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Integrated 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Recruitment Exam Questions and Solutions 2022.
Joined 5 Banks Officer (Cash) Exam Question and Solution 2022.
Position Name: Officer (Cash)
Test date: 11/03/2022

Integrated 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Recruitment Exam Questions and Solutions 2022 2

Solution Bangla

1. Chaturanga What sort of book by Rabindranath Tagore?

A, drama

B, novel

C, essay

D, poetry

Answer: b

2. Who does the near research between the sadhu and chalita structures in Bengali language?

A, William Carey

B, Edward Demask

C. Shyamacharan Gangopadhyay

D. Pramath Chowdhury

Answer: d

3, which of coming up next isn’t an illustration of interchangeable conflict?

A, enhancement

B, exchanges

C, ash


Answer: b

4. Which of coming up next is an illustration of a byatihara bahubrihi samas?

A, Ashibish.

B, connected at the hip

C. Shouting.

D, cuffs

A. C

5, what is something contrary to the word ‘delicate’?

A, polite

B, lowlife

C, arrogant

D. Savage

A. d

. Kazi Nazrul Islam’s sonnet ‘Radical’ was distributed in which paper?

A, Azad

B. Green leaf

C. Electricity

D. Day to day East Angle

A. C.

. What spelling is right?

A, Buckle.

B, frantic

C, desperate

D, frantic

A. B.

8, What is the significance of the prefix ‘sub’ in the word upazila?

A, nearness

B, incomplete

C. Comparability

D, six

A. C

9. Try not to open every one of the windows’ – Who is the creator of the song?

A, Kazi Nazrul Islam

B. Altaf Mahmood

C. Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury

D. Nazrul Islam Babu

A. d

10. From which language does the word ‘world’ come?

A, Persian.

B, French

C, Gujarati

D, Arabic


11. What is going on with the word ‘mountain crisis’?

A. Mountain slope

B, mountains

C, Hill Friendship

D, the highest point of the slope.

A. C

12. Genuine books don’t lie ‘- What is the word’ book ‘here?

A, symptoms.

B, textun

C. Postfix


A. D

13, What is the importance of the word ‘you’?

A. Own

B, outright family member

C. Shop

D, office

A. C.

14. In the blood of 3,000,000 saints, Bangladesh became free.

A. Ordinary current

B. The past tense

C. The interminable circle

D. The current state

A. A

15. Which is something contrary to the word ‘apparition’?

A, Petney.

B, the future

C, fear.

D. Fearless

A. B.

18, ‘Despite the fact that he is old, he doesn’t have knowledge’ – what sort of sentence?

A, simple.

