Strategy: Those who have added and the individuals who have isolated

Procedures are an important part of general knowledge of international affairs. In all the tests the question comes from more or less method. If you want to know about the method, you must first know, what is the method?

What is the method?

The system is a narrow body of water that joins two large bodies of water and separates the two land masses. We will now learn about the world famous methods.

Method Who have added Who have separated
The Gibraltar Strait North Atlantic Ocean + Mediterranean Sea Europe – Africa
Spain – Morocco
English Channel Atlantic Ocean + North Sea Bitrain – France
The Dover method English Channel + North Sea Bitrain – France
Bering method Bering Sea + North Ocean North America – Asia
United States – Russia
The Florida method Gulf of Mexico + Atlantic Ocean United States – Cuba
Davis method Buffin Sea + Labrador Sea Greenland – Canada
Bosphorus method Black Sea + Sea of ​​Marble Asia – Europe
The Dardanelles method Aegean Sea + Sea of ​​Marble Asia – Europe
Hormuz method Persian Gulf + Gulf of Oman UAE – Iran
Bab-el-Mandev Arabian Sea + Red Sea Asia – Africa
Pak method Bay of Bengal + Gulf of Manna India – Sri Lanka
Malacca Strait Andaman Sea + South China Sea Malaysia – Indonesia
Sunda method Java Sea + Indian Ocean Sumatra – Java
Korea method East China Sea + Sea of ​​Japan South Korea – Japan
Formosa method East China Sea + South China Sea Taiwan – China

Photo: NASA / Scott Kelly

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