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CGA Computer Typist Exam Question Solution 2022



CGA Computer Typist Exam Question Solution 2022 has been distributed. Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) Computer Typist Exam Question Solution 2022 has been distributed by the power. Office of the Controller General of Accounts Computer Typist MCQ Exam Question Solution 2022 is uplifting news for work searchers in Bangladesh. All data on the CGA Computer Typist MCQ Exam Question Solution 2022 is accessible beneath. Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) is a Government Organization in Bangladesh.

CGA Computer Typist Exam Question Solution 2022:

Organization Name: Controller General of Accounts (CGA)

Post Name and Vacancy:

1. Reviewer – 538

2. Junior Auditor – 457

3. Office Sohayok-255

4. Transcriber Cum Computer Operator-08

5. Clerk – 01

6. Overseer – 01

7. Steno typist Cum Computer Operator – 40

8. PC Typist – 544

9. Phone Operator – 01

10. Driver – 01

11. Copy Operator – 16

12. Daftary – 06

13. Sorter – 20

14. Safety officer – 13

Total Vacancy: 1901

MCQ Exam Date: 04 March 2022

Exam Time: 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Exam Type: MCQ

Total MCQ Candidate: 105292

See/download Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) Computer Typist Exam Question Solution 2022 from beneath:

1. What is the principle importance of ‘We are all in one another, we are all in the future’? Answer: Compassion

Explanation: The portion is a piece of the sonnet ‘Pararthe’ composed by Kamini Roy. By the line, he says to be occupied with the government assistance of others and disregard his own misery.

2. . Present day life is incomprehensible without it. Answer: Electricity

Explanation: Almost all that utilized in present day life with the exception of power is outdated.

3. ‘I don’t have the foggiest idea where he is’ – what sort of sentence? A: Complex

4. Strange notion: Disorder in schooling: – – – Answer: Medical

5. What is going on with “Shikar”? Answer: Water particles

Explanation: “Shikar” signifies water molecule; Water droplets.

. Which is the right spelling? Answer: Triangle

Explanation: The right response to incorrect spellings would be zero-zero, goodness ethicalness, earth-earth.

. Which isn’t right? Answer: Animals

Explanation: Dharani is the right spelling which implies sharitri, dhara, prithibi. The spelling of the creature is likewise off-base, the creature will be right.

. What is going on with the axiom ‘moon market’? Answer: Gathering of cherished ones

9. What is the shortening of the expression “he who has no weariness in his work”? Answer: Tireless specialist

10. What is going on with the expression ‘push of ninety’? Answer: The propensity to save

11. Ravan’s Cheetah – Answer: Perpetual unrest

12. Which of coming up next is a fair karmadharaya samas? Answer: Lion checked seat

Explanation: If the center term is lost in the business sentence of Karmadharaya Samas, it is called Madhyapalopi Karmadharaya Samas. For this situation, the center place of the business sentence won’t be in all positions. In this, the significance of parapada will win. If “set apart” in the center is overlooked from the sentence with the sign checked “lion”, then, at that point “high position” has a center position, subsequently it is a center position.

13. The width sentence of ‘Chandmukh’ is – Answer: Moon face [রূপক কর্মধারয়]

14. Act shrewdly – what difference does it make? Answer: Karan is zero

15. Which is the freedom war based novel? Answer: Life and political reality

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Explanation: Life and Political Reality is a Bengali novel composed by Shahidul Zaheer. This is Zaheer’s introduction novel, distributed by Mawla Brothers in February 1986. This is a long novel composed against the setting of Bangladesh’s conflict of independence.

16. Who is the creator of the novel ‘Jalochchbas’? Answer: Selina Hossain

Explanation: Jalochchbas (1983) is Selina Hossain’s first book.

16. ‘Baba’ is a word having a place with which language? Answer: Turkish

16. Who is the arranger of the renowned melody Ekushey February? Answer: Altaf Mahmood

Explanation: ‘Would I be able to forget the 21st of February, stained with my sibling’s blood? ” The lyricist of this tune is Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury. The main writer of this tune is Abdul Latif. The current arranger of the melody is Altaf Mahmood.

19. What is the name of the primary Muslim writer in Bengali writing? Answer: Mir Mosharraf Hossain

20 In what the future held? Answer: 1906

Was found in? Answer: 1906

21. What sort of thing “opportunity” is-Ans: Abstract thing Explanation: Freedom implies opportunity that can’t be contacted. So Freedom is an Abstract Noun.

22. The Sundarban is ____ the south of the country. Ans: to Explanation: The Sundarbans is situated in the southern piece of the country.

