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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Variables and division and formation in past BCS fundamental assessment

We will discuss the factors and inflections and compounds that are coming up in the last BCS Preliminary Examination.

These are the relationship of our pulse. We have been studying these from that secondary level. Which or not, the most competitive exam in Bangladesh also comes in BCS. So, let’s weld ourselves a little.

From here you can check yourself with the test if you want or if you just want to read, then go to the last part of the post Finish Press the button. Then you will see the correct answers.

Factors and division and conjugation in BCS Preliminary Examination

The result

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# 1 What is the relation of verb to other verbs?

# 2. By, by, by – according to Bengali grammar which is a declension?

# 3. Which of the following is a detractor?

# 4. The word “medicine” in the sentence ‘pain all over, where to give medicine’ is an example of a division to whom?

# 5. I did not keep the history of my mother’s flight in the sky.

# 6. In which of the following sentences is zero declension used?

# 7. Which of the following is an example of an analogy?

# 8. Which of the following is an example of polygamy?

# 9. ‘Puspasaurav’ is an example of which compound?

# 10. What is ‘water-land’?

# 11. What is the correct business sentence for all the terms “surprised”?

# 12. Which of the following is a polynomial compound?

# 13. ‘Judge Saheb’ is an example of which samas?

# 14. The term ‘Alochaya’ belongs to which samas?

# 15. The compound word ‘anat’ is an example of which compound?

# 16. ‘Jyotsnarat’ is an example of which samas?

# 17. What makes Samas language?

# 18. Comparing an indirect object with a direct object is called ______.

# 19. In what process is the word ‘nabanna’ formed?

# 20. ‘Lathalathi’ – What is it?

# 21. The antecedent of a compound which is numerical and compounded by a compound word is called-

# 22. Chandmukh’s motto is-

# 23. The compound that does not have a business sentence, or has to take the help of another position to do so, is called ____.

# 24. Which is an example of conflict?

# 25. Which of the following is an example of a middle-class worker?

Factors and inflections and conjunctions

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