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DYD Question Solution 2022 Department of Youth Development

DYD question solution

Welcome everyone to today’s discussion about the DYD question solution 2022. As the DYD exam is very close, you might search for the DYD Exam question solution and mark distribution of the DYD exam. Days of worrying has gone now because we are here to present the DYD question solution and mark distribution.

Department of Youth Development Recruitment Exam Questions . Please read every information carefully as you can face a problem if you don’t know the necessary information right. Without further due, let’s get started.

DYD Exam Date

The DYD exam date has already been published. The exam will be held on 20 December 2022. Let’s take a look at the exam highlights.

  • Post name: Credit Supervisor
  • Exam Date: 20 December 2021
  • Exam Time: 3.00-4.00 pm

DYD Exam Mark Distribution

Many of the candidates get confused with the mark distributions here and there. We have brought the exact mark distribution and DYD question solution for you. Let’s take a look at the DYD exam mark distribution below.

  • Exam Type: MCQ
  • Exam Time: 1 Hour
  • Total Marks: 70

Now we will show you the subject-wise mark distribution for the DYD exam. Here you go.

  • Bangla: Questions – 20, Marks – 20
  • English: Questions – 20, Marks – 20
  • Mathematics: Questions – 16, Marks – 16
  • GK and Computer: Question – 14, Marks – 14

Youth Development Question Solution

After the exam, most of the candidates get confused about the right answer and it makes them disappointed. To avoid overthinking, simply check the DYD question solution here. We will give the DYD question solution just after the exam. Don’t forget to check.

This is last year question solution of Department of Youth Development. 2021’s question solve will upload soon

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Solution of Bengali part:

1. Correct spelling – Answer: Mirage

2. Synonym of Parvrit – Answer: Kokil

3. Sarthak no samas- Answer: Sahyarthak bahubrihi

4. Syntax’s Bengali Synonyms – Answer: Syntax

5. Mangalkavya composition of which era? – Answer: Middle Ages

. The meaning of the word Anil – Answer: wind

. Which is the constitution of language? Answer: Constitution

. Which of the following is a characteristic of which language? Answer: Current

9. How many full-length letters in the Bengali alphabet? Ans: 32 (non-dimensional-10, half-dimensional-8)

10. What are the letters of the P-class known by the name of the place of pronunciation? Answer: Lip color

11. Tanmoy’s treaty separation? Answer: Tat + Moy

12. ‘Protect More from Danger’ – What is the meaning of ‘Danger’? Answer: Apadane 8th

13. Pipa is a local word? Answer: Hindi

14. Which of the following is not a part of the vocal cords? Answer: Ear

15. The vocal cords do not vibrate during the pronunciation of the letter, he says? Answer: Silent letters

16. Take as much scripture as you can, who wrote it? Answer: Ishwar Chandra Gupta

16. Adjectives of the word bed Terms What? Answer: Lying

16. What is the Bengali term for the word invoice? Answer: Invoice

19. An example of a compound ‘without a team’? Answer: 5th Tatpurush

20. The noun form of greenness? Answer: Shyamlima

English part solution:

21. Synonym of the word ‘scrupulous’ is:

Ans: honest

22. Find the antonym of the word briefness: –

Ans: verbosity

23. ‘A person in a family who lived a long time ago is called: –

Ans: Ancestor

24. We had to face a lot of _ due to their _ act.

Ans: humiliation, disgraceful

25. What is the meaning of the word Tranquil?

Ans: Placid

26. Find the correctly spelled word:

Ans: Atmosphere

27. She was hardly-hit by the recent recession. Which word (s) make this sentence


Ans: hardly-hit

28. What is the meaning of the phrase- ‘the bottom line’.

Ans: the most important thing

29. ‘Darts are played by men as well as women. Find the word mistakenly used in this sentence.

