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Surokkha application for crown immunization through surokkha.gov.bd

Surokkha App (surokkha.gov.bd) is currently the most popular app in Bangladesh. All Bangladeshi citizens need to register through this app to get the vaccine of Kovid 19. No person will be vaccinated without registration. So if you want to get vaccinated, you need to download surokkha app. Today we will discuss the details of surokkha app. I am requesting those who have not yet registered surokkha App Bangladesh to read today’s article carefully. Because surokkha app is very important for Covid 19. Surokkha App Gov BD means security app created and operated by the Government of Bangladesh. So of course anyone can register in this app.

Surokha App Bangladesh (BD)

Surokkha App Bangladesh (BD) is an app developed by the Government of Bangladesh. Our government has created the Surokkha app to make vaccination easier. Only Bangladeshi citizens and foreign diplomats can register through Surokkha App Bangladesh (BD). Once the registration is completed, a confirmation message will be sent to each applicant through verification and selection of information.

Thus, the applicant will be given the date of vaccination through a confirmation message. The applicant must be present at the designated healthcare center for the purpose of receiving the vaccine on the prescribed day. If an applicant fails to show up on the scheduled day, they may change to another day. However, the vaccination card must be taken on the day of vaccination.

Download the Surokkha app

The main purpose of the Surokkha app is to simplify the Covid 19 vaccine system. Vaccination so that no one can do any irregularity or corruption with Kovid 19. The Bangladesh government has created an app for him called Suraksha. Covid 19 will be vaccinated through the app.

Anyone wishing to be vaccinated must first apply for the vaccine. To apply for a vaccine, you need to download and install the protection app. To download the security app, you need to search by typing the security app download from the Google Play Store. And you need to download and install the app. So those who are interested in getting Covid 19 vaccine must download Surokkha app.

Details of surokkha.gov.bd app

Surokkha (www.surokkha.gov.bd), when you enter the web portal, you will see a home screen like Figure-1 below. The 1st to 5th part mentioned in Figure-1 is described Down-

Covid-19 vaccine registration details

Part-1 marked in Figure-1: From the navigation menu, Home, Registration, Registration Status, Vaccine Card Download, Manual and Frequently Asked Questions can be visited

Marked in Part-2 Figure-1: Registration, Registration Status, Vaccine Card Download, Manual and Frequently Asked Questions can also be accessed through.

Part-3 Marked in Figure-1: Important health related hotline numbers can be found in this section. Such as- Health Window, IEDCR, Covid 19 Telehealth, Ma Telehealth etc.

Marked in Part-4 Figure-1: In this section you will learn the process or steps to get the Covid-19 Corona vaccine.

Marked in Part-5 Figure-1: In this section, all activities of this portal can be performed by downloading mobile apps from Android Play Store or Apple App Store buttons.

Security App Bangladesh Registration Process

First you have to enter (www.surokkha.gov.bd) Download the Surokkha app from the web portal or Android Play Store or Apple App Store. Clicking on the “Register” button will bring up a screen like this Below one, select “Category” from here. After selecting “Category”, the following screen will appear.

surokkha gov bd corona vaccine registration

Here you have to click on “Verify” button after issuing National Identity Card Number, date of birth (according to national identity card) and captcha.

Covid-19 vaccine registration processCovid-19 vaccine registration process

If all goes well, the following Bengali and English names will be Enter the mobile number (OTP and vaccine information) displayed here This mobile number will be notified via SMS).

At this stage, select “Chronic Illness / Co-Illness”

Select whether the job is directly related Covid 19. At this stage select the current address on the screen below (section, District, Upazila / Thana / City Corporation, Union / Municipality etc.) Select the center where you want to get the vaccine. Remember that The center will be received according to the selected upazila. Click the “Save” button from the screen below.

Finally complete the registration by clicking on “Status Verification” Button with OTP code received via SMS on mobile. Congratulations! Your registration has been completed successfully. Now You can download the vaccine card online from the web at any time Portal www.surokkha.gov.bd.

Covid-19 Vaccine Card Download

Click on the “Vaccine Card Download” button On the following screen, click the “Verify” button with the national identity card Number, date of birth (according to national identity card) and captcha.

You can download the vaccine card by clicking “Download” Vaccine card using OTP code received via SMS on mobile ”button Number given at the time of registration. If you do not turn on OTP Mobile, click on “Send OTP again” button.

Surakhkha app for Covid 19

The Surokkha app is a very important app for Kovid 19. Because vaccination is the only method. So those who are interested in getting vaccinated must download the protection app. Because it is very important to get vaccinated against Kovid-19.

Surokkha App Gov BD

Surokkha App Gov BD is an app developed and operated by the Government of Bangladesh. It is intended to provide a vaccine for the treatment of Covid 19 only. Facilitating the process plays an important role.



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