B, complex

C. Compound

D. Blended.


English solution

16. I need to sit in front of the TV… late… night.

A, at, at

B, until, at

C. to, in

D, to, at

A. B.

16, Synonym of “denounce” is

A. Declare

B. Surrender

C. Subconscious

D. Revile

A. d

19. The most renowned comedian in English writing is

A. Jonathan Swift

B. Joseph Addison

C. Alexander Pope

D. Richard Steele


20. Antonym of ‘thrifty is

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A. Exceptional

B. Economical

C. Luxurious

D. High-roller

A. C, d

21. The equivalent word of ‘trap’ is

A. inadequacy

B. opportunity

C. Creative

D. enduring


22. “The Sun Also Rises’ is composed by

A. Ernest Hemingway

B. Leo Tolstoy

C. Jack London

D. Arundhati Roy


23. “Repairing Wall ‘is the sonnet made by

A. TS Eliot

B. Robert Frost

C. Edgar Allan Poe

D. Emily Dickson.

A. B.

24. By composing the derogatory article, the writer attempted to… the government official.

A. Resent

B. Benefit

C. Besmirch

D. Occur for

A. C.

25. Pick the significance of the phrase “Take the bull by the horns’.

A. To challenge the adversary with mental fortitude.

B. Force the adversary to submit

C. Out of one’s mind.

D. Give up before the adversary.


26. When you get back, Rahim

A. will leave

B. will have left

C. will leave

D. left

A. B.

26. They have… their help for our cause.

A. Denied

B. Swore

C. expected

D. Conceded

A. B.

26. Be cautious while driving… unfavorable weather patterns.

A. To

B. under

C. Along

D. during

A. C.

29. Later. my vehicle looked on par with new.

A. it is fixing

B. it is fixed

C. being fixed

D. fixed

A. C.

30. “To go into liquidation is a phrase meaning

A. to fail

B. to work without a hitch

C. to leave

D. to proceed


31. Anika was… of the risks of fire shuffling, yet she attempted it at any rate and consumed herself very badly.

A. Open

B. Destructive

C. favorable

D. insightful

A. d

32. The antonym of the word ‘superficial

A. scholarly

B. Fake

C. detached

D. profound

A. d

Common sense

33. What is the objective number 4 of the SDG 2030 Agenda?

A. No Poverty

B. Orientation disparity

C. Quality Education

D. Decreased Inequality

A. C.

34. The capital of Vanuatu is

A. Port Moresby

B. Port Vila

C. Port-au-sovereign

D. Port Louis

A. B.

35. Which of coming up next is a significant financial exchange file in England?




D. S and P500

A. C.

36. Open market activity is utilized to control

A. Import

B. Send out

C. Work supply

D. Cash supply

A. d

36. ‘C’ in CAMELS stands for

A. Capital adequacy

B. Capital Shortage

C. Capital quality

D. Capital benefit


36. What is the length of each stump in cricket?

A. 28 inches

B. 15 inches

C. 24 inches

D. 18 inches


39. Where is the central command of BRICS located?

A. Rio-de-janeiro

B. Moscow

C. Mumbai

D. Shanghai[Note:BRICSconsistsofNDBheadquartersinShanghai[Note:BRICSগঠিতNDBএরসদরদপ্তরসাংহাই

A. d

40 Chittagong Stock Exchange was laid out in

A. 1998

B. 1994

C. 1995

D. 1996

A. C.

40 “The End of Poverty is a book composed by

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A. Jeffrey Sachs

B. Abhijit Banerjee

C. Ragnar Frisch

D. Joshus Angrist


41. Who of the accompanying got the Ekushey Padak 2022 for the language movement?

A. Mustafa MA Matin

B. Khaled Mahmud Khan

C. Kamal Chowdhury

D. Abdul Jabbar


42. The COP26 was held in. .

A. Glasgow

B. Madrid

C. Paris

D. Kyoto


43. Who conveyed the popular public discourse ‘I Have a Dream’?

A. John Fury

B. John Forbes Nash Jr.

C. Martin Luther King Jr

D. John F. Kennedy

A. C.

44. Tremors are caused by

A. Tectonics

B. Denudation

C. Earth upheaval

D. Earth’s pivot


45. Which instrument is utilized to see objects at the outer layer of water from a submarine under water?

A. kaleidoscope

B. periscope

C. Spectroscope

D. Telescope

A. B.

46. The base camp of the European Central Bank is situated in

A. Frankfurt

B. Brussels

C. Paris

D. Geneva


46. When did Russia send off an assault on Ukraine in 2022?

A. February 20

B. February 22

C. February 24

D. February 26

A. C.

46. ‘Helvetia’ is the antiquated name of

A. Switzerland

B. Brazil

C. Spain

D. Portugal


49, International Environment Day is:

A. Walk 7

B. June 5

C. February 16

D. November 16

A. B.

50. The financial specialist Adam Smith was a teacher of

A. Oxford University

B. Cambridge University

C. Glasgow University

D. Stirling University

A. C.

50. Greenland has a place to

A. Norway

B. Netherlands

C. Scotland

D. Denmark

A. d


51. What web based business plan of action does I-Tunes follow?

A. Specialist co-op

B. e-posterior

C. Market Creator

D. Content Provider


52. In Microsoft Excel, the capacity key F2 is utilized for

A. printing

B. altering a phone

C. mentioning help

D. saving the file

A. B.

53. In MS Word, the alternate route key Ctrl + N is utilized for

A. Opening another document

B. embedding a table

C. embedding a textbox

D. characterizing an edge


54. Which one of coming up next isn’t considered as a type of auxiliary storage?

A. Floppy circle

B. Optical circle

C. Slam d. Streak Drive

A. C.

55. SQL stands for

A. Standard Query Language

B. Standard Quality.

C. Organized Query Language

D. Organized Quasi Language

A. C.

57. Satellite Communication deals with

A. Radar

B. Fiber Optic Cable.

C. Transponder

D. Television signal

A. C.

57. The speed of Internet information transmission is characterized as far as:



C. Kbps


A. C.

57. What sort of bundle program is MS Access?

A. Word handling

B. Programming

C. Information base

D. Spreadsheet

A. C.

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