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21st February Status, Quotes, SMS, Poems, Pictures 2022



21st February Status, Quotes, SMS, Essays, Poems, Pictures 2022, February 21 is International Mother Language Day, the day of the 1952 language development in return for the blood of many saints. To that end this day is known as Martyr’s Day in Bangladesh. Albeit 21st February was at first just Mother Language Day, it got global acknowledgment in 1999, because of which 21st February became International Mother Language Day. In the present article we will talk about every one of the issues including status, quotes, SMS on the event of 21st February.

If you are searching for a post via web-based media on the event of Ekushey February or searching for SMS, quotes, sonnets, pictures, statements to wish companions, partners, friends and family on Mother’s Day, then, at that point, this article is for you. 21st February Status Quotes.

Ekushey February International Mother Language Day

Mother Language Day is the pride of this nation and Bengali. So the good tidings of Mother Language Day can be spread among family, guardians and friends and family. On this day, via online media stages, everybody is trading different good tidings, beginning from good tidings, pictures, sonnets, SMS. So to send Mother’s Day good tidings message pictures, SMS, rhymes to your friends and family then, at that point, follow this blog post.

Because in this post we have incorporated a few chosen Mother Language Day assortment and more 21st February SMS, sonnets, pictures, pictures, sonnets, rhymes, words and so on You can send Mother’s Day good tidings to your friends and family through SMS from our assortment. 21st February Status Quotes

21st February History

Ekushey February is a great day for individuals of West Bengal and all Bengali talking individuals including Bangladesh. It is otherwise called Martyrs’ Day and International Mother Language Day. It has been set apart as a day of excruciating and wonderful recollections of the language development of the Bengali public. On this day in 1952 (Thursday, 8 Falgun, 1358), numerous youngsters were martyred in the police discharging on the understudies who were fighting for making Bengali one of the state dialects ​​of East Pakistan.

One of them is Rafiq, Jabbar, Shafiul, Salam, Barkat and numerous others. For that reason this day has been set apart as Martyr’s Day. As per the choice taken by the United Nations on August 5, 2010, the International Mother Language Day is seen on the 21st of February each year.

The language showing began in November-December 1948 in Dhaka, the capital of post-parcel East Bengal, based on the language cognizance that emerged in the Bengali mindfulness about the place of Bengali language in Bengali society. There was a restricted development in March 1948 and it arrived at its peak on February 21, 1952.

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Something around 21st February

February 21 is the 52nd day of the year in the Gregorian schedule. This day has been commended as National Martyrs’ Day consistently beginning around 1952. As of now, under the support of Dhaka University, at 12:01 pm on February 21, first the President and afterward the Prime Minister, individuals from the Cabinet, Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, instructors, authorities of different international safe havens in Dhaka, political pioneers, different associations and individuals from varying backgrounds offered their appreciation at the Central Shaheed Minar. . As of now, my sibling’s blood-stained Ekushey February, would I be able to fail to remember the tragic tune of the tune proceeds to play.

Ekushey February slogan

There were some blood-coagulating mottos during the 1952 language development. Yet, many don’t have any familiarity with this subject. So here we will specify a few lovely trademarks of Ekushey February which you can without much of a stretch remember.

“What would I be able to forget on the 21st of February in Rangana in my sibling’s blood. – Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury “

“Ekushey implies not kneeling. Ekushey’s interest দাবি request of primary language, request of equity, request of truth. – Abul Fazl “

“Rest, rest, siblings, rest in the earthen room, I have expounded on them. The end is shaped in the blood. – Jasimuddin “

“It appears to be that Krishnacura has bloomed once more. It appears to be that we are strolling alone in the parade en route to the city, in some cases in parades or once in a while alone. – Shamsur Rahman “


Ekushey February status

At the beginning of Ekushey
From desert to desert
Sing today
Stained with my sibling’s blood
Ekushey February
Can I fail to remember you

There is no limit to this song
Will sing from age to generation
Bengal sky, waterways, canals,
Trees, timberland birds, wood cats.

In the quiet of this song
In the voice of Kisan-Kisani of Bengal
Floating Liberation Dictionary
Students-instructors, artists and artists
New melodies come in the composition
The specialists drew
The dramatists wrote
Professionals came down
In the yard of the laborer worker
Born in the house
Mass uprising


Why was my sibling shot in the chest,
I need replies, I need answers
Why was my sister shot in the chest,
I need replies, I need answers.

