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[10th Week] HSC 2022 Project Reply Physics 1st Paper Get PDF File Obtain

HSC 2022 10th week assignment solution has been published today. Are you searching HSC 2022 Assignment solution for the 10th week? Do you know it is time to download the HSC 10th-week assignment answers for 2022 students? Yes, we have been uploaded the assignment solution copy for the 2022 year examination student of secondary school certificate in Bangladesh. We have already announced the assignment question for HSC candidates this year. So just read this article carefully and collect your assignment question with answers.

After closing all educational institutions in Bangladesh the authority of DSHE has announced the assignment work for HSC candidates in 2022. Today the authority is published the 10th week assignment question on the official website. The main website link is https://www.dshe.gov.bd. You can visit this website directly to get the assignment PDF file, otherwise, you can also take the PDF file from this post below.

Assignment question JPG picture format is also available in this article. So all candidates can save all pictures on their device for the question of today’s publish assignment. To download the assignment solution you have to follow all kinds of techniques we have been given in below this post. As you know that the assignment solution copy is very much viral on the BD exam help website. That is why we take the step that does not share this file with other website authorities. Only those who are the applicant and need this assignment solution just comment to us and we will send it privately.

As you know that following the 2021 year HSC examination, 20 marks out of 100 is for assignment solution. That is why you need 20 marks fully you must submit all-week assignment solutions to your school authority. Those students who complete this task carefully will get a good result in the board final examination. Only 30 marks written examination will take in this year. And the authority also follows the short syllabus for this year’s examination. So you must need the solution of HSC 2022 10th week all subject.

Assignment work:

Title: Work and Energy Problems:

You make a column by placing one on top of another 10 rectangular objects of 0.4m thickness.

(A) If the mass of each rectangular object is 2.5kg, how much mechanical energy did you use to make this pillar?

(B) Now you place the column on a sloping floor along the ground from the vertex. The length of the floor is 5m. Now lift a sphere of mass 2.5kg to the point of volume. The coefficient of friction of the surface is 0.2 and that of gravity is 9.78 ms-2. How much work do you have to do in this case?

(C) Now you first drop the 2.5kg dawn sphere vertically downwards from the vertex of the column. Now bring the sphere back to the vertex and drop it along the inclined floor. Will the amount of work be the same in both cases? Give mathematical reasoning for the answer.

(D) Will the law of constant energy be applicable in case of falling down the inclined surface of the object? Give mathematical reasoning for the answer.

(E) Now you remove the rectangular object one by one and release the sphere using the same inclined plane in each case. Now you see the change in speed of the sphere rolling in different cases Explain the reason for this change in the velocity of the sphere.

If you don’t know the way how to download HSC 2022 examination assignment solution for the 10th week all groups in Bangladesh must be followed our rules carefully. The first time you must collect the question of this week’s assignment. Which is available in this post. Then you have to complete your group subject task carefully. To download the Solution of HSC 2022 10th week Assignments Just Click Here.

If you need any kind of help you must know us. As soon as possible we will reply to your problem solution. And if you need besides the assignment problem solution you must be told it to us with your valid identity.

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