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বিসিএস শিক্ষা সমিতির নির্বাচন কাল: এগিয়ে আজমতগীর-জাফর প্যানেল



Appointment of BCS General Education Committee, an association of BCS schooling unit officials, will be held next Sunday. A limit of six boards are participating in this political race to be held after quite a while. Subsequently, the political race of 15,000 unit individuals is going full speed ahead. The fresh insight about the political race is additionally in the mouths of the citizens. Political decision declarations have previously been reported from numerous panels.

Apart from Azmatgir-Jafar board, Shahed-Rehana board, Tawfiq-Masud Rana board, Sarfaraz-Bashar board, Nomani-Shawkat board, Lal-Sabuj board, there are likewise autonomous applicants in this political race. Notwithstanding, the majority of the individuals from the Sarfaraz-Bashar board were precluded from voting.

However, after conversations with the administrators of different government schools, tops of a few divisions of instruction organization and individuals from the training unit over the most recent couple of days, it has been discovered that the Azmatgir-Jafar board is a long ways ahead in the surveying station. Various overviews have even observed that the board is ahead. The board is led by the head of the Department of Inspection and Audit, Professor Aliullah. Azmatgir and Syed Zafar Ali are the secretaries general. Oliullah Md. Azmatgir has served in different limits including previous Secretary General and Vice President of BCS General Education Association. He is a notable face in the training unit as a noble man. Secretary General competitor Mohammadpur Central College Principal Syed Zafar Ali Swadhinata is likewise Member Secretary of BCS General Education Parliament. He is likewise an extremely well known face in the framework. Bipul Chandra Sarkar, Joint Director, Department of Inspection and Audit, has been selected for the post of Joint Secretary General. Who has gained notoriety for propelling the requirements of training unit individuals paying little mind to group like. In addition, administrators of different universities and seniors-youngsters are the up-and-comers of Azmatgir-Jafar board. Regarded Professor Masume Rabbani Khan and Professor IK Selim Ullah Khandaker, who are upheld by the instruction cadre.

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On the other hand, Shahed-Rehana board of official up-and-comers, Director of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (MAUSI) (College and Administration), Professor. Shahedul Khabir Chowdhury. Who is the previous secretary general of the affiliation. The individuals from the schooling framework faulted him for not holding the political race even following three and a half long stretches of the termination of the term of the last council. They feel that the individuals from the training unit have lingered behind in understanding their requests as there has been no chosen agent in the relationship for quite a while. There are likewise numerous who say that it is against morals to choose a possibility for the post of leader of the relationship from the post of head of the organization part of the Mausi division. What’s more, Eden Women’s College academic partner erased. Rehna Parveen is the secretary general competitor of this board. Nonetheless, as the official applicant of this board is in a significant situation in the instruction organization, the competitors of different boards have grumbled of that impact in the election.

There are charges that the candidate for secretary general of the Nomani-Shawkat board. Shawkat Hossain Mollah has an alternate political belief system. However, the Shahid-Rehana board has agreed with Shawkat Hossain Mollah as Rehena Parveen is a generally frail and new applicant. They will uphold Shahedul Khabir Chowdhury as president. What’s more, Shahed-Rehana board will uphold Shawkat Hossain as the secretary general. Yet, the individuals from the training framework didn’t take this understanding great. This has diminished the prominence of the two boards. Be that as it may, Shawkat Hossain has kept the charge from getting split the difference. Be that as it may, he called Shahedul Khabir Chowdhury to learn about this however he didn’t answer.

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On the other hand, a red-green board has been shaped with youthful individuals from the schooling framework. They have handled few up-and-comers. They have no possibility for the posts of president and secretary general. In any case, the famous competitor of this board is Chandra Shekhar Haldar, Education Officer (Secondary) of Mausi Department. Who is competing for the place of financial officer. He is in front of any remaining up-and-comers in acquiring the certainty of voters.

Amatgir-Jafar board general secretary competitor Syed Zafar Ali said, ‘We are getting charges of blocking our political decision work in various universities. Many up-and-comers are attempting to have an effect in better places. Which is an infringement of appointive standards. In any case, the citizens are completely qualified for the most elevated instructive capabilities, they will pick the certified individual. Currently every one of the individuals from the training framework have given us a spot to them. Any place we go, we get tremendous reaction. Ideally, our full board will win by an immense degree. We will continuously be by the side of the individuals in understanding the requests of the schooling framework. We have proactively made that guarantee in our political decision manifesto.

Red-green board financier applicant Chandra Shekhar Haldar said, “We have reported our board with a pledge to change. Since the vast majority of our up-and-comers are new, we have not handled possibility for the post of President-General. We are 100 percent hopeful about winning the posts we have nominated.

Source: Kaler Kantho

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