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Dhaka College C- Unit Admission Check Discover 2020-2021



Dhaka University is one of the top universities in Bangladesh as well as Asia. It also holds a position in QS World University Ranking among 1000. It was established on the first day of July 1921 during the British Era.  It has made significant contributions to the modern history of Bangladesh. Today, it is the largest public research university in Bangladesh. There are 23 residence halls for the students. The University Library is the biggest in Bangladesh. The University consists of 13 Faculties and 83 Departments. Any student studying in this prestigious institute will be like a dream come true opportunity. In order to study there, students need to take part in a very tough admission test examination. Dhaka University Admission Test Notice 2020-2021 will be published on the university official website very soon. You can visit the official website click here. In our article, we are focusing on the admission process of the C- Unit of Dhaka University. It is the faculty of Business Studies. To know more about it read the full article and also stay connected with us for more brewed content.

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Dhaka University Will Hold Divisional Examination.


Due to the COVID crisis, Dhaka University  Admission Examination Committee has decided to hold a divisional exam, That means every examinee will sit for the exam in their own hometown or the district they live in,or the district they choose to give the exam. The total evaluation marks are said to be 100 and 20 marks will be for SSC & HSC result. This decision is valid for only the students of the 2020-2021 academic session. The full information about the exams will be published on the official website, Click Here

Dhaka University Changed Marks Distribution for 2020-2021

Total MarksAdmission Test MarksResult Marks(SSC & HSC)
100 80 20


*** The notice is valid only for the 2020-2021 session.  Any further changes will be notified in the official website***


  • Viva exam won’t be held this year.
  • The decision is yet to be made whether the exam will be only MCQ or part MCQ and part Written.


Online Application Deadline:

Dhaka University C-Unit Admission Test Notice 2020-2021 has been published. The online application will start approximately in January 2021, And the process ends in February 2021. All the interested candidates need to apply within this given time limit. Also, students need to give a fee which is 450tk  for the form through a bank account. (Janata, Agrani, Sonali & Rupali)

Online Application Starts:Online Application Ends:Probable Date of Examination
January,2021 February, 2021 March, 2021


  • All the examinees need to be present 30 mins before the exam starts.
  • The exam result will be published within 20 days on the official website.

The following Marks Distribution was for previous sessions-

Dhaka University C-Unit Mark Distribution And Prospectus:


C-Unit is the unit for the students of the Business studies group. The examination process & marks distribution of the C-unit is totally different from other units. In this unit exam of Bangla medium & A/GCE level students are held completely on different question papers.

The Admission Test exam has two different parts:

Multiple Choice Question(MCQ) 75 50 mins
Written Test 45 40 mins


**Bangla Medium Students & A-level Students Will Have Different Question Paper**


Marks distribution of Bangla Medium Students:

The main objective of the admission test is to evaluate the knowledge students gathered at the HSC level. So all the questions will be made from HSC textbooks. The total marks of MCQ are 75 and the total marks of the Written test are 45. Following is the marks distribution list- 

MCQ Marks Distribution:(Business Studies)

Bangla 1.25×12 15
English 1.25×12 15
Accounting 1.25×12 15
Business Policy & Applications 1.25×12 15
Marketing/Finance & Banking 1.25×12 15
Total 75

***For every wrong answer 0.25 marks will be deducted***

Written Test Marks distribution:(Business Studies)

Translation (Bangla to English) 5 5
Translation (English to Bangla) 5 5
Subject-based small narrations(English) 5 5
Precis Writing 1 5
Essay Writing(Bangla) 1 5
Short Questions from compulsory subjects 5×4 20
Total 45

Marks distribution of  A-Level Students:

The main objective of the admission test is to evaluate the knowledge students gathered at the HSC level. So all the questions will be made from HSC textbooks. The total marks of MCQ are 75 and the total marks of the Written test are 45.

