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Suppose, you have a foreign friend who is very curious to know about the ethnic people of your country



Task on Class 8 Grammar

Lesson 4: Our ethnic companions (2)

Suppose, you have an unfamiliar companion who is extremely inquisitive to be aware of the ethnic individuals of your country.

Now, set up a reality record on them. You can tell about their dress, food, culture, sports and hobbies in 200 words. Use stories, pictures, pictures, tables, or data as needed.

The Ethnic People of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh individuals of various religions and societies live in congruity. Also, individuals from various identity live here too. Ethnic individuals are those individuals who have a similar identity yet they are from various cast, culture, custom, and religion.

There are around thirteen distinct ethnic gatherings who live in our country. They for the most part live in the Chittagong slope parcels region. Among the ethnic gathering The Chakma, The Marma, The Chak, The Mro, The Morong, The Shantal, The Tripura are the absolute most notable gatherings in Bangladesh.

Apart from the Chittagong Hill Tract region, there is some ethnic gathering who live in different pieces of Bangladesh. As, Sylhet, Moulavi Bazar, Patuakhali, Jessore, Mymensingh are another pieces of Bangladesh. These ethnic individuals have an alternate culture, language, customs, religions, food propensities, and so forth than the other individuals in Bangladesh.

The larger part of the Chakma public are generally Buddhist. They have an extraordinary dress practice. Men ordinarily wear western-style shirts and pants where ladies keep a customary dress example. Their dress examples comprise of two bits of materials, one of them is worn as a shirt and the other one is folded over the lower part covering from midsection to ankle.

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Their conventional shading is dark blue and red. Despite the fact that, they wear lively shades of dressing alongside different sorts of trimmings. Their customary food is rice presented with millet, corn, dominated, and vegetables like sweet potatoes, cucumber, pumpkins, cucumbers, and some more. Additionally, they commend a wide range of Buddhist festivals.

Moreover, Shantal individuals weave their own garments. They wear garments name “thambui” which is worn for the lower part and for the upper part they wear “Angi”. They love to eat hot, acrid, and hot food. They communicate in the Marma language. Their most well known celebration is Sangrai which is commended for three days. They have an extremely one of a kind culture and traditions.

Furthermore, the conventional garments for Tripura are a towel which is designated “Rikutu Gamcha” and Kubai which is a shirt for men. Ladies were sharee in an alternate manner. Their cherished food is classified “Mui Borok”. They additionally eat aged and dried fish stew, meat cook, different neighborhood hers with rice. Their beloved relaxation time movement is fishing.

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about the ethnic individuals of Bangladesh, their dressing style, food, most loved sit back as indicated by the prerequisite of the class 8 English task 1. We trust that this arrangement is exceptionally simple for yourself and you can comprehend it better. You can track down answers for different subjects on our site as well.

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