Following the way of mass movement
The trademark came
Why Sonar Bangla crematorium
I need replies, I need answers
Who are you who am i
Bengali Bengali.


Ekushey February post

Golden child of Bangladesh,
Language Martyrs’ Team.
He carried the product of Bengali language with his life.
Mora today in their donation
I communicate in Bengali independently.
It’s tied in with surrendering that gold
How would I forget?

If this language be able to didn’t exist
But who composed so many poems.
If this language didn’t exist
But who might say this sweet expression of love.
If this language didn’t exist
But who might call my mom in such a sweet tone.
Greetings to all on 21st February.


A day written in blood,
His name is 21st February.
A country absorbed veneration today,
I love you with mora flowers.
Shaheed Minar for the leftover 364 days
The carelessness that cuts.
Today you answer mother,
For whom Jabaful is red.
The soil of Bengal, absorbed blood,
What will be reimbursed by recalling 1 day,
Debt of 3 million language martyrs.


Ekushey February Song – Ekushey Song

Ekushey’s tune is a Bengali tune which is notable as Rangano in my sibling’s blood (by the initial step). The expressions of this melody uncover the historical backdrop of the Bengali language development that occurred on February 21, 1952. Columnist and author Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury created the melody on February 21, 1952. There are additionally a lot more melodies around 21st February.

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I won’t fail to remember that 21st February

‘Don’t neglect, don’t forget
I won’t fail to remember that 21st February
Don’t forget
Sticks and tear gas
Military and military
Don’t forget
I need Bangla as the state language
Strike on this demand
Blessings be upon you
Murder red Dhaka expressway ‘


Ekushey February painted in my sibling’s blood

‘Ekushey February painted in my sibling’s blood
Can I forget
Hundreds of moms lost their children in February
Can I forget
February is the blood of my brilliant country
Can I neglect? ‘(For need to chomp my tongue

‘They need to nibble my tongue.

They set chains on all fours in words.

They need to nibble my tongue.
What my granddad said, what he told my father.
Now Kao Dehi Bhai, what else can be said on my face

Kao dehi bhai. “
International Mother Language Day dialogue
In 1947, West Pakistan began taking advantage of them and abusing the Bengalis. They need to remove the primary language Bengali. Furthermore this is the place where their connivance starts. As well as biased conduct starts. The outcome was a battle for the first language Bengal.

Therefore, the meaning of Ekushey is enormous in all circles of public life. February 21 is the day of foundation of political and social privileges of Bengali society. Today, the world has perceived this endless penance and profound love for the mother tongue.

A day written in blood, his name is 21st February. Today the country is absorbed regard, let us know with Mora blossoms. The excess 364 days are spent in the carelessness of the Shaheed Minar. Today you answer mother, for whom Jabaful is red. The dirt of Bengal absorbed blood, what will be reimbursed by recalling 1 day, the obligation of 3 million language martyrs.

Mother Language Day quotes In Bangla – Quotes about language martyrs

You can’t comprehend one language except if you comprehend somewhere around two. – Geoffrey Villans

This universe can be communicated very well in words and syllables which are not in one’s first language. – His Ben Zelun

A different language is an alternate perspective on life.- Federico Fellini

I am generally grieved assuming any language is lost, since dialects ​​are the relatives of the country. – Samuel Johnson

If the English instructed disregard, as they have been doing despite everything keep on doing, as some do, overlooking the primary language, semantic starvation will remain. – Mahatma Gandhi

Slogan mother language day – Quote about Shaheed Minar


While it is actually the case that the nature of extraordinary writing not entirely settled by deals records, it is a proof of the blast in the notoriety business.- Radharani Devi

The work of writing is to make individuals oppose the shrewd powers around them.- Lutfar Rahman

If you address somebody in your language, you can move toward him; If you communicate in his language, you can enter his heart.- Nelson Mandela


21st February Photo – Ekushey February Photo download





Ekushey February pic

Ekushey February





I trust this blog has assisted you with gathering Ekushey February good tidings, SMS, pictures. Much obliged for remaining with me till the end.

 Ekushey February Photo

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