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এসএসসি ২০২২ ৯ম সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্ন ও সমাধান [পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড] করুন এখানে | SSC ninth Week Assignment Solve 2022 – [All Board PDF Download]



SSC 2022 ninth Week Assignment Questions and Solutions – The Ministry of Education has delivered the 10th week task for SSC 2022 applicants. The service delivered the 10th week task of the examinees as every one of the instructive organizations of the nation were shut once more. Today we distribute the 10th week task of SSC 2022 up-and-comers in PDF format.

From here you will get SSC ninth class question arrangement of all schooling sheets of the country in pdf design. Assuming SSC 10th week task the present post is for you. You will get the 10th week task of SSC 2022 from here.

Since the SSC examinees have distributed the tasks, we have distributed the inquiries and arrangements in PDF design. Understudies doing SMS with SSC IX will get task answers and inquiries on our site from now on.

SSC ninth Week Assignment 2022

The 10th week task was delivered by the Ministry of Education for consistent assessment exercises of SSC competitors as all instructive foundations in the nation were re-shut because of the plague coronavirus.

The official site of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has distributed the notice in regards to the 10th week task of SSC 2022 understudies. 10th Week Assignment Mathematics, Chemistry, Accounting, History of Bangladesh and Civilization Assignment Assessment Guidelines have been given for 2022 SSC Examiners.

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SSC 2022 ninth Week Assignment Answer

Following the 10th week task appraisal rules gave by the Ministry of Education, the SSC up-and-comers will utilize their gifts to plan answers and submit them to their separate institutions.

Since every one of the instructive establishments in the nation have been shut down again by the Ministry of Education, the evaluation exercises have been continued through this task. As usual, the understudies have been approached to tackle the task coordinated by the Ministry of Education and submit it to the teacher.

Notification in regards to task of SSC ninth week task 2022

The 10th week has been distributed in the illumination of the schedule of 2022 SSC up-and-comers given by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board as coordinated by the Ministry of Education because of Karna infection. 26th January Notice with respect to 10th week task for SSC candidates.

The 10th week task of SSC applicants of 2022 has been distributed. Presently we are distributing the task notice in PDF design. On the off chance that you need, you can download the SSC 2022 10th week task warning in PDF design from here.

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2022 SSC ninth Week Assignment PDF

Are you searching for 2022 SSC 10th week tasks? Need to download SSC 2022 10th week task in PDF design? I would agree that you have come to the right website.

Today we have distributed the SSC 2022 10th week task in PDF design as coordinated by the Ministry of Education. From here you can download all the 10th week SSC tasks in PDF format.


SSC 2022 10th week math task solution

In the image beneath SSC 2022 Ninth Week Assignment Mathematics Is given and the subtleties are referenced underneath the image


Subject: Mathematics, Subject Code: 109, Assignment: 03

Scheduled tasks:

  • 1. Draw points of 150 °, 5 and 135 utilizing pencil compass;
  • 2. Measure and record the length and width of your rectangular perusing table;

Assignment Writing Instructions: (signal/sheath/circumference):

1. Presently draw a corresponding graph of the outer layer of a trapezium formed table whose two equal arms will be equivalent to the length and width of the rectangular understanding table and one of the two neighboring more modest sides of the trapezium (the width of the table) will be reciprocal of 7 5 and different 135.

(Example 3 of the course book (page number – 146) will help. If fundamental, broaden the more modest arm, cut the biggest arm and attempt to draw a parallelogram on it.)

2. Abdominal muscle CD Draw the proportion of a quadrilateral. Where AB = table length, B = table width, * B = 75, C = 135 ° and D = 60 °

3. Draw a triangle whose ground is equivalent to the width of Tamar’s table, a point adjoining the ground is 135 and the amount of the other different sides is equivalent to the length of Tamar’s table. (Proofreader 1 of the 136 pages of the course book will follow.)

SSC 2022 10th week Chemistry Assignment solution

In the image underneath SSC 2022 10th week science no Assignment given-


Subject: Chemistry, Subject Code: 138, Assignment: 02

Assignment: The two isotopes of copper found in nature have mass quantities of 63 and 65. The quantity of center particles of every isotope, the place of the component in the occasional table through electron arrangement, the different energy levels and sub-energy levels of the component and the presence in them. Analyze the quantity of electrons utilizing the recipes 2n2 and 2 (21 + 1);

Writing instructions:

A. Computation of the center particles of the isotope;

B. Work out and address the quantity of energy levels and sub-energy levels of the element;

C. Work out the quantity of electrons in the energy level and sub-energy level of a component utilizing formulas;

D. Decide the place of the component in the intermittent table;

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E. Composing provides details regarding the third and fourth sections of the textbook;

SSC 2022 Ninth Week of Accounting Science Assignment Solution

In the accompanying picture SSC 2022 10th week bookkeeping science task is given-

22-SSC-9-AccountingSubject: Accounting Science, Subject Code: 146, Assignment: 02

Assignment: “Use of two-way recording framework in bookkeeping “

Helpful information: Some of the exchanges of Messrs. Jaya and Co. are as follows:

1. Mrs. Jaya Mukherjee contributed Rs. 20,000 in her business.

2. 25,000 for the acquisition of a PC for the office.

3. Office lease is Rs. 18,000 whenever paid three months in advance.

4. 25,000 whenever offered to Rajan.

5. The bank charged Rs 1,500.

. 7,000 whenever removed from the bank.

. 15,000 for buying merchandise on credit.

. 3,000 assuming wages are to be paid.

9. Buy bring Rs back. 2,000.

10. 10,000 whenever kept in the bank.

Writing Instructions: (signal/step/circumference):

A. The possibility of ​​a two-way recording system;

B. Highlights of two-way recording system;

C. Charge and Credit Assessment Rules (notwithstanding the textbook);

D. Deciding the charge and credit side of associated exchanges with reasons (notwithstanding the 55 pages of the textbook);

SSC 2022 Ninth Week History and World Civilization Assignment Solution

See SSC Exam 2022 10th week history and world progress task in the image below


Subject: History and World Civilization, Subject Code: 153, Assignment: 02

Assignment: Present a report surveying the outstanding commitments of the Egyptian, Indus, Greek and Roman developments read in your textbook.

Instructions (signal/step/circumference):

1. Brief foundation of world developments (Egypt, Indus, Greek and Ram);

2. Recognizing and deciphering remarkable commitments to civilizations;

3. Follow the means of report writing;

4. Assess the job of the four civic establishments in the advancement of human civilization.

SSC ninth Week Assignment Solution 2022

I am distributing the 10th week task arrangement of 2022 SSC and identical up-and-comers. In the event that you are searching for SSC 10th week task arrangement, read the present post carefully.

From here you can observe task answers for every one of the subjects of the 10th week in PDF design. As understudies are presently searching for online SSC and week by week task arrangements, today we are distributing ninth week task arrangements in PDF design for the accommodation of all students.

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