23. The fire ___ to spread at 9:30 pm. 3Ans: began. Explanation: Here, by 9:30 pm, the previous tense shows the past tense.

24. I wish you ___ the issue. Ans: could address Explanation: Sub + Wish… .Sub + Could + V’s base form

25. What is going on with “an innocent embellishment?” Ans: futile untruth.

26. Jot: Write if Stammer: Ans: Speak

26. Change into positive-‘He is more splendid than you’ Ans: You are not so splendid as he

26. Which one is the case of ‘Standout degree’ Ans: He was perhaps the best head of our country

29. “Privileged” signifies – No normal salary

30 The right latent type of “Somebody has taken his pen” Ans: His pen has been stolen

31. ‘Cover’ signifies Ans: disguise

32. The title ‘memorial park writer’ is for-

33. ‘Pygmalion’ is a-Romantic Comedy

34. ‘Life is a reason with vast snags to leap’ is a statement made by

35 Which two urban areas are alluded in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ Ans: London and Paris

36. What is going on with “At home”? Ans: Expert

36. All affection blossom. The inquisitive is-Ans: Who doesn’t cherish flower?

36. ‘Custodian’ signifies Ans: An individual who is accountable for a museum.

39. Dynamic type of ‘I was made to chuckle by him.’ Ans: He made me laugh.

40 ‘Rafiq called me a liar’- the immediate discourse is Ans: Rafiq told me, “You are a liar.”

41. The square of the whole number squares of 2 back to back numbers is 48. What are number two? A. 23, 24

42. What is the level of benefit assuming the price tag of 12 oranges is equivalent to the selling cost of 8 oranges? A.

43. The proportion of the two points of a triangle is 2: 3. In the event that one point is 656, what is the amount of the other two angles?

44. What is the worth of the littlest point assuming the distinction between the points of a right triangle is 7? A. 428

45. It was found in the mirror at 9:30 o’clock. What time is it?

46. Equivalent to 1 terabyte? A. 1024 GB

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46. 25: 125 then 36:? A. 216

46. What is the amount of the numbers from 1 to 100? A. 5050

49. Which will sit in the vacant space of the series? A. 3640

50. Which number is excluded from the accompanying proviso? 46

51. On the off chance that 8 understudies can compose 8 pages shortly, how lengthy will it take 1 understudy to compose 1 page? Reply: 6

52. The normal every day precipitation in July is 0.75 cm. What is the aggregate sum of precipitation in a half year? 20.15 cm

53. The number of players can be chosen from a group of 9 players?

54. There are 30 understudies in a class. 48 of them play tennis, 14 play football and 5 sit idle. The number of individuals play both?

55. The proportion of the radii of the two circles is 3: 2. What is the proportion of the area of ​​the two circles?

57. The length of a rectangular field is multiple times the width. Assuming that the length is 48 meters, what is the scope of the field? A. 128 m.

57. The border of a square is 400 meters. What is its region? A. .01

57. In the event that the point of an external point of a decent polygon is 45 degrees, then, at that point, the quantity of its sides will be – a. 3

59 Multiplying a number by 21 expands it to 420. What is the number? U20

60 – 2 + (- 2) – {-2 (2) What is the worth of} – 2? A. – 4

61. What does ‘Economic crisis’ mean?

72. What’s the significance here in military terms?

63. What was the reason for ‘CTBT’?

74. ‘Subterranean insects’ is a –

65 This is crafted by IUCN

. Which nation has a place with the Oceania region?

. The Panama Canal associates which oceans?

. The Cartagena convention is –

69 Which is connected with demobilization

60 Printed text is utilized for direct info

61. Where is the information duplicated from the program?

72. Gatekeeper of the Constitution of Bangladesh-U. Public Parliament

63. What is the name of the just agro-based EPZ in the nation

74. ‘Euphoria Bangla’ trademark is obligatory

65 Which isn’t a nation remembered for BRICS? A. South Korea

. Which is the “white lobby”? English Government Office in London

. “Diego Marcia” – an island in the Indian Ocean

. Which is the pen name Sarat Chandra Chatterjee? Aniladevi

69 ‘Satellite state’ – which one?

60 ‘Gultram is the cash of any nation – Bhutan

61. Compose note: ‘Father of the Bengali Nation’

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CGA Computer Typist Exam Question Solution 2022:

CGA Computer Typist Exam Question Solution 2022 has been distributed. Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) is one of the Government associations in Bangladesh. The Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) has distributed an immense work roundabout by the Authority. All data with respect to the arrangement of the Office of the Controller General of Accounts CGA Exam Notice is given on our site bdsuggestion.com. We Publish all Jobs Circ

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