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Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer 2022



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Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer

Banglalink Bondho SIM offer is just for bringing users back. On the off chance that you have utilized Banglalink already yet have not been utilizing for a very long time, you will be qualified to partake in this reactivation offer. Banglalink generally prepared to invite their old clients giving a few offers, including Internet, minutes, exceptional call rate and SMS.

Assuming that you are searching for the most recent data about Banglalink reactivation offer, don’t stress over it. You are on right spot. Here you will get all of the exact data about the inquiry. Go on with us until the end.

Banglalink Reactivation Offer

Banglalink needs to satisfy their clients. That is the reason the organization gives reactivation offers to support clients. Each of the qualified clients can partake in this offices. Before enact your association, you should look at the qualification wheather you will get it or not.

The most effective method to really take a look at the Eligibility of Banglalink Bondho Sim?

Each SIM has various choices to look at Bondho SIM qualified. Banglalink needs to various ways of knowing qualification status. Clients need to dial or send a straightforward message. Here is the straightforward directions to follow.

Go to the SMS Option from any Banglalink SIM
Type your Deactivated No
Send it to 4343
Stand by a second
You will be informed you are qualified or not

You can likewise look at by dialing. Banglalink Bondho SIM qualified can be checked by dialing *121*200#.

Note: If you are not qualified, if it’s not too much trouble, delay until arrived at a specific time-frame. Each of the prepaid clients will actually want to get this proposition.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer

Subsequent to checking you will get the specific offers that you can appreciate. To see all the more completely here I have added all offers individually. Banglalink gives Internet offer, minutes offer, informing proposition, and exceptional call rate for unused SIM. Those incorporate additional legitimacy. Clients can appreciate however many times as they need during the mission time.

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[email protected]

it’s the new refreshed banglalink bondo sim offer. Assuming that you are going to receptive your association, you can appreciate 1GB web with the legitimacy of 7 days just re-energizing 26 BDT. This proposition can be delighted in as many time you need. You can likewise dynamic this pack by dialing *121*200#. To look at the leftover equilibrium we need to dial *5000*500#. The web can be utilized for generally useful.

brief 7 days @27 BDT

to partake in a moment back this choice is just for you. Here you will get brief costing just child 7 BDT. The moment can be appreciated with all administrator in Bangladesh. The legitimacy of the pack is additionally enough which is 7 days. To look at the excess equilibrium you want to dial *124*300#. If you have any desire to appreciate for additional days, I have incorporated one more pack here.

90 Min @57 TK 30 days

As I said before if you have any desire to appreciate for additional days I have one more pack for you. It tends to be the best one if you have any desire to get brief pack for the month. This bundle you will get 90 minut just for 57 BDT. This one if it’s not too much trouble, re-energize the specific sum. You can look at the leftover equilibrium by dialing *124*300#.

5 GB at 49 BDT

It’s the most famous Bondho SIM Offer raised by Banglalink computerized. Qualified clients can appreciate 5 GB interior just for 49 BDT. To benefit this deal, clients need to re-energize definite 49 TK or dial *121*200#. It has a legitimacy for 4 days. To look at the leftover equilibrium, please dial *5000*500#.

1GB Free Facebook 30 days

Here is the online entertainment pack offer for Banglalink bringing users back. Qualified clients can appreciate 1 GB inside for facebook for nothing. They can appreciate voice and video call through messanger with loved ones. To partake in this deal, please dial *121*200#. It gives magnificent legitimacy of 30 days. Web equilibrium can be checked by dialing *5000*500#.

80 Minutes at 47 BDT 30 days

If you have any desire to get talktime, this proposal for just for you. On this proposition, Banglalink gives 80 Minutes just for 47 BDT. Minutes can be utilized at any neighborhood administrator. To benefit this Special Minute Offer, kindly dial *121*200# at the present time or re-energize definite 47 BDT and appreciate. It contains a legitimacy for 30 days. Clients can without much of a stretch look at residual equilibrium by dialing *124*300#.

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Exceptional Call Rate Offer

This deal can benefited by re-energize. It contains two circumstances. Re-energize Tk 59 for 1 paisa each second with legitimacy of 15 days or re-energize 39 BDT for 60 paisa each moment. Text is appropriate for this. Assuming that you are prepared to this extraordinary deal, kindly re-energize 59 or 39. The two has a legitimacy for 15 days. If you have any desire to appreciate 1 paisa each moment for 30 days, dial *121*200#. Those offers are generally excellent for customary clients.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer at a glance

OffersPriceActivation CodeValidityBalance Check
5 GB Internet49 BDT*121*200#Or Recharge4 days*5000*500#
1GB FBFree*121*200#30 days*5000*500#
80 Minutes47 BDT*121*200#30 days*124*300#
1/p second59/39*121*200#15 daysN/A


View the state of Banglalink Bondho SIM deal and find out about it.

Just qualified prepaid clients can partake in this proposition. To appreciate it, ensure that your paid ahead of time is qualified or not
Clients can really look at the qualification by dialing *121*200# or informing (Type the number and send it to 4343) from any Banglalink administrator.
Clients will actually want to partake in those as numerous as they need. Free facebook offer and exceptional call rate is restricted once every month for the multiple times.
If you parchase same pack, legitimacy date will be added with the last pack
Those offers won’t be reestablished naturally. Unused equilibrium won’t be remins
Banglalink authority can change and drop whenever

How might I check my own Banglalink number?

You can look at your present Banglalink number by dialing *511#.

How might I reactivate my Banglalink SIM?

At the point when you re-energize and embed on your gadget, your SIM card will be enacted. On the off chance that there is any proposition, you can live it up.

How might I get 1gb in FB free on BL?

Qualified clients can appreciate 1GB Facebook for 30 days. To benefit this, please *121*200#. Equilibrium can be checked by dialing *5000*500#.

Last Thoughts

This was the full article about Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer. All of the data gathered directly from Banglalink Official site and Facebook page. That is the reason there is no chance of wrong data. On the off chance that there any opportunity we will refresh it quickly. Remember to impart to loved ones and fulfill them.
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