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Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) is an administration association under the Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh to deal with the different commodity handling zones in Bangladesh. BEPZA has 8 commodity handling zones called EPZ. Bangladesh government declared 100 new EPZ and SEZ will be laid out in next 15 years. Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) Assistant Manager question arrangement given bellow.

BEPZA Question Solution
Post Name: Assistant Manager, Assistant Secretary, Officer
Exam Date: 2013
BEPZA Exam Taker: IBA, DU

Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority BEPZA work roundabout distributed on their official website BEPZA request for employment process through disconnected by mailing station. Perhaps after next roundabout BEPZA work application submit through online framework utilizing this site. 

BEPZA work round, BEPZA seat plan and BEPZA result distributed on this site at right time. You can keep your eyes on this site. Here you can likewise secure EPZ position circular. 

BEPZA test taker was IBA, MIST, BEPZA in most extreme time. This time BEPZA test taker will be IBA DU. IBA test list transferred soon on this blog site. 

BEPZA Previous Question Solution

Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Officer Recruitment Exam 2013

1. On the off chance that Total Sales is Tk. 8,00,000, Profit Margin is 20% on Sales and Average Inventory is 1,00,000 then what is the Inventory Turnover Ratio?
Answer: A) 6.4

2. Which one of coming up next is definitely not a Current Liability?
Answer: B) Accounts Payable

3. Which one of coming up next isn’t a piece of the Owner’s Equity?
Answer: D) Bond

4. By and large, for which of coming up next is the return not fixed in advance?
Answer: B) General Share

5. Which of coming up next is a land port of Bangladesh?
Answer: C) Hili

6. The number of locale comprise Dhaka Division?
Answer: B) 17

7. The number of locale in Bangladesh have borders with India?
Answer: A) 30

8. During our Liberation War of 1971, the number of area Commanders, altogether, were accountable for the 11 distinct areas in various phases?
Answer: C) 16

9. Modern Revolution originally occurred in –
Answer: B) England

10. Who was the top scorer of 2014 FIFA World Cup?
Answer: D) James Rodriguez

11. Which of the accompanying state was purchased by the USA from Russia?
Answer: A) Alaska

12. The littlest unit of data is-
Answer: B) a bit

13. A bike stand-in having a place with a fair rides over the upward dividers of a roundabout divider at a normal speed of 54 km/h for 5 minutes. In the event that the range of the divider is 5 meters, the distance voyaged is –
Answer: D) 4.5 km

14. Which of the accompanying records would be expanded with a debit?
Answer: A) Withdrawal account

15. Selling costs incorporate all of the accompanying EXCEPT,
Answer: C) protection expense

16. Compelling loan cost and ostensible loan cost will be a similar when interest is accumulated
Answer: E) None of these

17. Assuming Net Sales is Tk. 1,20,000, Net benefit is Tk. 48,000 and Average Asset is Tk 1,50,000 then which of coming up next is the Net Profit Margin?
Answer: A) 40%

18. On the off chance that ‘Pen’ is connected with ‘Writing material’, similarly ‘Seat’ is connected with
Answer: A) Furniture

19. A shirt was discounted 20% the main week and another 20% the following week. What percent of the customary cost was the last expense of the shirt after the two markdowns?
Answer: B) 36%

20. In his pocket, a kid has 3 red marbles, 4 blue marbles, and 4 green marbles. stream many marbles will he need to remove from his pocket to guarantee that he has taken out something like one of each color?
Answer: C) 9

21. In the event that an individual strolls at 14k m/hr rather than 10 km/hr, he would have strolled 20 km more. The real distance went by him is:
Answer: A) 50km

22. A water channel can be loaded up with 8 containers of obscurity 13 liters each. The number of containers are expected to fill a similar channel, assuming limit of the container is 0.8 liters?
Answer: D) 13

23. On a specific planet, in the event that every year has 9 months and every month has 15 days, the number of fill years have passed following 700 days on this planet?
Answer: D) 5

24. There are actually five blue balls, six dark lobbies and four red balls in a case. Assuming that a ball is pulled out indiscriminately from the case. what is the likelihood that the ball is either red or black?
Answer: A) 213

25. For some worth of x, 5(x + 2) rises to y. On the off chance that the worth of x is expanded by 3, 5(x + 2) rises to z. What is the worth of (z – y)?
Answer: C) 15

26. In the accurately worked out expansion issue given beneath, each letter addresses an alternate digit. What is the worth of C?
(AB + CD = AAA)
Answer: D) 9

27. A roundabout logo is broadened to fit the top of a container. The new distance across I so percent bigger than the first. By which rate has the region of the logo increased?
Answer: D) 125

28. If ‘n’ is an odd number, which of the accompanying should be an odd integer?
Answer: D) 4n+1

29. In three additional years, Sabrina’s granddad will be multiple times however old as Sabrina seemed to be a year ago. At the point when Sabrina’s current age is added to her granddad’s current age, the all out is 68. How old is Sabrina now?
Answer: B) 11

