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Medical Admission Test Question Solution 2021-2022



Medical MBBS Admission Question Solution 2021– 2022 all subject astute given here. Govt Medical College Admission Test 20-2021 Question answer mbbs question settled has arrived. At long last, MBBS all set a complete inquiry arrangement. MBBS Science unit question Solution 2022. In this way, we are attempting to observe additionally other unit and earlier year clinical area test inquiries with Bangla, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, math and general information questions addressed. Ideally, it’s exceptionally useful to all understudies who need to be conceded to the Medical Admission Result

MBBS Admission Question Solution 2022-2021

MBBS Medical affirmation test Question dghs.gov.bd Admission test held MCQ test we are giving to all state funded colleges and govt. Non govt clinical test questions tackled 2010 of Bangla, English, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology.

Medical Admission test question arrangement all Subject 2021 and 2022 test year. Bangladesh MBBS course confirmation test update question arrangement tracked down here.

Medical Admission Test Previous Question Solution Download for all Subject so Students get her Question addressed in here. Bangladesh Government Medical school affirmation test question paper download all Students check he Question stage and answer sheet this year held exam.

Today’s Exam held clinical confirmation question arrangement is distributed on our site for understudies. Understudies just check her all subject inquiry tackled in here.

Medical Question Answer 2022

Medical confirmation tests will be held in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) method.

The number 0.25 (zero point two five) for each off-base response will be deducted from the absolute number.

When an understudy finishes Higher optional stage in science bunch, then, at that point, they can apply for undergrad clinical affirmation test in Bangladesh.

This year MBBS Admission apply start 11 February 2021 and its end first March 2021. Numerous Students download her Admit Card for Exam Medical Admit Card download dghs.gov.bd twentieth March to 25th March 2021 and Medical Admission test held second April 2021 so understudy search her test question solution.

Medical Exam Question Solution 2021

MBBS Exam Question Solution 2021

  • Exam: MBBS Medical Admission test 2021
  • Exam Date: first April 2022
  • Time: 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM
  • Exam Type: MCQ
  • Total Candidates: 1,22,761
  • Marks: MCQ 100 Marks

Medical Admission test marks circulation is a significant subject of MBBS confirmation test mark distribution.

General Knowledge History and Culture of Bangladesh International Affair10
Total Exam Marks100
Exam Time1 Hour
Total Time1 Hour
Deduct Number for each off-base answer0.25
Medical Admission Pass Mark40

Bangladesh Govt Medical College Admission Circular Published on 11 February and Many understudies apply MBBS Admission Circular 2021 new cluster. MBBS test date second April 2021 so Students download her Question arrangement and Answer sheet.

Medical Question Solution 2021

MBBS affirmation test 2021-2022 inquiry answer for each subject has been distributed now.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • General Knowledge

Biology Part (Biology)

  1. 1. Gallbladder in any piece of the liver – in the right part
  2. ‘Which isn’t colorful? – Thyroid
  3. ‘Where flagons come from – mucosa
  4. Hydra’s significant distance crossing with no-looping
  5. There is no compound in the pancreas – tyline
  6. ‘How a large number in the skull-29
  7. Growth chemical creation – will be pituitary
  8. (Both arranged discharges are pituitary)
  9. The grasshopper’s platelets are hemocytes
  10. Attenuated antibody – BCG
  11. Macrophages are shaped – from monocytes
  12. Algae abiogenetic generation – spores
  13. Twenty are made – roses
  14. Inhaled Carbon Dioxide-0.04%
  15. Seeds are put away at low temperatures
  16. Golgi body which doesn’t combine/doesn’t work? – Ribosome
  17. How is insulin made? – DNA Recombination
  18. Krebs cycle – mitochondria
  19. How numerous autosomes are there in human physical cells? – 44
  20. Non-veggie lover stomach related chemical – pepsin
  21. The greatest episode – Arthropoda
  22. Prevention of infection proliferation – Interferon
  23. Water-insoluble protein – glutelin
  24. RBC in the embryo – spleen
  25. The primary part of the parasitic cell divider – chitin
  26. Which is phospholipid – lecithin
  27. What’s in the nematocyst/Hydra poisonous liquid – hypnotoxins
  28. Carbon dioxide enters the alveoli – during the time spent diffusion
  29. Nature of blood – marginally alkaline
  30. Plants rapidly assimilate any particle – NO3-
  31. Milk disaccharide – lactose
  32. Who assembles bones and muscles – Tendon
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General Knowledge

  1. Length of Padma Bridge – 6.15 km
  2. The first model of the freedom battle after autonomy – Jagrat Chowrangi ‘
  3. The simply outsider to get the title of legend image – wh Oderland
  4. Sector 10 was under – Naval Command
  5. The first to perceive Bangladesh – Bhutan
  6. Sculpture of Memorial – Syed Moinul Hasan
  7. Sabas Bangladesh – Nitun Kundu
  8. Ekushey February is perceived by UNESCO as International Mother Language Day – 16 May 1999
  9. What sort of activity is done on Pakistani boats via ocean – Operation Jackpot
  10. First National Parliament Election – seventh March 1973