Ans: are

30. Pantry: store :: Scullery: – Find the missing word.

Ans: wash

31. Which one of the following words is an odd to the others?

Ans: vixen

32. The term ‘bounce back means –

Ans: recover

33. Which one of the following words is in feminine form?

Ans: mare

34. Who is called the father of English literature ‘?

Ans: Geoffrey Chaucer

35. A way of making a group of people all think about something at the same time to solve a problem is

known as: –

Ans: Co-0peration

36. Which one of the following plays is not a tragedy?

Ans: Tempest

37. Which one of the following is a masculine gender?

Ans: Cob

38. Find the synonym of the word cadaver ‘

Ans: Corpse

39. No spelling error occurs in: –

Ans: ancient

40. Rima has a great affinity _ her profession.

A. for B. towards | C. to D. with [Note: A ও D উভয়ই সঠিক।]

Mathematical part solution:

41. In any exam 80% of the candidates failed in English and 30% in Bengali. | If 20% fail in both subjects

But what percentage have passed both subjects?

Ans. 50

42. Mr. Jamil’s income has decreased by Tk. 280 in 4 years as annual profit decreased from 12.5% ​​to 10.75%. How much is his capital?

Ans: 4000

43. 1, 4, 6. 10 কত .. What is the 29th term of the section?

Ans: 65

44. Which of the following fractions is the largest?

Ans: 13/14

45. The product of two numbers is 1536, if the numbers L, Sa, Gu are 96, what is C, Sa, Gu?

Ans: 16

46. ​​1 bamboo 30 feet long is cut in two in such a way that the small part is two-thirds of the big part, what is the length of the small part?

Ans: 12

47. If the sum of 10 numbers is 432, the average of the first 4 is 52 and the average of the last 5 is 36 then what is the 5th number?

Ans: 64

48. The product of three consecutive numbers is 120, what is their sum?

Ans: 15

49. How many people need to be upgraded to complete the work in less than 36.5 percent of the time that 20 people can do 1 job?

Ans: 1.6 times

50. L, Sa, Gu 97 and C, Sa, Gu 16 of two numbers. If one number is 1.5 times the other number, what is the larger number?

Ans: 48

51. x + y = 6, xy = 8, then (xy) ^ 3 =?

Ans: 8

52. If 10 2y = 25, then 10 ^ -y equals?

Ans: 1/5

53. What is the difference between the interests earned on TK.10000 for five years on yearly compounding basis and simple interest basis?
54. If the radius of a circle is increased by 20% then the area is increased by –

Ans: 88%

55. What is the effective rate of interest of a lump sum that is compounded quarterly at 10% annually?

Ans: 10.38%

56. A retailer sets 220% of invoice price as catalog price and offers 40% off on catalog price in sales. What is his profit percentage?

Ans: 32%

DYD Question Solution 2022

Solution to the general knowledge part

57. Since what year is May Day celebrated all over the world?
A. 16 B. 189 C. 1900 D. 1923

No correct answer [Note : ১৮৮৯ সালে বিশ্বব্যাপী মে দিবস পালনের সিদ্ধান্ত গৃহীত হয় এবং ১৮৯০ সালে প্রথম পালিত হয়।]

58. Which of the following is an indicator of liquidity of a company?

Ans: Current ratio

59. Which institution of Bangladesh will be in charge of Bangabandhu-1 satellite?


No correct answer [Note: সঠিক উত্তর BCSCL ]

60. What was the budget of Bangladesh for the financial year 2016-2017?

Ans: 46th

61. Bangladesh is the first country to participate in which Olympic Games?

Ans: Los Angeles

62. For how many years has World Youth Day been celebrated?

Ans: 2000

63. The network of all computer networks is: –

Ans: Internet

64. The permanent memory of a computer is called:

Ans: ROM

65. Sohrai is a traditional festival of which tribe of Bangladesh?

Ans: Santal

66. According to the 2017 EPA report, the world’s top polluted air countries:

Ans: Nepal

67. Sales, production, financing and accounting job coordinating software: –

Ans: CRM

68. From which year was Facebook launched?

Ans: 2004

69. Which is the controlling body of stock market?

Ans: SEC

70. Youth Building Peace is the main theme of World Youth Day of which year?

Ans: 2018

DYD Result Publish Date

As the DYD exam is knocking at the door, the DYD result 2021 publish date is not confirmed yet. It will be notified soon and we will inform you about every latest update.

Final Words

Did you find the DYD question solution 2022 and exam date useful? Now it’s time to focus on your studies so that you get the good news on the day of the result. Keep working.


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