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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The date of distribution of HSC and comparable assessment results has quite recently been reported. Investigate clicking here

The date of publication of HSC and equivalent examination results has just been announced.  Take a look by clicking here

Did you take the HSC exam in 2021? The 2021 HSC exams are being held by all boards across the country from 2nd December. This test is run by the students till the 30th of December and all the departmental exams are completed on the scheduled day.

Due to the low number of exams and low standard of answers, it should not take much time for students to evaluate their answer sheets and that is why students are wondering on what date their test results may actually be published. So today we have discussed the information about the date of publication of HSC exam results on our website and if you can find out this information from there you can be sure when the results will be published and when to see these results.

After completing the HSC examination, every student starts preparing for university admission. Students need a lot of study and a lot of hard work to prepare. But many times it is seen that the students have accepted the preparation well, but suddenly they fail in fulfilling their dreams due to failure in one subject. However, due to some changes in the type of examination of the students, the students are not sure what the result of their examination may be.

Moreover, many students are unable to fill the application form of the university of their choice as they do not achieve the expected GPA. In that case their preparation fails and they do not get the chance to get admission in public university as they cannot fill the admission form. So no matter how prepared the students are, they want to be able to study more seriously according to the results if their results are published.

But it will take proper time for the teachers to evaluate the answer scripts of the exam and if they rush in this case, it may be difficult to see the results. Students were asked to be patient in this regard. The results will be released from the Ministry of Education after the evaluation of the answer scripts and in case of publication of these results, we can assume that the results of this examination will be published in mid-February next month. According to that calculation, we can assume that the results are more likely to be published on February 10.

Those of you who have taken the HSC exams and have not participated from the Board of Education should prepare for university admission if you want to pursue a postgraduate degree. Even if you want to get admission in different colleges of the national university, you need to have a sufficient amount of GPA. So students are relying on this GPA and in this case they can be most sure when the results are published. So don’t worry, you have to be prepared and when the results are published, the information about the rules for viewing the results on our website will be informed later.

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