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Paragraph on A Journey by Train



Paragraph on Train Journey is extremely normal in secondary school level. Here I have shared a section on an excursion via train for class 6, 7, 8 (150 words) and class 9/10 (200 words)

Paragraph on A Journey via Train (150 Words)

A Journey via Train

An excursion is wonderful 100% of the time to all. An excursion via train is agreeable to me. A couple of days prior I made an excursion via train from Chittagong to Dhaka In last get-away my companion Kamal mentioned me to go to his sister’s wedding service at Chittagong. Two different companions got together with me. On the proper day we arrived at Chittagong Railway Station at 06:00am. Then, at that point, the station was exceptionally packed. Some way or another we figured out how to purchase 3 tickets Fortunately I got my seat next to the window. At first the train continued on leisurely however after a couple of seconds it was running in maximum speed. I continued to look outside through the window. The train was going through the green fields. Trees and houses hoped to run behind. I saw the ranchers working in the field. Steers were touching to a great extent. I partook in the scenes with happy psyche. It was my first train venture. Actually the excursion was the most wonderful in my life.

Paragraph on A Journey via Train (200 Words)

A Journey via Train

In the last fall get-away I got extra energy. So I decided to make an excursion via train from Dhaka to Khulna. I arrived at the station about thirty minutes before the train’s leaving. It was than an exceptionally active time. Carts, engine vehicles and different vehicles were coming to the station with travelers. After at some point hearing the whistle, the travelers remained before the ticket counter. I likewise remained there in a line and purchased a below average ticket. With impeccable timing the right train came and the watchman whistled and waved his banner. Everyone tired to get into the train quick. After much trouble I got into an inferior compartment. The compartment was full to its ability. The train left the station. I looked outside and tracked down the magnificence of nature. The train was going through green paddy fields. There were jute and sugarcane plants to a great extent. The compartment introduced a decent scene. A portion of the travelers were chatting on different point among them. Some were understanding papers and magazines. Peddlers came to us with their products available to be purchased. The train came to at the Khulna Station at 11 p.m. I got down. It was my first train venture. The excursion gave me much delight. To be sure it was one of the most essential days in my day to day existence.

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