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Paragraph on Our National Flag



In this post, I have shared a section on our National Flag of Bangladesh. This passage is for the most part normal for class 5 to class 8 and JSC students.

I have composed a few sections of various sizes. You can follow that suits you.  If you are an understudy of  SSC and HSC, you can likewise involve it.

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 5 of every 100 Words

Each nation has its very own public banner. As an autonomous country, Bangladesh additionally has a public banner. A public banner is the image of opportunity of a country.
Our public banner is rectangular. The foundation of the banner is bottle green and it has a red circle in the center. The green shading represents our green fields, never-ending newness, force and essentialness of our country. The red circle represents red sun of opportunity. The dark red shade of the sun is a dedication of ridiculous conflict and penance of 30 lac saints lives. The banner’s length and expansiveness are in the proportion 10:6.
We are pleased with our not entirely settled to hold the esteem of our public banner.

Passage on Our National Flag 150 Words

Our National Flag

A public banner is an image of autonomy and power of a free country. Each free country of the globe has its own banner. Additionally, Bangladesh has a public banner as she is a free country.
Bangladesh got this banner on December sixteen, 1971, following a nine-extended fearless battle of our courageous political dissidents with the involving Pakistani armed force. The public banner of Bangladesh is rectangular in shape having an extent of 10:6 or 5:3. There are 2 tones in our banner – green and red. The green shade of our banner represents never-ending youth, force, and newness of the country. It likewise represents the plant life of Bangladesh. The red tone represents the rising sun of freedom. It represents the incomparable penances of our chivalrous political dissidents who put down their lives for the justification behind their nation of beginning. The banner is raised each day on top of government workplaces and instructive foundations.
At the point when we see our public banner flying, our psyche is loaded up with happiness and hearts grow in pride. We feel pleased with our public banner.

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Our National Flag Paragraph 250 Words

The public banner is a piece of texture with an extraordinary and novel hued plan. It is utilized as the image of a specific country. Each country of the world has its very own public banner. It is the image of the autonomy of a country.
As an autonomous country, Bangladesh has additionally a public banner. We accomplished this in 1971 at the expense of 30 lac of saints. The proportion of its length and broadness is 10:6. Our public banner is a green square shape with a round red circle in the center. The range of the red circle is one-fifth of the length of the banner. The green tone addresses our green fields and the young energy of our country. The red circle represents the blood of our 30 lac saints who forfeited their lives for the country. The red circle likewise represents the red sun of opportunity and new expectation for another country. Following 9 months in length ridiculous conflict, Bangladesh became free of sixteenth December of 1971. The public banner is raised in the vicinity of each govt workplaces, foundations and associations of Bangladesh. It is kept half-pole on public grieving days.

Our public banner helps us to remember the preeminent penance of our brave children. It rouses us to bite the dust for the country. We ought not entirely settled to maintain the distinction of our public banner and perform responsibilities to the country.

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