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This is the start of a story. Complete the incomplete story in around 200 words

In light of the assignment work above, we are now going to solve an assignment for Class 9 of the 20th week English subject. I hope you see the answer we give and write it in your notebook.

Students who follow the key given by us and write the answer in the book as they like will get full marks. If a student copies our text exactly, he may not be eligible for full marks.


Lesson No. and Title: This is the beginning of a story. Complete the unfinished story in about 200 words: Abir learning to play the violin. His brother Dhruv is a violinist. Abir learned to play the instrument from him. Other students are Mausumi, Tamanna, Ridhoy and Akash. They are all good friends. The team plans to go for a stage performance. One day.


  • Subject title
  • Introduction
  • Body / Description: (Paragraph or paragraph title may differ from assignment)
  • Conclusion

Instructions: Students have to follow the letter writing steps.

20th Week Assignment Class 9 English Answer

Assignment Title: First experience of stage performance.

The first experience of a stage performance We went to attend a school cultural event at the Baishakh festival. There we had to take part and for the first time we had the opportunity to perform on stage to play the violin, we could do whatever we wanted.

Our team and we have decided that we have taken this as a challenge and look forward to giving our best. After a while our turn came and we got up on stage. Forgetting all our faults and worries, we have deeply implemented our best level. The audience applauded me. It was our first experience on stage. It was a great experience.

We were good at playing the violin and learned a lot from our violin master Dhruv. This event has affected us a lot because we have learned to have more courage to do something in front of others even if we feel nervous or scared in front of the audience. We are all awesome and proud because Mausumi and Abir played very well compared to the others in our team.

We were thrilled to receive our invitation to Medium Post because we have been a huge fan of the platform for quite some time, we hoped that when we received an invitation we would have something more interesting to write based on experience and more interesting than our usual daily observation. Post somewhere else.

English Class Nine [Week 20] Assignment Solution PDF Download

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