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The Greed of Mighty River – Man and Climate : Class 9 English fourth Week Solution



Dear Student. I’m here with the answer for the fourth Assignment of Class 9 English Answer – The Greed of Mighty River – Man and Climate from your book. Peruse the article and settle the task for Class 9 English Answer – The Greed of Mighty River – Man and Climate.

Class 9 English Assignment fourth Week Solution

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Home Work: Unit-5; Lesson-1 The Greed of Mighty River


  1. Complete the rundown of Meherjan’s existence with words/phrases from the box.
victimsaffectsclose toslum dwellerhomeless
threatsexampledue toshortage of foodone lakh

Meherjan is a normal (1) vagrant who lives in a ghetto. She lost her safe house and properties (2) because of the disintegration of the stream Jamuna. She likewise lost her family.

Her spouse had passed on from illnesses brought about by neediness and (3) a deficiency of food. Presently, she is just a (4) ghetto dweller.

Like Meherjan there are many individuals who have turned into the (5) survivors of waterway disintegration. Waterway disintegration is as yet presenting (6) dangers to the day to day routines and properties of thousands of people.

People experiencing (7) near the streams are the most probable casualties of waterway disintegration. Every year around (8) one lakh individuals become destitute because of stream disintegration. in Bangladesh.

Meherjan’s life is only one (9) illustration of how environmental change (10) influences the existences of thousands of people.

Home Work: Unit-5; Lesson-3

Kandirpar, Comilla.
19 November 2022
You will be exceptionally stunned to realize that, our reality will be undermined due to deforestation.

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Deforestation implies chopping down trees en masse. This obliteration upsets our environmental balance.

Deforestation likewise prompts soil disintegration and denies us of leafy foods and causes financial misfortune. In light of deforestation green patches of land are no more green.

New region of the world are becoming deserts as a quick impact of deforestation. Without any trees, CO2 is expanding around the world. Subsequently, there is worldwide warming.

Increasing carbon dioxide is making the world hotter. Which is eventually causing the nursery impact. Deforestation causes the ascent of ocean level. Rising ocean level achieves the flood.

It is deforestation that might cause desertification in many regions of the planet, which will represent a genuine danger to our living.

So, we as a whole ought to be true to safeguard trees and take a firm stand against deforestation. An action like “Tree Plantation Campaign” might be launched.

People should be urged to establish more trees and to safeguard the current ones. The govt. ought to present severe regulations and rebuff individuals who are liable for deforestation.

Alternative use trees ought to be discovered and tree estate ought to be fortified. In addition, trees that were planted before ought to be preserved.

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That’s everything for now. Presently you can answer class 9 English fourth week Answer – The Greed of Mighty River – Man and Climate

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