English Part Answer

  1. Which pair of words is equivalent? – adjust – accustom
  2. What is the antonym of “Praise” – abhor
  3. I have not heard for him – For a long time
  4. Correct sentence: You need to chop down your expenditure
  5. Are you a go-getter? here early-adjective
  6. Look up the word in the dictionary.
  7. A decent educator finds the secret fortune treasure every understudy – inside
  8. Correct spelling – entrepreneur
  9. Synonym of faithful: steady
  10. Present Perfect Tense-“I have quite recently seen Mahia”
  11. Spelling-sovereignty
  12. Masculine of honey bee drone
  13. Bizarre antonym-normal

Chemistry Part Answer

  1. Electron rises to – ionic bond
  2. pH high-0.1M H2CO3
  3. Photochemical brown haze doesn’t exist? – CFC
  4. Citric corrosive PS-3.14
  5. What is terrible with regards to coal is sulfur
  6. Admission is high – gamma ray
  7. The d orbital has e – scandium
  8. 4. Bunches of surface – aluminum
  9. Geeld doesn’t respond easily
  10. More acidic-P205
  11. Negative Influencer – Glycerin
  12. Dynamite – Nitroglycerin
  13. Blood Buffer – NaHC03-H2c03
  14. Melting point low-AgI
  15. Electrons are more drawn to simultaneous bonds – bromine
  16. Incomplete ignition produces CO
  17. Radius six – Be ++
  18. Does not respond effectively – Geeld
  19. More acidic-P205
  20. Negative Influencer – Glycerin
  21. Dynamite – Nitroglycerin
  22. Blood Buffer – NaHCO3-H2CO3
  23. Low liquefying point – Agl
  24. What is delivered from acetylene in Fe tube? – Benzene
  25. 500 ml 0.5 M HCI CP 0.1 M Po ml HCI can be made? – 2500
  26. Measuring chamber 3.6 x 10 ^ 24
  27. Water fume (100 সে C) – 760
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medical question 2021

medical question 2021

medical question 2021

MBBS Medical Admission Question Solution 2021

Today second April Friday clinical confirmation test held understudies they download her test question arrangement. Our site give all clinical inquiry structure presumed instructor structure framing focus. Understudies check her confirmation test numerical statement arrangement and Biology subject inquiry answer.

Last year 2019 Question solution

MBBS Medical Admission Question Solution

MBBS Medical Admission Question Solution

Medical MCQ test Question 2021

  1. How numerous years did Bangladesh get ODI status?

answer: In 1997

  1. What is the SI unit of pressure?

answer: Pascale

  1. Past participle of swim is?

answer: Swum

  1. How numerous electrons are there in an electron ion?

answer: 1

  1. Which is the acidic oxide?

answer: B (OH) 3

  1. Which episode isn’t syllabic?

answer: Fasciola Hepatica

  1. What class of pigeons?

answer: Avis

  1. Where are the more flagon cells?

answer: In the colon

  1. Where does eerythromycin come from?

answer: Kidney

  1. What is shaped by warming formaldehyde and potassium?

answer: Methanol

Solve the clinical affirmation question

  1. Who is liable for the development of the Padma Bridge?

answer: Government of Bangladesh

  1. What doesn’t occur in the rainbow?

answer: Redemption

  1. Which of coming up next is definitely not a compound leaf?

answer: Answer

  1. He has lost her x once more, This is the second time this __.

answer: happened

  1. What is the phone mass of the growth made of?

answer: chitin

  1. I am acclimated ___ such a life.

answer: to

  1. To whom does the ‘wheel’ belong?

answer: Copper Age

  1. During the conflict of freedom, Bangladesh was separated into the number of sectors?

answer: 11

  1. Which isn’t an equivalent of Ability?

answer: Avail

  1. What was the main name of Bangla Academy?

answer: Burdwan House

Medical Admission Question Solution: MBBS Admission Test Question Solution 2019-20

  1. What is the division of core in mitotic cell division called?

answer: karyokinosis

  1. Which is unquestionably the zero temperature?

Answer: Zero Kelvin, – 263.15 সেল C or – 459.6 ফার F

  1. What sort of interstitial spinal cord?

answer: white fiber

  1. Which has discretionary muscles?
  2. Which cell secretes HCL?

answer: parietal cell or axinotic cell

  1. On what date did Bangabandhu come to the nation in the wake of being set free from Pakistan?

answer: 10 January 1972

  1. Who is the engineer of the parliament?

answer: Louis Icon

  1. Where is the mainstay of opportunity located?

answer: In Suhrawardy Udyan

  1. Whose equation is it that the planets rotate in a circular way?

answer: Kepler

  1. Grass of Cycas?

answer: Haploid

  1. Which of coming up next is seamless?

answer: Fasciola

  1. What sort of progress happens when there is ice from water?

answer: volume increments, thickness decreases

  1. What does treated steel have to do with steel?

answer: Ni

  1. Which of coming up next is both oxidative and antiseptic?

answer: NO

  1. Which of coming up next is different?

answer: adrenaline

  1. Which is the Parasympathetic Nerve?

answer: oculomotor

  1. Antonym of Refractory is?

answer: Obedient

  1. Which of coming up next is solvent in water?

answer: NH3

  1. How numerous isotopes of oxygen?

answer: 3

  1. Which of the accompanying doesn’t have begetter cells?

answer: bryophyde

MBBS Admission Test Questi

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