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বঙ্গবন্ধুর ৭ই মার্চের পূর্ণাঙ্গ ভাষণ – 7th March Speech in Bangla



Now Bangabandhu7th walk discourse in English and seventh walk discourse pdf download in our website. As of late you can see the 7 walk 1971 discourse in English/Bangla pdf. Also the effect of the seventh March discourse of Bangabandhu in the text beneath. Bangabandhu’s discourse on March 7.

Some of the guests need to be familiar with The chronicled seventh March discourse by BANGABANDHU Sheik MUJIBUR RAHMAN. Today we distributing is the meaning of the discourse on seventh March 1971. So for your Bangabandhu authentic discourse in cry our contain.

The Prime Minister Speech start: 07 March 2022

Speech beginning time: 3:00 PM

Live: All TV Channel

Impact of seventh walk discourse – 7 walk discourse time

7th March 1971 is the main day for each Bengali individuals. On the day Bangabandhu pronounced its freedom. That Couse we are beginning our freedom war and win.

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What is the meaning of the discourse seventh March 1971?

The significance of the speech on 7th March 1971 is that it is the day when the founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, made his historic speech in which he called for the independence of Bangladesh.

This speech is significant because it helped to rally the people of Bangladesh behind the cause of independence, and it eventually led to the successful liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistani rule.

The 7 March Speech of Bangabandhu was a noteworthy discourse given by Sheik Mujibur Rahman. The Founding Father of Bangladesh on 7 March 1971. At the Ramna Race Course made in Dhaka to a social occasion of north of 10 lakh.

Bangabandhu seventh March discourse PDF download

Bangabandhu’s discourse on March 7

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7th walk discourse bangla text

Bangabandhu’s discourse on March 7

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman’s memorable discourse on March 7

Today I have showed up before you with a pitiful psyche. All of you know and comprehend. We have attempted with our lives. Be that as it may, unfortunately, today in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur the roadway is stained with my sibling’s blood.

Today individuals of Bengal need freedom, individuals of Bengal need to live, individuals of Bengal need their privileges. What a foul play I did, in the political decision individuals of Bangladesh totally decided in favor of me Awami League. Our National Assembly will sit, we will make the constitution there and we will fabricate this country, individuals of this nation will be freed financially, strategically and socially. Yet, unfortunately, miserable to say today, the disastrous history of 23 years is the historical backdrop of the persecution of Bengal, the historical backdrop of the blood of individuals of Bengal. 23 years of history is the historical backdrop of the calls of passing on people; The historical backdrop of Bengal is the historical backdrop of painting the thruways with the blood of individuals of this country. I gave blood in 1952. Indeed, even in the wake of winning the political decision in 1954, we were unable to sit on the mat. In 1956, Ayub Khan gave military regulation and saved us as slaves for a long time. My children were shot dead on June 7, 1966 during the Six-Point Movement. After the fall of Ayub Khan in the 1969 development, when Yahya Khan assumed control over the public authority, he said, give constitution to the nation, give a majority rules system. We agreed.

Then a ton of history was made, decisions were held. I met with President Yahya Khan. I, as the head of the Majority Party of Pakistan, not just of Bengal, mentioned him to gather the National Assembly on fifteenth February. He didn’t discuss me, he discussed Mr. Bhutto. The principal week will be in March, he said. We said, OK, we’ll sit in the get together. I said, I will examine in the gathering; I have even said that assuming somebody talks reality, regardless of whether we are dwarfed, on the off chance that there is one, we will acknowledge his words.

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Mr. Bhutto came here, talked about. He said that the entryway of conversation won’t be shut, there will be more conversations. Then, at that point, I conversed with different pioneers, you plunk down, we talk and make the constitution. He said on the off chance that individuals from West Pakistan came here, the slaughterhouse would be the get together. He said that whoever went would be killed. Shops from Peshawar to Karachi will be persuasively shut assuming that anybody comes to the gathering. I said, the gathering will proceed. Then, at that point, abruptly the gathering was shut on the 1st.

