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DOF Examination Query Resolution 2021 | Workplace Sohayok

Office Sohayok Exam Question solution

DoF Exam Question Solution 2021: Are you looking for a DOF office assistant Exam Questions solution? You are coming right website. Department of Fisheries is the most important sector in Bangladesh. Department of Fisheries (DOF) Office Sohayok Exam Question Solution 2021 has been launched on my website.

This exam has been held on 17 December 2021. A large number of vacant posts with huge applicants, this type of big job circular we have not been seen ever. We provide the Department of Fisheries (DOF) with full questions and solutions. The title of this examination position is Office Sohayok. 20 thousand candidates participated in this exam. After passing the exam, these candidates continue to look for the Department of Fisheries (DOF) Dof Office Shayok Question & Solution online. Through this post, we were able to meet their requirements. We have solved this question with an experienced team. Department of Fisheries (DOF) Questions and Answers are available in this post. As a result, the Department of Fisheries (DOF) and Solution 2021 is beneficial to Bangladeshi job applicants. Are you want the DOF office website this is DOF ​​official website: http://dof.teletalk.com.bd is here.

DOF Job Exam Details

Now we’ll provide some essential information about Department of Fisheries (DOF) jobs. So, what if you’re interested in this position? You need knowledge about the Department of Fisheries (DOF). So, you will find this knowledge to be really useful.

Post Name and Vacancy:

  1. Steno Typist Cum Computer Operator – 05
  2. Accountant – 09
  3. Office Assistant Cum Computer Typist – 139
  4. Hatchery Technician – 04
  5. Driver – 10
  6. Pump Operator – 19
  7. Security Guard – 23
  8. Office Sohayok – 101

DOF Exam Question Pattern

The Marks distribution of the DOF Office Sohayok exam is very important. Know about job exams in detail before participating in job examinations. I think it is helpful for you. This will help you to understand how you should prepare. In this test questions come from Bengali, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. The total marks are 50. Of these, 15 are in Bengali, 15 in English, 10 in Mathematics, and 10 in General Knowledge.

DOF Exam Question Solution-2021

DOF Exam Questions, on the other hand, are of the MCQ type. You must respond to questions on a variety of topics, including Bangla, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Department of Fisheries (DOF) Exam Question exam questions are not particularly difficult. You will be able to get the Department of Fisheries (DOF) Exam Question answer with ease if you can keep your head cool and practice on a regular basis. If you are unable to do so, we are here to support you with the solutions. I will provide question solutions of maths, English, Bangla, General knowledge.

Computer operator of the Department of Fisheries
Post Examination Question Solution-2021
Position Name: – Office Assistant
Exam date: 18/12/2021

DOF Exam Question Solution

1. In which village was Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar born?

Answer: In the village of Birsingh

2. Who is the pioneer of women’s awakening?

Answer: Sufia Kamal

3. Which is the book of poetry of Kazi Nazrul Islam?

Answer: Chayanat

4. In what year did Rabindranath Tagore receive the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Answer: In 1913

5. Unexpected treaty severance?

Answer: Hope + past

. There are fish in the river. An example of a factor?

Answer: Occupancy factor

. What are the Bengali dialects?

Answer: Ordinary and pious

. Which is never wasted. Express in one word.

Answer: Immortal

9. What is the name of the compounding process in the process of compounding?

Answer: All terms

10. The opposite of Anabil?

Answer: Abel

11. Which is the common word?

Answer: Said

12. What is the feminine form of ‘magic’?

Answer: The witch

13. Which is the certified word?

Answer: Speech

14. If there is a comma, what is the amount of break?

Answer: 1 (a) to say that time is needed

15. Which is the statement sentence?

Answer: He will not be covered

DOF Exam Question Solution

16. How many Pakistani soldiers surrendered on December 16, 1971?

Answer: 93,000

16. Who was the first president of Bangladesh?

Answer: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

16. What is the length of the Padma bridge under construction?

Answer: 6.15 km

19. Dot Matrix is ​​a?

Answer: Printer

20. Which is not an input device?

Answer: Monitor

21. 7th Five Anniversary Term?

Answer: July 2020 – June 2025

22. Sir Isaac Newton was a native of which country?

Answer: United Kingdom

23. When is Martyr Intellectual Day?

Answer: December 14

24. Mujib year period?

Answer: 16 March 2020 to 16 December 2021

25. Which of the sectors of the liberation war naval sector?

Answer: No. 10

DOF Exam Question Solution

26. Which of the following is not a prime number?

Answer: 57

26. What is the prime number from 1 to 10?

Answer: 4

26. G.S.G. What is its full form?

Answer: The most common factor

29. What is the area of ​​the triangle?

Answer: 1/2 × land × height

30. How many degrees are equal to two right angles?

Answer: 160

31. Which is the complementary angle of 60?

Answer: 30

32. What are the features of the line?

Answer: There is only length

33. In what condition is a0 = 1?

Answer: a ≠ 0

34. What are the properties of a variable?

Answer: Value not specified

35. The product of three consecutive numbers will always be divisible by which of the following numbers?

Answer: 3

DOF Exam Question Solution

36. Which is not pasttime?

Answer: homework regularly

36. I have passed HSC. Which is the English translation?

Answer: I have passed the HSC Examination.

36. Which of the following verbs?

Answer: succeed

39. Advice Which term?

Answer: Noun

40. We ___ waiting for him until he comes back. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: shall be

41. Which is the present Indifinte Tense?

Answer: He plays cricket.

42. Two and Two f–four. Which one will sit in the empty space?

Answer: makes

43. I like I ____.

Answer: could sing

44. Smoking is detrimental ___ health.

Answer: to

45. What is the plural form of cuckoo?

Answer: cuckoos

46. Which is the correct spelling?

Answer: Transparency

46. Which is not a synonym of abortive?

Answer: Supportive

46. He was ____ honorary magistrate.

Answer: An

49. Which auxiliary verb?

Answer: Go

50. Which comparative form of adjective?

Answer: Worse

DOF Exam Question Solution-2021 PDF

Are you looking for a DOF Exam Question Solution? You are coming right place. You can easily download this exam question solution on your own device. If you read and write regularly you can answer all questions easily. I have given below the questions of this exam and their questions and solutions are useful for your other exam. We provide all govt jobs exams questions solutions. If you get to this exam question solution pdf. Please click the link below-

Office Sohayok Exam Question Solve
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