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Class 8 Bangla Assignment 2022 Answer(All Week) – ৮ম শ্রেণীর বাংলা ১০০% সঠিক সমাধান



Class 8 Bangla Assignment Answer- The most awaited assignment is Class 8 Assignment which is available on our website. It has been issued that Class 8 assignment syllabus and answer has revealed. So, all high school students have got the assignment from their own school authority.

According to the Class 8 Assignment we saw that on the 3rd weekend Bangla Subject has mentioned on it. As a result. students are looking for the assignment solution. We have added the solution accurately. Please keep your eyes on our article and check out Class 8 Bangla Assignment Answer.

Class 8 Bangla Assignment Question (1st Week)

At the beginning of the article we want to show you Bangla Assignment Question. Though the question paper has distributed among the students, we want to show you first. However, there are many schools where the assignment has not been distributed yet. So. lets check Class 8 Bangla Assignment Question.

Rina and Molly went to fetch new school books. When they went out with the books, they found an expensive mobile phone in the school grounds. They discussed the matter with their classmate Ronnie. Description of the can.


Rina and Molly of Uddipak get an expensive mobile phone while fetching new school books. How they will deliver the mobile phone to the real owner is discussed below.


Mobile communication:

As soon as you get the mobile, your first task will be to activate the mobile SIM. How are you now? When a person loses his mobile phone, he starts calling his mobile number as soon as he remembers. If your mobile is turned on then of course a phone call will come to that number and the owner of the mobile phone will talk to you from the other end. You need to make sure that the real owner is communicating with you and then deliver the mobile to him. If you do not receive a call after turning on the mobile, you can find the nearest relative number and dial their number to contact the real owner.

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Contact the nearest police station

If you find a lost mobile, you must contact the nearest police station. Once there, you will need to make a general diary so that the next person to make a general diary of losing a mobile can easily find his mobile. So you can contact the nearest police station.

Share through social media

Nowadays social media plays a huge role in finding lost things. If you share a lost mobile notification from your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, it is likely to be passed on to the real owner. However, when sharing, you must mention your mobile number and the place where you found the mobile.

Class 8 Bangla Assignment Solution

The solution is very needy for the students. Without the solution students cannot complete the assignment. Then, they can’t submit the assignment timely.

Class 8 Islamic Studies Assignment Solution 2021 (1st Week) Islam Education 100% Solution

For the purpose of the students we are working very hard. Our special Question Solution team has solved the Bangla Assignment Answer. Finally they are able to prepare the solution accurately. So, we are going to present Class 8 Bangla Assignment Solution in front of you.



Class 8 Bangla Assignment Answer (5th Week)

Educational institutions have been closed for a long time due to the coronavirus situation. Due to which students could not participate in school classes. Although arrangements were made to take online classes, it was not entirely successful. Due to which the Ministry of Education and the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary.

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According to the assignment syllabus, the fifth week has been published where the required subject Bangla for the eighth grade students has been included. The students have already received the assignment but sadly they are not able to solve the assignment. So for the students, we came up with the fifth week Bangla Assignment Solution.



Class 8 Bangla Assignment Answer (9th Week)

Assignment activities for lower secondary students have been going on since March 2021. Two topics have been included for students. Even though Bengali is our mother tongue, there is a little fear among the students about Bangla subject. He has been able to solve the assignment. The ninth week assignment has been given a creative question. Students have to solve the creative question.


Class 8 Bangla Assignment Answer (13th Week)

Finally, four weeks later, the assignment for the eighth grade students was published again. Students have been given assignments for the third week from the second chapter of Bangla verse. Where a creative question has been raised. This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.


Class 8 Bangla Assignment Answer (17th Week)

The latest Bangla assignment is going to be published in the 17th week. Students have collected assignments from the school. The previous continuity is still maintained and we have always been by the side of the students. For this we have appointed special teachers. They have solved the questions from the eighth grade book through hard work.


Finally we would like to say that we have been able to answer the eighth grade Bangla assignment solution 100% correctly. However, if there is any mistake between us, you will forgive it and highlight the correct answer in the comment box.

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