MCQ Marks Distribution:(A-Level)

English(Compulsory) 20
Advanced English(Compulsory) 15
Business Studies 20
Accounting 20
Economics 20
Total 75

***For every wrong answer 0.25 marks will be deducted***

Written Test Marks distribution:(A-Level)

Essay Writing 1×5 5
Precis Writing 1×5 5
Letter Writing 1×5 5
Definition of Concepts 5×1 5
Short Questions from compulsory subjects 5×5 25
Total 45

**Among Business Studies, Accounting & Economics students need to answer any two**

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Dhaka University C-Unit Admission Requirements:


  • Only students of the Business Studies group can apply in C-Unit
  • The sum of SSC & HSC GPA (with optional) must be 7.50(GPA need to be 3.50 minimum in each)
  • A-Level students who have Business Studies,/Accounting,/Economics/ Mathematics only they can apply


du c unit admission requirement


Some information students need to be careful about:
(Nota Bene)


  • Students who will get a chance in the admission exam will have to submit a photocopy of their Marksheets/Certificates. Also these papers-
    b) Photocopy of HSC Admit Card.
    c) Photocopy of SSC Registration Card & 5 copy of passport size pictures.
  • Students need to provide accurate information for Quota. Any mistake in that part won’t be granted later.
  • Students won’t be allowed to take any calculator, phone, or any other electronic devices with them in the examination hall.
  • Admission Test Result will be published within 20 days of the exam.

du c unit N.B


Dhaka University C-Unit Available Seats:


Dhaka University C-Unit is the faculty of Business Studies. Only the students of the Commerce/Business studies group can apply. The total seats available in this unit is 1250. Here is the list of departments with available seats-

Management 180
Accounting & Information Systems 180
Marketing 180
Finance 180
Bank & Insurance 150
Management Information Systems 115
Tourism & Hospitality Management 115
International Business 115
Organization Strategy & Leadership 35
Total 1250


DU C unit subject list


Dhaka University C-Unit Department List:

Dhaka University C- unit is the unit for Business Studies students. It has a total of nine departments under its management. Following is the departments of Business Studies Faculty-

faculty of business studies


Department of Management:

The Department of Management was established under the Faculty of Commerce in 1970. The Department is at present under the faculty of Business Studies. The main objective of the Department of Management is to provide professional knowledge and skills in Management with a view to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of managerial manpower in business and non-business organizations to face the emerging challenges in the competitive world of the new millennium. The Department of Management has been involved in organizing `management development program for the senior, mid-level, and operating level executives of various public and private sector organizations. The Department also conducts a company-sponsored employee development program.
Major clients are banks, insurance companies, sector corporations, non-government organizations, and multinational companies.


Department of Accounting & Information Systems:


The Department of Accounting & Information Systems is one of the premier departments under the Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka. Accounting was taught as a subject under the Department of Economics and Commerce in the 1922-23 academic session. In 1970, the Department of Commerce was elevated to a faculty and named Faculty of Commerce comprising of two departments, namely Accounting and Management. With the introduction of the Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree in Accounting, a new chapter in accounting education began in the country and has since been contributing to the progression of business education in Bangladesh. The Department of Accounting & Information Systems has strong alumni named Accounting Alumni. The Department and Alumni have jointly been awarding over 100 merit-based and need-based scholarships for a number of years.  The scholarship fund was created through generous contributions by alumni members, internally generated funds, and contributions from departmental teachers. This initiative has paved the way for uninterrupted education for underprivileged students.


Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing, one of the members of the Faculty of Business Studies, was created on 1st July 1974. This department was established with a view to fulfilling the need for specialized education, research, and training in the field of marketing. Presently, there are about 1200 students in its Bachelor, Master, M.Phil, and Ph.D. programs in the department. Since its inception, more than 3500 marketing graduates obtained degrees from this department, which cater to the growing demand for executives and trained manpower with strong skills in this specialized business area. The alumni of the department are holding important managerial positions in prestigious national and multinational organizations. The department offers undergraduate, graduate, M.Phil, and Ph.D. programs in Marketing. In 1978, the Integrated Semester System was introduced in Bachelor and Master Degree programs in this department. The research areas of the Department include Marketing Management, International Marketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Tourism Marketing, Social Marketing, Agricultural Marketing, International Trade, Nonprofit Marketing, Entrepreneurship Development, Business Laws, Relationship Marketing Advertising, Marketing Information Systems, E-Commerce, Consumer Movement.


Department of Finance:

The vision of the Department of Finance is to develop skilled human resources with specialized education and training in finance. Since its inception in 1974, the Department has been committed to catering to the needs of the modern business world and has been producing executives and trained manpower with strong skills in finance.
Over the period of the last 30 years, the Department of Finance has earned a considerable reputation for the commitment and devotion to academic excellence. Faculty members are actively engaged in research and have many research publications to their credit. The expertise of teaching staff, research activities and dynamic curriculum has made the Department a unique institution in and outside the University.


