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GP Internet Offer 2021: All GP Internet Packages



On the off chance that you are searching for a GP Internet offer 2022, read this post. Grameenphone is the main telecom organization in Bangladesh. As per the everyday star report, it has in excess of 56 million endorsers. To serve their endorser they are offering various kinds of offices consistently. These offices incorporate talk time office, web reward, free web offers, and web offers. This post gives all the vital data about GP web offer/Gp web bundles/Grameenphone web bundles. Here is about the GP web bundle 2022. All GP web offer 2022 has been refreshed to this article.

GP web bundle list

This is an ideal opportunity to investigate new to more current things. To investigate these novel thoughts individuals, peruse the entire day. To make your investigation additional intriguing we are giving you the Grameenphone web offer/Grameenphone web offers/GP web bundle offer here in our webpage. Here is the rundown of all Grameenphone web bundles. Every one of the information are recorded by new information. I will attempt to refresh the GP web bundle list routinely. This rundown is just for GP web offer 2022 BD.

Web PackagesCost (BDT)ValidityActivation Code
6GB 4G Pack[4G SIM, 4G Handset and 4G Network Required]4G Network Required]1247*121*3434#
20GB 4G Pack[4G SIM, 4G Handset and4G Network Required]49930*121*3435#
60GB 4G Pack[4G SIM, 4G Handset and4G Network Required]99930*121*3436#
100GB 4G Pack+ Gold STAR Status[4G SIM, 4G Handset and4G Network Required]1,49930*121*3437#orType 100GB4GSend to 25000
200GB 4G Pack+ Platinum STAR Status[4G SIM, 4G Handset and4G Network Required]1,99930*121*3438#orType 200GB4GSend to 25000
Voice Heavy at Tk 494(600 mins+2GB)49430*121*3447#
Data Heavy at Tk 599(10GB +300mins)59930*121*3448#
Voice Heavy at Tk 997(1,200 mins + 6GB)99730*121*3449#
Data Heavy at Tk 989(25GB+600 mins)98930*121*3450#
512MB @ 28tk283*121*3256#
2.5GB573 (72hours)*121*3242#
1GB (512MB+512MB 4G)383*121*3366#
1GB Weekly777*121*3056#
8GB (6GB + 2GB 4G)1487*121*3262#
12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G)1987*121*3133#
2GB (1.5GB + 512MB 4G)19730*121*3027#
5GB (4GB + 1GB 4G)29930*121*3458#
25GB (20GB + 5GB 4G)64930*121*3393#
50GB (30GB + 20GB 4G)99830*121*3394#
Whatsapp pack 26MB2.613*121*3063#
Viber pack 26MB2.613*121*3070#
Heavy Video pack6.283*121*3020#
Facebook 3 Days (Social)1.643*121*3022#
Emergency information advance (12MB)53*121*3021#
Facebook 28 Days (Social)2028*121*3024#
Facebook 7 Days (Social)6.567*121*3023#
TikTok 500 MB233*121*3270#
TikTok 1GB557*121*3271#
TikTok 1GB10130*121*3272#
2 GB Communication Pack (Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Lync, Zoom)837*121*3463#
4GB Communication Pack26130*121*3403#
10GB Communication Pack43530*121*3404#
20GB Communication Pack56730*121*3405#
30GB Communication Pack72330*121*3273#
40GB Communication Pack81930*121*3274#
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GP 4G Internet Package

Grameenphone offers various sorts of web bundles. 4G web bundles are fast web bundles. To profit this deal, you really want 4G viable handset alongside 4G Network. You need to dwell in the 4G organization region. If not, you won’t get appropriate speed.

Have you as of now supplant your 2G/3G GP sim with 4G, prior to supplanting get to be aware of GP 4G webs offer. Assuming that any client replaces his/her 2g or 3g GP sim to 4G then he/she will be qualified for a 4G SIM Replacement Offer. For supplanting their sim from 3G to 4G they get a 5GB 4G information pack. This information pack is qualified for 7 days (actuation day+ 6 days). It has no auto-reestablishment include. One client can get this proposal for only one time. With this 5GB information, the client additionally can appreciate 1.5GB 2G OR 3G or 4G information liberated from cost for the following 7 days. In the wake of completing this information pack they again return to the PayGo rate for any GP web bundle. This proposition isn’t qualified for Skitto clients.

6GB 4G Pack

On the off chance that you have 4G SIM alongside 4G viable handset, you can profit this web bundle. It will cost 124 BDT. The information will be substantial for 7 days from the day of purchasing. The Activation code is *121*3434#.

20 GB 4G web Pack

It is for the medium-level clients of grameenphone. With this web offer, you will get 20 GB of the Internet for 30 days It costs 499 BDT. One necessities to dial USSD code *121*3435# to benefit of this deal.