Mr. Yahya Khan met the Assembly as President. I said I would go. Mr Bhutto said he wouldn’t go. 35 individuals came here from West Pakistan. Then, at that point, it was suddenly halted. Individuals of Bengal were accused, I was accused. Individuals fought at gunpoint.

I said, you notice the strike calmly. I said, you shut down the processing plant. Individuals answered. Individuals intentionally rioted. Not entirely settled to proceed with the battle peacefully.

What did we get? The individual who purchased the weapon with my cash to shield the country from the assault of the outer foe, today that weapon is being utilized against poor people and hopeless individuals of my country, the shot is being discharged at his chest. We are the greater part in Pakistan. At the point when we Bengalis have attempted to come to drive, they have hopped on us. He conversed with me on the phone. I told him, Mr. Yahya Khan, you are the President of Pakistan, take a gander at how my poor, my Bengali individuals have been shot, how my mom’s lap has been discharged. You come, see, judge. “I have chosen to call a round table gathering on the tenth,” he said.

I said, what meeting will sit, with whom? Will I sit with the individuals who have taken blood from my human chest? Abruptly, without speaking with me, he held a mystery meeting for five hours and said that he had given all the fault on me, on individuals of Bengal.

My brothers,

The gathering approached the 25th. The blood stains didn’t dry out. I said on the tenth that Mujibur Rahman couldn’t get together with the blood of those saints. The get together has called. My requests should be met: first, military regulation should be removed, military regulation should be removed, all tactical work force should get back to the sleeping shelter, the way where the killings have occurred should be examined, and drive should be moved to individuals’ agents. Then, at that point, we will consider whether or not we can sit in the get together. We can’t sit in the get together before that.

I, I don’t need the Prime Minister. We need the freedoms of individuals of this country. I might want to state in clear letters that from today, court-kachari, court-criminal, instructive establishments will be shut endlessly in this Bangladesh. Any remaining things are there so the poor don’t endure, with the goal that my kin don’t endure. Carts, bullock trucks will run, trains will run, dispatches will run; Only Secretariat, Supreme Court, High Court, Judge Court, Semi-Government Departments, WAPDA will not work.

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On the 28th the representatives will bring the compensation. From that point forward, on the off chance that the compensation isn’t paid, and assuming a shot is discharged, and assuming that my kin are killed, I have a solicitation to you, – construct fortresses in each house. You need to manage the foe with all that you have, and every one of the streets throughout everyday life, on the off chance that I can’t provide orders, you will stop. We will kill rice, we will kill water. You are my sibling, you stay in the sleeping enclosure, nobody will let you know anything. In any case, don’t attempt to shoot me in the chest any longer. We can’t monitor seven crore individuals. Whenever we figure out how to kick the bucket, nobody can stop us.

Bangabandhu’s discourse on March 7

And every one individuals who have been martyred, harmed, we will attempt to assist them as much as we with canning from the Awami League. The individuals who can will give a minimal expenditure to my help board. And every one of the specialists who have joined the seven-day strike will be paid by the proprietors of every industry. I advise government representatives to submit to what I say. Until my nation is freed, the lease charge has been halted, nobody will pay. Keep in mind, the adversary powers have entered, will make squabbles among themselves, will loot.

Those who are Hindus, Muslims, Bengalis and non-Bengalis in this Bengal are our siblings. It is your obligation to safeguard them. We ought not be disparaged. Keep in mind, the staff of radio and TV, on the off chance that you don’t pay attention to us on the radio, then, at that point, don’t go to any Bengali radio broadcast. In the event that TV doesn’t give us news, don’t go to any Bengali TV. Banks will be open for two hours so that individuals can take their checks. Yet, not a solitary penny can be transported from East Bengal to West Pakistan. Phone Telegram will run in our East Bengal and send news with outside countries.

But assuming an endeavor is made to obliterate individuals of this country, the Bengalis will act with understanding. In each town, in each mahalla, Sangram Parishad was shaped under the authority of Awami League. Also be ready for what you have. Keep in mind, when I give blood, I will give more blood. I will deliver individuals of this country inshallah. This time the battle is for our freedom, this time the battle is for opportunity. জয় বাংলা। জয় বাংলা।

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Bangabandhu’s discourse on March 7


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