Department of Banking and Insurance:

The vision of the Department of Banking and Insurance is to develop skilled human resources with specialized education and training particularly in Banking and Financial Services. Since its inception in 2004, the Department is committed to catering to the needs of the modern business world and producing executives and trained manpower with strong skills in business, particularly in banking and insurance. The Department offers a four-year BBA program, a one-year MBA program, and other post-graduate programs (including M.Phil. and Ph.D.) in Banking and Insurance. It has introduced an MBA (Evening) program for executives and officials. Right from the outset, the Department of Banking and Insurance constantly focuses on academic excellence and an uncompromising standard for which it has earned a reputation. Faculty members of this Department are highly qualified and actively engaged in extensive research.  They have many research publications to their credit. Dynamic course structure, supreme expertise of the faculty members, and modern teaching standard add greater value to the Department. Department of Banking and Insurance has already earned commendable exposure in the financial services sector for imparting quality teaching and creating outstanding graduates

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Department of Management Information Systems (MIS):

In early 1999, on the basis of the concept paper prepared by the Department of Management, the Faculty of Business Studies passed the resolution to establish the Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) and sent the resolution to the University authority for approval.
In late 2004, the University authority approved the proposal and established the Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) and appointed Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Choudhury as the first Chairman of the Department on April 12, 2005.
Academic programs at present consist of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Regular Master of Business Administration (MBA), Evening Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Master of Philosophy (M. Phil), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). Students have access to the Dhaka University Central Library and the Faculty of Business Studies library, which keeps primarily business and management related textbooks.
The Department has decided to publish a journal, namely Bangladesh Journal of Management Information Systems (MIS). The department publishes monographs and working papers for developing the MIS as a field of study.


Department of International Business:

Department of International Business (DIB) is one of the eight departments of the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) of the University of Dhaka. Established in 2007, this department is now a fully operational academic unit. It is the first academic department in the any university of Bangladesh to offer specialized undergraduate and postgraduate education in international business. It is committed to providing opportunities to students to develop a career in any facet of the contemporary business world with an understanding of the diverse and complicated global issues. The Department of International Business is carrying out the responsibility of creating skilled human resources for international business equipped with strong analytical and decision-making abilities.

The center strikes out a refreshingly new breadth of vision that lays emphasis on, beyond undertaking research works, seminars, workshops, training and consultancy, the synergy of implementation and feedback system through policy dialogues, advocacy, awareness building, participation based decision making, and corrective measures. The center will act as a catalyst where different national and global stakeholders on business and economic issues will discuss, debate, and share international best practices towards making Bangladesh a choice for the trade and investment decisions of the investors.

There are 18 teachers and about 1100 students in the department. All classrooms in the department have modern audio-visual equipment for effective teaching. Students can use the online library facility of the University of Dhaka through the department’s own computer lab. There are printing, scanning, and internet facilities in the computer lab for the study and research of students.


Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management:

As a part of the largest and fastest-growing sector of the global economy, there is a need for more highly qualified and trained personnel in the tourism and hospitality industries. In recognition of this, the Faculty of Business Studies, Dhaka University was contemplating to set up a department to offer degrees in this field. As a part of the faculties’ endeavor to this end, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management was set up in 2007.


Department of Organization Strategy and Leadership:

About the Department of Organization Strategy and Leadership (OSL): Strategy and leadership excellence are two critical components in today’s increasingly complex, integrated, and interrelated global business environment. Future strategists, business leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs need to acquire and sharpen their skills relating to these two critical areas in realizing their individual and organizational goals. Established on June 30, 2016, the Department of Organization Strategy and Leadership (OSL) of the University of Dhaka will provide quality education and training to develop a pool of future strategists, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. This pool of human resources with their enhanced knowledge and expertise on strategy and leadership will explore various business opportunities, analyze and lead to exploit those opportunities in developing products and services, effectively implement those opportunities through innovative solutions and achieve organizational sustainability and growth.

The OSL department, with its holistic & interdisciplinary education, rigorous & practical training approach, in-depth & impact-oriented research & advocacy, and strong collaboration with different stakeholders including the private sector, government, development organizations, etc. plan to prepare the students to provide strategic direction of their respective organizations, and help the organizations to attain strategic advantage in a complex & competitive environment.


Dhaka University C-Unit Admission Result:

The admission test result of Dhaka University D-Unit will be published on the official website. to see the result visit the official site. you can also click on the link below-

DU C-Unit Admission Result



Hope you have gotten answers to all the queries about Dhaka University D-unit with admission guideline. We strongly believe this writing will encourage you to get yourself admitted to Dhaka University. All the best to students who are preparing themselves for the admission examination.


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