60GB 4G pack

Assuming that you are an undeniable level client 60 GB gp web offer is for you. Prior to buying this bundle, remember to check regardless of whether your organization is 4G Compatible. The Total Cost is 999 BDT. It is legitimate for 30 Days. Dial *121*3436# for the enactment of this pack

100GB 4G pack

On the off chance that you are a weighty client, need multiple Gb web each day you can purchase this bundle. Complete 1499 BDT will be charged for this web bundle. The term of this information is 30 days. Type 100GB4G and Send it to 25000 or dial *121*3437# for enactment. With this bundle, you will get Gold star client status.

200GB 4G internet

IT is the most elevated GP web pack of GP. A sum of 200 GB of web information will be given this pack. Likewise, GP will give you platinum star status for those, who purchase this web information. It will cost 1999 BDT. To initiate you can dial *121*3438# or Type 200GB4G Send to 25000

GP 3G web Pack

Pretty much every city has a 3G organization. So you can without much of a stretch profit the accompanying offers. We have added the subtleties of web offers with enactment code and legitimacy. We should check the web offers.

GP 3gb monthly packGP 3gb month to month pack

5MB web at 2.74 BDT

This is the most minimal web offers of Grameenphone Company. On the off chance that you really want earnest web to check anything you can purchase this proposition. The expense is 2.74 BDT. You will get 5 MB which is substantial for 3 days. USSD code is *121*3002#.

GP 512 MB at 28 BDT

Presently GP 512 MB is accessible at just 28 BDT. The legitimacy is 3 days of this web offer. To enact this proposition dial *121*3256# It is accessible temporarily. So get the proposal quickly.

GP 2.5 GB offer at 57 BDT

As of late Grameenphone Company gives a very proposal for their clients. Clients can partake in a 2.5 GB information pack at just 57 BDT. Thus, the folks whom you are searching for GP 2.5GB proposition you partake in this one. This deal is accessible for three (3) days from the enactment date. To begin this deal, dial *121*3242#. Thus, folks wish you blissful perusing.

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2.5 GB 57 tk offer2.5 GB 57 tk offer

2GB Internet pack at 98 BDT

Grameenphone is giving its client a 2GB Internet pack against how much 98 Taka as cost. This volume of information will support for the following 7 days from the purchasing date. *121*3322# is the enactment code for this web offer.

GP 1GB at 46 Taka (New Offer)

Assuming you are searching for a 1GB web offer at a modest cost for a restricted measure of time-frame, then this pack can be appropriate for you. You can benefit of this proposal simply by discounting 46 Taka in particular. Dial *121*3399#, the deal will be enacted in no less than a moment and keep going for the following 3 Days to consume the volume.

GP 1 GB offerGP 1 GB offer

1GB (512 MB+512MB 4G) at Only 38Tk.

Get a 1GB selective web offer for just 38 takas. This bundle is isolated into two classifications. A big part of the volume will be accommodated the 3G organization and the remainder of the 512 MB can be appreciated into 4G organizations as well. How astonishing that is! Presently you can purchase squeezing *121*3366# as it the enactment code for this 1 GB web proposition of GP. Goodness, neglected to say that you will get 3 days legitimacy with it.

GP new deal 1 GB Weekly 77 BDT

GP as of late gives another web deal to their client. Clients can partake in this offer just once a period. It is a GP new web proposition of 1 GB at 77 BDT. The legitimacy of this web offer is 7 days. To initiate this proposition dial *121*3056#.

GP 1gb Weekly PackGP 1gb Weekly Pack

GP 1gb proposal at 189tk

It is another web offer for GP. Assuming anyone with any interest at all in this proposition dial *121*3390# to initiate this deal. The approval time is 30 days. So the clients who need to broaden their web offer time can actuate this proposition.

GP 1gb offer at 189tkGP 1gb proposal at 189tk

5GB Internet offer

In this bundle, you will get 4 GB 3G web and 1GB fast 4G web. It will cost 114 Taka for 7 days. To initiate you want to dial *121*3344#. However, remember that, 4G web will work in just 4G organizations.

8GB (6GB + 2GB 4G) Gp Data offer

Grameenphone brings 8Gb web for mid-level clients. with this offer you will get 6GB web with 3G speed and 2GB high velocity 4G web assuming that you are in 4G organization. The complete expense is 148 BDT. The USSD code is *121*3262#. The legitimacy is 7 Days.

GP 8gb 7days PackGP 8gb 7days Pack

GP 3.5GB proposition 69 BDT

As of late GP gives a magnificent proposal to their regarded clients. It is GP 3.5GB deal. To initiate this proposition, dial *121*3282#. The legitimacy of this proposition is 3 days. The expense of this proposition is 69 BDT.

Gp 3Gb Internet for 30 Days

There has another GP 3 GB offer at just 289 BDT. On this deal, a client gets 3GB information for any organization. The initiation code of this information pack is *121*3391#. The legitimacy of these information packs is 30 days.

GP 12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G) Internet 7 Days

It is one of the fresh out of the plastic new proposals of Grameenphone. The client will get 12 GB Internet information altogether. In this 12GB Data, 2GB for 4G organization and the excess 10 GB for 3G organization. To a

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