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How To Select Class XI Faculty -How To Make The Proper Selection In The Faculty



Selecting a college in class XI is a complex process. Many people do not understand how to choose a college in class XI. The way is to apply to college. It is better to make a list of college selection in any way. How to get admitted in the college of your choice.  Today we have a discussion about all these things. You will get an idea of ​​how to correct all the mistakes made by the students while enrolling in class XI and what you can do to get admission in the college of your choice, which colleges should give you your choice. So if you are an admitted student of class XI, then you must read today’s entire post carefully and you will get all the information.

Class 11 College Choice System

Many have good results in SSC and many have bad results. Many people do not get good colleges even after getting good results. Can’t get admission in good colleges. Many may be admitted to a good college even after doing relatively poor results. This is because any student should know a few things before admission. Things that are very important for you and your future If you make a mistake while choosing a college, it will have a huge impact on your high school and later life.

How To Get Admitted In Your Dream College In Class XI

Things to do in case of college selection: Since there is an opportunity for students to choose a college and the student has given a list of ten colleges of his choice, there are some things to keep in mind while choosing a college based on your results. If your results are not very good and you want to get admission in a good government college then it is very difficult for you and since the college selection is done in four steps you get the opportunity to choose the college in three of the four steps. Out of the three dabs, in the first step, only arbitrary college selection is given and thus the maximum number of students is ensured in their particular college. So you have to choose the college in such a way that the first time your college is confirmed properly and you get a good college for the first time.

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These Mistakes Should Be Avoided During College Choice

You have to give the choice of college based on your result while choosing the college. In this case, make a list of the colleges of your choice and in that list you must select the colleges that are consistent with your results. Select the good and bad colleges from your list and put the good colleges first. If you think that there are ten colleges of your choice among the top ten colleges which require a lot of marks for admission, then you will select them in the first five. You have to have a good idea about each college before giving the college choice. You can get a good idea about the colleges in Bangladesh by clicking on the link below.

Of course you put the college that has good quality at the top and you can name the relatively bad colleges at number 8910. If your results are very bad then you should never list the good colleges. You should give a choice to the colleges that are based in the area. If your result is bad and you have given a choice to the nominated colleges then you will not be Sylhet in any of the ten colleges you have selected then you will get second and third chance. If you do one of the second and third chance jobs, that is, if you are given a choice again in the prestigious colleges, then you will lose the chance to get admission in class XI. That is why you have to be very careful when choosing a college.


College Confirmation

Confirming college is a very important job. You need to know how to confirm the college and which college to confirm. Suppose you have chosen ten colleges for the first time and in which college you have not been selected, you will get second and third chance. The second and third chances must give you a choice of colleges other than those ten colleges and the third chance if you again fail in the college selection then the third chance you should give to any one college selection in the area. In many cases, the selection changes after the migration, in which case you have to confirm that the college has been selected after the migration.

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How To Do Migration In Case Of College Admission

Many of us have heard the word migration. Migration means to transfer or transfer in this case migration means transfer. Suppose you have chosen ten colleges, you have been selected in college number 9 and you have chosen another college in number seven which is not your selection but there are vacancies in college number 7. However, the chances of changing colleges after migration are very low. One in 100 people change colleges through migration. Then it is understood that the chances of changing colleges through migration are very low. But if you are lucky enough to be selected for a good college through your migration. So you must keep the auto migration option on. If you have selected the college of your choice and do not want to be admitted to any other college, then you must turn off the migration.


 Save User ID And Password

After giving the college choice, a user ID and password is sent to you through the confirmation email. Without the user ID and password, you cannot confirm the college, so if you lose the user ID and password, you will definitely get in trouble. So you must save the user ID and password so that it is not lost or forgotten. It is best if you write down your user ID and password somewhere.



You must take the above precautions when making a choice in college and before admission. When saving, you must never share your password with anyone who uses it. You may or may not share the password with your parents or acquaintances.

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