30. Assuming the positive N is separated by 7, the rest of 5. What is the rest of 5N whenever partitioned by 7?
Answer: D) 4

31. 1/4 of Ram’s cash is equivalent to 116 of Shyam’s cash. If both together have Tk.600 the distinction between their sums is-
Answer: C) 240

32. In the event that 33% of one-fourth of a number is 15, three-10th of that number is-
Answer: D) 54

33. Afia can do her research project in 15 days which takes Babul multi day to wrap up. What is the grating of work left if both Afia and Babul cooperate for 4 days?
Answer: D) 8/15

34. Assuming multiple times a number x is expanded by 10, the outcome is more noteworthy all the time than 18 and under 34. What is minimal worth of x?
Answer: C) 4

35. 0.03 times 0.05 is :
Answer: A) 1.5%

36. In the event that x and v are positive numbers, each more prominent than 1, and if 13(x – 1) = 17 (y – 1), what is the most un-conceivable worth of x y?
Answer: A) 32
(37-41): Choose the fitting word(s) or phrase(s) to fill in the hole in each sentence.

37. Albeit some think the expressions “bug” and “bug” are___actually alludes to ____ gathering of insects.
Answer: C) exchangeable, a particular

38. The act of narrating for diversion and guidance was all at once so inescapable that it essentially became- – – – .
Answer: B) universal

39. An insightful distributing specialist promising material from a mass of entries, isolating the great from the bad.
Answer: D) winnow

40. The publicized property, which____ immense and pristine stretches, will undoubtedly____ possible buyers.
Answer: B) disregards, infuriate

41. The novel’s hero, a pearl jumper, gullibly expects that the purchasers will contend among themselves to address him the best cost for his pearl, however rather they ___ to ___ him.
Answer: A) plot, swindle

42. ‘Perusing’ is connected with ‘information’ similarly as ‘Work’ is connected to:
Answer: A) Money

43. ‘Blossom’ is connected with ‘Bud’ similarly as ‘Organic product’ is connected to:
Answer: C) Flower

44. Walk is connected with ‘Run’ similarly as Breeze is connected to:
Answer: B) Wind

45. Hare is connected with ‘tunnel’ in a similar say as Lunatic’is related to:
Answer: D) Asylum

46. Which one of the accompanying expressions shows disagreement?
Answer: C) I’m apprehensive I can’t see the tower.

47. Which expression is correct?
Answer: C) I figure you should tell him to come.

48. Which expression is the most polite?
Answer: C) Would you mind giving me a hand?

49. Which expression doesn’t signify ‘return a phone call”?
Answer: C) Return back

50. Which expression denies somebody from doing something?
Answer: A) Staff mustn’t utilize the organization lounge

(51-55): Replace the underlined words, by any of the expressions recorded beneath with the end goal that the importance of the sentence doesn’t change.

51. You should not form your expectations upon his promises.
Answer: A) depend upon

52. The Police delivered proof to confirm the charge of theft.
Answer: A) prove

53. Majid couldn’t sway Tania to go to the classes.
Answer: A) persuade

54. Zara was standing out for better terms.
Answer: B) perseveres in demanding

55. Rahim’s educator required a clarification of his conduct.
Answer: C) demanded

56. What is the distinction among An and F?
Answer: C) 4

57. Which one of coming up next is certainly not a capital planning technique?
Answer: A) CAPM

58. Yet to be determined Sheet, current resource is generally recorded
Answer: A) by liquidity

59. Which of coming up next isn’t a derivative?
Answer: E) None of these

60. Assuming that the starting stock is Tk. 60, cost of products bought is Tk. 380, and finishing stock Tk. 50, then, at that point, cost of products sold is –
Answer: A) Tk. 390

61. Deterioration is a course of-
Answer: B) appraisal

62. Which one of coming up next is an illustration of the aberrant tax?
Answer: D) VAT

63. Which one of following records is displayed in the Income Statement?
Answer: D) Depreciation

64. Who gives the assurance to selling the gave shares?
Answer: D) Stock Exchange

65. As per the ‘Rule of 72’ what amount of time will it require to twofold a venture in the event that the return is 12%?
Answer: B) 6

66. Which one of coming up next is an Intangible Asset?
Answer: A) Copyright

67. Which one of the accompanying resources isn’t depreciated?
Answer: B) House

68. To agree with which of the accompanying standards, inventories are recorded at the lower of price tag and market price?
Answer: D) Conservatism

69. Which EPZ was laid out first by BEPZA?
Answer: B) EPZ-Chittagong

70. Which one of the accompanying kinds of EPZ draws in speculation with 100 percent nearby ownership?
Answer: A) Type A

71. In which year EPZ-Dhaka came into operation?
Answer: B) 1993

72. Who was the Secr

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