SSC 2022 Science Assignment Answer fifth Week (Class 10 Science Assignment)

5th Week Class 10 Science Assignment Question Solution 2022 is available here. The answer of 5th week of SSC 2022 Science Assignment has been published recently on the official website of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. Assignments have also been published on our website There is also an NCTB assignment solution with the assignment.

SSC 2022 Science Assignment Answer

In the 5th week, the 10th grade science assignment is published. Assignments are given in the Water for Life chapter of the science subject. This chapter is written about water. Such as scientific explanation of water, how water is being wasted, how we can conserve water etc.

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Tenth grade students are required to submit assignments in this science subject to their respective schools. However, those students who cannot solve the assignment through their acquired knowledge can see our solution. Our website publishes the right solution.

Class 10 Science Assignment Question 2022

Below are diagrams and sample answers to the weekly science assignment questions. Students can view or download assignment solutions from here. So let’s check the answer. DSHE has already announced fifth-week Class 10 science assignment questions and students are waiting for sample answers to gather ideas about the subject.

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Authorities at the Department of Secondary and Higher Education have announced that the answer to the SSC science assignment must be submitted by the 5th week. SSC Science Answers, 5th week has been published on their website without any charge. We also posted and you can find the solution to your SSC Science Assignment question at SSC assignments are also scheduled for 11th, 15th, 16th, 20th and 21st week assignments. We try a complete assignment solution for SSC. Most assignment finders are fined many times in the 5th week of answering SSC Science Assignment.

SSC 2022 Science Assignment 5th Week

All education boards begin recruiting for all subjects and sciences and will end in December 2022. Nine class assignments begin in November and end in December. Students can also test their nine science assignments on these websites.

Assignment: Inquiry into the cause of water source pollution in one’s area, impact analysis and preparation of recommendations for remediation.


  • Prepare a list of water sources in the vicinity and mention the causes of water pollution in any one of these sources.
  • Analyze the effects of water pollution on plants, animals and humans from the above sources.
  • To prepare recommendations to keep the water sources of the area free from pollution.

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5th Week SSC 2022 Science Assignment Answer

In this 2022 year, all the boards of education started assignment of all subjects and it is likely to end in December 2022. SSC Science Assignments begin in June and end in December 2022 Students can also find solutions to their SSC Science Assignment questions on these websites You can get all the boards in the first 9 Science Assignments 2022. Newly launched assignments this year Answer 2022 All boards on their website.

5th Week SSC 2022 Science Assignment Answer PDF

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