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Walid, an understudy of 34th BCS first private college, is sorry



Students of the first private university have passed the 34th BCS. M Walid bin Kashem is a person who has passed the 34th BCS examination. The Public Service Commission (PSC) yesterday released the final results of the 34th Bangladesh Civil Service Examination, recommending 2159 candidates for recruitment in various government cadres.

BCS 1st private university student

M. Walid bin KashemThe 34th BCS cadre wrote on his Facebook wall,

“By the grace of Almighty, I have become the first in the national merit in the 34th BCS examination. I am the first person from Ahsanullah University, a private student to achieve first place in BCS and I am proud to be at the top of history as a member of the Institute of Renewable Energy, University of Dhaka and a community of Japanese government scholarship holders. BCS.

Inshallah I will continue my career as an officer in Foreign Affairs. Please put me in your prayers. “

You can Download BCS Final Exam Results From our website. The commission has recommended recruitment of 2159 out of 8,63 BCS eligible candidates. Of these, 1,388 are males and 771 are females. One thing, Walid, a student of 34th BCS 1st Private University, is sorry.

The results of 20 were suspended for defective information even though they qualified for the written test and Viva Voice. They were asked to contact the PSC with the necessary paperwork, he added.

Because, Walid, a student of 34th BCS 1st private university, is sorry …

M Walid bin Kashem, 34th BCS cadre

My dear friends and members of this group, please salute me. Assalamu Alaikum. First of all I would like to apologize to all of you for giving a post that has brought a lot of controversy into the discussion. I will try to clear myself and my motives.

  1. Why am I late in answering:

I am currently doing my MS in Japan and I live there with my family. I have come to Dhaka to say goodbye to my parents for their Hajj. I was scheduled to return to Japan on August 31st. After this result I had very little time to meet my friends even though I had prepared myself for the return. Alhamdulillah I came back this morning and answered you.

  1. About my post:
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I would like to say with humility that I am a normal person like many others. I never thought I would be first in BCS or any cadre. Rather I thank Almighty Allah for blessing me with an incredible result. Talking to Nazia Lisa Apur last night, I expressed that feeling. However, after hearing these results, I heard from someone (I don’t want to reveal) that I was the first in combined talent. Also one of my friend’s father is a member of BPSC and I asked him to verify it. He reaffirmed. Then I posted to this group. But I agree that BPSC has not officially released so it is better for me to remain silent. But I was overwhelmed and posted with excitement. I was a silent observer of BCS related groups and I thought it was a legitimate place to share. I’m sorry for that. Forgive me if I have done anything wrong. I never intended to hurt anyone or any community.

  1. Private vs. Public University Debate in Bangladesh:

Personally I have studied in both places. Also I am studying in a foreign university now. So I personally hate this debate. Even my result in DU is better than Ahsanullah’s. I always believe in gradual personal development and I believe the university cannot change a student. The best thing a student can do for his or her success is to focus on his or her goals. I don’t start that debate and I don’t like that discussion. I sincerely request you to stay away from it.

  1. Some confessions:

I learned a lot from this group. However, I am sorry to say that this group is no longer a career group. It has turned into a group of critics. Many have blamed me for what I posted. Many have claimed that Mausumi Apu is the first. But how do you know that? If I made a mistake, so did you. Some people gave me merit list and there I got people with 4th national merit position in FA cadre and I was not there. I never answered anyone. Some people have tried to prove me wrong but do you have any documented evidence. It was this team that allowed the venerable Sushant Da to stand in custody to prove his first position. He is an idol and he too has had to answer and hear that he is a fraud. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. However, BPSC will publish its annual report on merit status. If I am proved wrong I will accept all the blame but if I am proved right then you do not have to be sorry to anyone. I urge you to be sorry for yourself and promise yourself never to criticize anyone. Everyone join this group with hope. It is our duty to uphold their goals and aspirations. We should have a healthy discussion here. However, I would like to request the group admins, if you think my post is wrong, please delete it.

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And last but not least, I’m sorry again. I never wanted to show myself in front of you. I apologize again.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to this group and obviously? #? Mashroof Bhai,? #? Sushant Da,? Your advice has helped me a lot. I have always been a proud person that I know you personally or on FB.

Shobai valo thakben, amake khoma korben and amar jonno kindly doa korben.

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As salamu alaikum. – M. Walid bin Kashem

BCS 1st private university student

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