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Paragraph on International Mother Language Day- 21 February



The most melancholy and significant day for Bangladeshis is 21st February, the global mother language day. Thus, I will impart to you a few sections on the global mother language day.

The passage is nearly considered to be normal in each class from essential to advanced education level.

Paragraph on International Mother Language Day for HSC (250 Words)

Let’s know what you will realize in the wake of perusing the paragraph:

  • What is the worldwide mother language day?
  • What is the historical backdrop of global mother language of day?
  • When and who gave the acknowledgment of this day?
  • What are the targets of praising the day?
  • Why in all actuality do individuals of Bangladesh recollect this day very cordially?

International Mother Language Day

21st February was announced the global mother language day by UNESCO in 1999. The day has been being seen as the global mother language day all around the world from 2000. Noticing the day came structure Bangladesh. In 1947, Pakistan was partitioned into two topographically isolated parts, East Pakistan (presently Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (as of now Pakistan). Then, at that point, the decision legislature of Pakistan pronounced “Urdu” as the main authority language in 1948. Individuals of East Pakistan fought that statement in light of the fact that the mother language of them was Bangla. The professed to make Bangla one of the authority dialects notwithstanding Urdu. The understudy of Dhaka University raised fight rallies alongside broad individuals on 21st February of 1952. Police terminated on the convention. Salam, Barkat, Rafic, Jabbar, Shafiur passed on the spot and many others genuinely harmed. It was the main occurrence where individuals forfeited their lives for mother language. From that point forward, Bangladeshis see this day as Shaheed Day. UNESCO initially perceived the day as global mother language day on 17 November 1999. From that point forward, it was officially perceived by United Nations General Assembly in 2002. The primary target of praising this day is to advance the conservation and security of all dialects utilized by individuals. Moreover, we likewise celebrate 21 February to advance familiarity with etymological variety and show the oppressors that individuals can forfeit their lives for the first language. Taking everything into account, 21st February is phenomenal acknowledgment and an incredible accomplishment for Bangladeshis, they recall this day cheerfully.

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