Recruitment 2nd Week Answer

Students will be rejected if they fail to submit the answer of SSC Assignment 2022 2nd week within this week. They need to make good use of their talents and energy. There are many teachers in your school but I am not sure which 2022 will verify the answer to your assignment. So, be serious about your geography 2nd assignment from this place at any cost.


Assignment: Preparation of report on the relationship between geography and environment;

Learning Outcome / Content:

  • 1. Be able to explain the concept of geography and environment.
  • 2. Be able to describe the circumference of the earth.
  • 3. Be able to analyze the interrelationships between geological and environmental elements

SSC Civics Assignment 2nd Week Answer

You should also extend your hand to others, especially those who are your friends. SSC students can also report that they can collect answers for all week and all class assignments where everything is available. In this connection SSC students should be interested in helping others to complete the assignment in 2022. In addition to academic subjects, students find a lot to share and gain from assignments.

SSC Civics Assignment Answer 2022 PDF


Assignment: The following family arrangements are seen in today’s world– a) patriarchal and matriarchal families on the basis of lineage and leadership; B) single and joint family on the basis of family structure; C) Monogamous, polygamous and polygamous families on the basis of marital formula.

Among the above mentioned family systems in Bangladesh some types of families are seen and some joint families in the country are decreasing and the number of single families is increasing. Explaining the functions of an ideal family.

SSC Business Assignment Answer 2nd Week Answer

SSC Assignment Business Group has now entered this 2nd week syllabus in 2022 by the concerned authorities. While most are provided by the Department of Education, school teachers are now distributing English assignments to students. Many SSC students find that the Business Group Assignment answer is very problematic. So, the SSC Business Group Assignment Post is now going to help them a bit.

SSC Business Entrepreneur Recruitment 2nd Week Answer

SSC Assignment English includes only one selected assignment from students’ NCTB textbooks. Therefore, reading the babsa udyog textbook, the best answer by 2022 may now be accessible. Students who are now thinking about how to start writing their business entrepreneurial assignments must take note of the assignment below, in fact the assignment is not what you are looking for. SSC Babu initiative this week.


SSC Exam 2021 Second Week Politics and Citizenship Assignment (Revised)


Assignment: Analysis of existing family system and functions of an ideal family in Bangladesh

Learning Outcome / Content: Explain the concept of family, society, state and government. I will be able to analyze the relationship between family, society, state and government.

Instructions (signal / step / circumference):

  • A. Textbooks / teachers (mobile / online) can be accessed.
  • B. If necessary, help can also be taken from the internet.
  • C. Describe how the family is formed.
  • D. The classification in the family must be described.
  • E. The reasons for decrease in joint family and increase in single family need to be analyzed.
  • D. An ideal family function needs to be analyzed.

What to write in the answer of 2nd week SSC babsa udyog assignment 2022 has now become a common question. But, if they look at the students of a class notice, they will see that the only question is from their business entrepreneur textbook. Students will also need to get the correct notifications required by the Ministry to write the 2nd week assignment answer for SSC.

SSC Accounting Assignment 2nd Week Answer

Thus, every notice and instruction as they appear, the answer to the class assignment will be optimistic. Not every time you write your answer is the best. But giving some revision of assignment will make it feel better for SSC students. Therefore 2nd SSC Assignment is subject to stress your stream.

SSC Assignment Accounting 2022 North PDF


Assignment: Introduction to business transactions – concept of transaction, nature, effect of transaction in accounting equation, required documents;

Helpful Information: From the owner of Sadaf Enterprise, the following incidents were reported from Mr. Sadaf in June 2020:

SSC Science Assignment Answer 2nd Week Answer

We thought about your difficulty in completing these assignments and this week we have prepared solutions for science group assignments which will be available for download in the following sections. These solutions are prepared by the most talented teachers in the relevant subject.

SSC Chemistry Assignment 2nd Week Answer

The chemistry assignment for each of the four classes in high school was recently issued in 2022. SSC Assignment Chemistry was expected to appear. The wait for the 2nd week has come to an end with the announcement of new assignments. Therefore, the assignment SSC Chemistry is being consistent with other weeks.


Chapter 3: Structure of matter


Preparation of a report on the number of neutrons in the mass of the mass mentioned next to the symbol, the diagram of the structure of the atom according to the Baer model, the electron configuration at the energy level and the electron configuration at the substratum (orbitals) Na (ll). Mass -40 Cu (29), mass-63

Learning Outcome / Content:

  • I can calculate the number of atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons.
  • Rutherford and Baer can describe the atomic model of atomic structure.
  • We can arrange the electrons of the atom in different orbits of the atom and in different layers of the orbit.

Each notice is now a problem for state SSC students to check and download. The whole chemistry assignment will also get full credit as it is a compulsory subject for you. SSC Short Syllabus 2021. Otherwise, not everyone gets the highest score in the assignment evaluation.

SSC Physics Allocation 2nd Week Answer

The answer for the 2nd week of Physics Assignment 2022 has been given by our expert team and teachers. Therefore, in 2022 you can learn where to access to download your 2nd week assignments directly. You need to be very calm and organized while sitting down to write answers to physics assignments. SSC students will find out what their job is looking for this week of the month.


Question 2: Rabbi and Sajal, two candidates for admission to the University of Engineering, are two different students of the examination hall located on a Saeja road. Stays at home. They have been asked to report to the examination hall gate by 9 am – after which the gate will be closed. As far as Sajal’s house is from the examination hall, Rabbi’s house is 200 meters away from him. But Sajal woke up late because of Facebooking all night. After eating breakfast and reprimanding his parents, Sajal came to the gate of the house and saw that the rabbi was walking at breakneck speed and if he walked at this speed he would reach the gate just in time. But. A maximum of 1 m / s is equal to 10 seconds for sajal on a full stomach. Impossible to go further. And the rest of the time he will be able to run half of this maximum speed. It is now 8:56 in the morning. If you continue in this way, you will be able to enter at the last moment if you have a clear test.

(A) How far is Sajal’s house from the examination hall?
(B) The rabbi decides on the night before the examination that he will leave the house at 6:44 in the morning and will arrive at 8:55 in the morning in a hurry. So what speed does he have to go?
(C) At this speed, after crossing the gate of Sajal for 50 meters, suddenly the rabbi spins and then the rabbi starts moving at a quarter of the speed of the east, then will Sajal pass him before entering?
(D) Draw a chart showing the road location of Rabbi and Sajal between 8:56 am and 9 am on a chart. For each, Taema must show the position of at least four points (a maximum of eight points).

SSC Higher Mathematics Assignment 2nd Week Answer

The opening of secondary level educational institutions is not yet certain. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Education, the closed educational institutions will not be reopened. The government has dropped the thinking and distributed assignments for SSC schoolboys. The idea is that they can be on the radar of academic achievement. Now, the 2nd week of SSC Higher Mathematics Assignment 2022 is approaching

SSC Advanced Mathematics Assignment 2022 Answer PDF


If they can’t create something helpful, students are asked to take note of recent posts on our website. We have published the latest posts every week by assignment in 2022.

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