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Sehri Time Today in Bangladesh



Welcome to our the present substance. Today we will tell you about another theme, and it is for sure a significant one for the Muslims in the country. Right away, we should hop regarding the matter, which is Sehri Time Today in Bangladesh. As all of you know, the period of Ramadan is critical among the Muslims of the country as this is the long stretch of penance and day-long fasting also. If it’s not too much trouble, keep perusing to learn to a greater degree toward this urgent topic.

Sehri is one of the fundamental times in the period of fasting as need might arise to eat right now and begin fasting till sunrise while the sun sets. Sehri is such a brief period that, Sehri time is the most imperative planning during Ramadan. Consistently, Muslims from various nations keep quick in view of the Sehri time, and they generally need to have the circumstance accessible to finish the Sehri or the eating before the morning supplication. Here on this site, by this substance, we will tell you every one of the subtleties of Sheri’s time in Bangladesh in an alternate location.

About Ramadan, Sehri Time, and Iftar Time

  • In the impending month of Ramadan, the most critical snippet of data will be the date of its beginning. This and a few other central issues are referenced here:
  • Ramadan will be begun on April 03, 2022, in our country.
  • The sacred month of fasting could end on May 1, 2022, assuming it is 29 days, or May 02, 2022, assuming it is 30 days.
  • The Sehri season of the primary Ramadan or first Roza is 04:32 am on that day.
  • Iftar time is likewise similarly significant during this period, and the iftar time will be 6:16 pm on the main day.
  • This information depends on Dhaka city. A couple of moments will be added or deducted in light of the area of specific places all around the country.
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Sehri Time in Dhaka

0103 April 202204:27 AM06:19 PM
0204 April 202204:26 AM06:19 PM
0305 April 202204:24 AM06:20 PM
0406 April 202204:24 AM06:20 PM
0507 April 202204:23 AM06:21 PM
0608 April 202204:22 AM06:21 PM
0709 April 202204:21 AM06:21 PM
08April 10, 202204:20 AM06:22 PM
09April 11, 202204:19 AM06:22 PM
1012 April 202204:18 AM06:23 PM
1113 April 202204:17 AM06:23 PM
12April 14, 202204:15 AM06:23 PM
13April 15, 202204:14 AM06:24 PM
14April 16, 202204:13 AM06:24 PM
15April 17, 202204:12 AM06:24 PM
16April 18, 202204:11 AM06:25 PM
1719 April 202204:10 AM06:25 PM
1820 April 202204:09 AM06:26 PM
19April 21, 202204:08 AM06:26 PM
2022 April 202204:07 AM06:27 PM
2123 April 202204:06 AM06:27 PM
22April 24, 202204:05 AM06:28 PM
23April 25, 202204:05 AM06:28 PM
24April 26, 202204:04 AM06:29 PM
25April 27, 202204:03 AM06:29 PM
26April 28, 202204:02 AM06:29 PM
27April 29, 202204:01 AM06:30 PM
2830 May 202204:00 AM06:30 PM
2901 May 202203:59 AM06:31 PM
3002 May 202203:58 AM06:31 PM

Muslims abiding in Dhaka will be anticipating continuing fasting during the entire month of heavenly Ramadan. In this month, Sehri time in Dhaka city will be one of the most wanted data to know, particularly for those submitted not to miss single fasting in this month. Here on our site, you will actually want to get all the data connected with Dhaka Sehri time. Simply take a gander at the rundown and remember to monitor it. You can visit our site however many times as you need to find out about the Sehri season of every day during Ramadan.

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Sehri Time in Other Places in Bangladesh

Sehri time will differ from one spot to another, and there will be minutes added or deducted for explicit regions. To get to find out about the Sehri season of your momentum area, kindly glance at the diagram portraying the time should have been added or deducted from time for Dhaka. Today is the last time in Dhaka.

What time is Iftar today in Bangladesh?

Answer: The Iftri time is 06:13 PM in Dhaka.

What is the Iftar time today in Chittagong?
What is the Iftar time in Pune?
What is Iftar time in Saudi?
What number Roza is today?

Answer: The first Roza today.

What time is Iftar in Sylhet, Bangladesh?

Answer: The Iftri time is 06:08 PM in Dhaka.

What is the last season of Sehri today?

Answer: The Sehri time is 04:38 AM in Dhaka.

What time is Iftar today in Mumbai?
What is the Sehri Dua?
What is Sheri’s time today in India?

Sehri ki dua
Sehri time today
Sehri time
Congrats on the first sehri of Ramzan
sehri ki niyat
Sehri ki dua in hindi
keep fast

Sehri Dua Bangla

Nawaitu An Asuma Gadam Ming Shahri Ramadhanal Mubaraki Fardballaka Ya Allahu Fatakbbal Minni Innaka Antas Samiul Alim.

Meaning: O Allah! Tomorrow I plan to notice the mandatory quick for your benefit in the sacred month of Ramadan, so acknowledge it for my sake, without a doubt you are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

For better data, you ought to counsel your closest mosque and Islamic Foundation, Ramadan Calendar, to additionally explain the specific time for Dhaka Sehri o Iftar Timings. Get every one of the reports on Ramadan here on our site. Remain associated, remain updated.

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