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দোয়া কুনুত মুখস্ত করার সহজ পদ্ধতি | দোয়া কুনুত বাংলা উচ্চারণ সহ PDF



When we play out the Esha supplication, we need to play out the last three rak’ats of Vitr petition. To play out these three rak’ats of supplication, we need to discuss Doa Qunoot in the last rak’at. A large number of us stay quiet since we don’t have the foggiest idea about this request Kunut and go to Ruku.

Doa Kunut is a piece of any surah

But since you are an informed individual and need to peruse the requests accurately, you want to know every one of the guidelines and remember every one of the significant suras or supplications. Those of you who are fasting on the event of the long stretch of Ramadan should play out the five everyday supplications. To play out the requests, you need to play out the Esha petitions and to play out these requests, you need to know the Doa Qunoot for the Vitr prayers.

Many individuals stay quiet at that point since they don’t know Doa Kunut and in the event that they perform supplications with the gathering, they go to ruku ‘. So at present you can undoubtedly remember Doa Kunut to have web association office. On the off chance that you read Doa Kunut with Bengali articulation, it won’t invest in some opportunity for you to retain it. As a matter of fact, on the off chance that you can would the exact thing you need in your care or act likewise, then you will see that your psyche has been satisfied for a while.

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Bengali way to express Doa Kunut

Allahumma inna nasatah’nuka, wa nasatagfiruka, wa nu ‘minu bika, wa natawakkalu’ alaika, wa nuchni alaikal khair. Wa nash kuruka, wala nakfuruka, wa nakhlau ‘, wa natruku mai yafzuruka. Allahumma yaka na’budu wa lakanusalli, wa nasjudu, wa ilaika nas’a, – wa nahfidu, wa narju rahmataka, wa nakhsha – ajabaka, inna ajabaka bil kuffafari mulhikb.

Therefore, since it is mandatory to present Doa Qunoot in playing out the Witr petition, you need to discuss it and retain it for that. You might have perused Doa Kunut or you were unable to retain it subsequent to understanding it. So our site talks about the simple method for retaining Doa Kunut.

Doa Kunut with Bengali meaning

If you have stood by listening to Doa Kunut too, then you will recollect it. In any case, you must be mindful of each errand throughout everyday life and do anything you do as indicated by the rules.

If you attempt to remember Doa Kunut more than once however fizzle or you get exhausted of retaining, then enjoy some time off and attempt again later. Look for the assistance of the incomparable God in remembering Doa Kunut and assuming that you discuss this dua over and over with the assistance of the incomparable God, you will retain it. On the off chance that you don’t peruse the request totally, you will be broken. Since you will peruse in Bengali, you will retain the comma where the comma is given and you will remember somewhat more in the following step.

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In along these lines, when you have retained the subsequent advance, you will peruse the third step and coordinate it with the past two stages. Interestingly, in the event that you attempt to peruse and remember something with the strength of psyche and resolve, then your endeavor will clearly be successful.

Doa Kunut Bangla Pictures

And if you have any desire to recount the expression of Allah, then, at that point, Allah Almighty has generally stretched out some assistance to you. So if there should arise an occurrence of discussing Doa Kunut, continue to peruse it over and over and remember this Doa by perusing it gradually or by watching different recordings from YouTube and getting help.

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