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Important information has been published on our website today for all the students who will be participating in the SSC exams in 2022 AD. Through this post we will provide some important information about how many marks will be taken in SSC Exam 2020 today and in this discussion you will be guided according to the information published recently by the Ministry of Education.

You must read this post to know in which category the SSC exam will be taken this year and how the distribution of this exam can be. We hope that by reading the information in this post, all kinds of questions in the minds of SSC 2022 candidates will be answered and inertia will be removed. Even collecting important information from this post will go a long way in preparing you for the next exam at a massive rate.

At the end of yesterday’s important meeting, I came to know about the time when the next SSC exam of 2022 will be taken and in this case, the distribution of each exam will be discussed in detail. Many students are wondering whether the SSC exam will be taken on the completed syllabus and on the complete number. And many students have raised many questions about time.

So we will provide accurate and precise information from here through today’s post to alleviate the mental anguish of all the students. A meeting of the Secretary and Director General of the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, including the Hon’ble Minister of Education, Dr. Dipu Moni, concluded that a detailed decision has been taken on the category in which the examination will be conducted as well as the probable start date.

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Favorite Candidates Kings will take part in the SSC exams in 2022. They must take part in the test exams this year. It was not possible to take the test at that time when the educational institution was closed last year due to the high situation in Corona. However, according to the structure of the Ministry of Education this year, the candidates will be selected for the final examination with the test examination in all educational institutions. In another meeting, it was informed that the results of the test should be completed by the 5th of April and the results should be submitted to the board. So we will say very little time now you start the preparation for the test.

Students who are wondering whether the test will take 100 marks will know from here that you will take only 50 marks instead of 100 marks. Even subjects based on science, humanities and business education will be tested. And of course for the test of number 50 1 hour 30 minutes time i.e. half time will be given. During this time, students must take three creative questions, 30 marks for killing and 20 objective questions, i.e. 20 marks. Those who want to know about the distribution of humanities in each of the topics, of course, the corner posts of our website where the subject will be tested and how many marks will be given in the creative question. You must be very careful in these matters because you have seen in the upcoming exams that even the students of Vikarunnesa Noon School and College have cried with bad exams.

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Publication of SSC, Dakhil and equivalent examination 2022 routine. Check start date, Manabantan see details here

It has been decided that this year’s optional subjects, which are the same for all departments, such as Islamic education and information and communication technology, will not be tested. According to the Ministry of Health, arrangements will be made to open the educational institutions from February 22, 2022. This allows the students to attend the classroom, get a complete idea of ​​the test from their teachers and prepare for the test.

Therefore, we will contact the Ministry of Education very soon and provide a detailed report on when the routine and time of SSC Exam 2022 may be published. We hope that you will get a detailed explanation about the preparation for the next exam and the date of taking the exam by constantly monitoring our website. Have a good morning.

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