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Rojar Niyot, Sehri & Iftar Doa [বাংলা ও আরবি] | রোজার নিয়ত ও সেহরির দোয়া এবং ইফতারের দোয়া – Ramadan 2022 : Iftar And Sehri Times



Rojar Niyot, Sehri and Iftar Doa [বাংলা ও আরবি] | The heavenly month of Ramadan has started. By enlisting today, we will tell you the expectations and petitions of Seheri, Iftar. However, prior to beginning the article, I wish you a cheerful month of Ramadan. The heavenly month of Ramadan will be praised from April 2.

After a drawn out year, the blessed month of Ramadan draws nearer to the Muslim country. This is a month of happiness for the Muslim country. During the long stretch of Ramadan, Muslims quick in the desire for acquiring proximity to God.

There are a few guidelines and guidelines for fasting. Through the present post we will examine exhaustively about the significance and meaning of the period of Ramadan. From here you will find the goals and petitions of Ramadan in Bengali and Arabic.

Ramadan 2022

The heavenly month of Ramadan is a significant month for Muslims in the Muslim world. Muslims all over the planet notice Ramadan in the period of Ramadan. The period of Ramadan is more significant and critical than different months. The long stretch of Ramadan 2022 will begin from 2. It relies completely upon the moon.

For the accommodation of Muslims, today we need to distribute the timetable of the period of Ramadan 2022. You can get every one of the timetables from all pieces of the country about when iftar will begin and when it will end. We have distributed Sehri and Iftar schedules of all divisions of Bangladesh in PDF design. You will track down the expectations and petitions of Sehri and Iftar in Bengali from our website.

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Iftar And Sehri Times of Bangladesh

Know the requests and goals of ayur and the guidelines of ayur

Rojar Niyot and Doa

Today we will communicate the aims and supplications of Ramadan. Similarly as Sehri and Iftar are significant for fasting, the aim of fasting is as well. It is vital to make the aim of fasting in the wake of eating seheri. So on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the aim of fasting, then, at that point, determine from our site now.


Roger’s intention:

I wish that the city of Ghada from the favored city of Ramadan is mandatory for you, O Allah, acknowledge from me that which is good.

Pronunciation- Nawaitu an asuma gadam min shahri ramadbanal mubaraki fardballaka ya allahu fatakqbal minni innaka antas samiul alim.

Intended in Bengali:

O Allah! I wish to notice the compulsory quick endorsed by you in the blessed month of Ramadan tomorrow. So acknowledge from me (my restraint from food and drink), unquestionably you are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

Iftar Doa – Iftar Doa

Muslims notice Sehri during the long stretch of Ramadan and break their quick during the Maghrib Azan after nightfall. Muslim people group all over the planet have been noticing Ramadan fasting. There are numerous requests for Iftar subsequent to fasting in the long stretch of Ramadan.

God favor you and keep your sustenance.

Pronunciation- Allahumma laka chumtu wa tawakkaltu ala rizqbika wa aftartu b rahmatika ya ar hamar ra-himin.

Bengali petitions for Iftar

O Allah Ta’ala, I am finishing the required quick of Ramadan in the period of Ramadan as coordinated by you, and I am beginning the quick in the desire for benevolence. Then break the quick by saying “Bismillahi wa’ala barakatillah”.

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May Allah award each Muslim the endowment of goal after Sahri, recitation of Doa during Iftar. Amen.

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