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43rd BCS Preliminary Question Exam with Answer



Today, we examine the 43rd BCS Preliminary Question with addresses. Settling past BCS questions is quite possibly of the main thing in the groundwork for work exams.

If you need to peruse the 43rd BCS Preliminary Question and reply, Go to the last part of this page and Press Finish. Then, at that point, you will find the response to each question.

43rd BCS Preliminary Question Exam with Answer

You’re from here 42nd BCS Preliminary ExaminationYou can take the test on the inquiry paper. If you have any desire to peruse without testing, go to the furthest limit of this page Finish Press. Then you can see the right responses and perused easily.


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# 1. Which state doesn’t guarantee questioned South China Sea waters?

# 2. Nathu La Pass interfaces which two nations?

# 3. What are the UN’s manageable advancement objectives?

# 4. World Human Rights Day

# 5. World Development Report Annual distribution of which association?

# 6. Badminton is the public game of which country?

# 7. Bangladesh isn’t an individual from which?

# 8. Name of the Muslim gathering in the Chinese territory of Xinjiang.

# 9. Known as ‘The woman with the Lamp’.

# 10. Name of the public authority in banishment in Myanmar –

# 11. Aqaba a-

# 12. Location of Trafalgar Square –

# 13. Which of coming up next isn’t an UN body?

# 14. By what name were the UN powers checking the Iran-Iraq truce known?

# 15. International Democracy Day is commended on which date?

# 16. Where is the administrative center of Transparency International?

# 17. Which of the accompanying two Bangladesh Navy submarines bought from China?

# 18. Highlights of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change –

# 19. The Maya development was found

# 20. Where is the country Djibouti found?

# 21. Bangladesh has worldwide boundary with which of the accompanying nations?

# 22. Which district of Bangladesh is inclined to streak floods?

# 23. Which region of Bangladesh is wealthy in coal?

# 24. Which calamity risk has expanded in Bangladesh as of late?

# 25. Which of the accompanying catastrophes is known as ‘hydro-meteorological’ debacle?

# 26. Which woods are continually overwhelmed by salt water?

# 27. Which of the accompanying upazilas is generally inclined to stream disintegration?

# 28. Which island in Bangladesh is otherwise called Coral Island?

# 29. Where in Bangladesh is the Pleistocene time frame?

# 30. What is ‘Pattern of No Ground’?

# 31. Protein is made-

# 32. Covid-19 infection type-

# 33. What is the inside opposition of a standard power source?

# 34. RFID represents

# 35. By what means is the beat of light utilized?

# 36. Question 36 The oxidation cycle is finished

# 37. Water particle a-

# 38. What is the quantity of neutrons in 16/7 O isotope?

# 39. Which of the accompanying sicknesses is brought about by DNA infection?

# 40. The constriction of the heart is called-

# 41. Which sign should be in the email address?

# 42. The primary parts of flammable gas are-

# 43. What is the base ocean surface temperature expected to make a hurricane?

# 44. Which of coming up next isn’t hostile to infection programming?

# 45. The proficiency of photosynthesis in changing over daylight into synthetic energy is-

# 46. Which decimal number is identical to 101110 parallel number?

# 47. The occupation of the DNS server is to change ____ to ____ address.

# 48. Which of the accompanying gadgets is utilized to switch advanced signal over completely to simple flag?

# 49. Which of coming up next is certainly not a result gadget?

# 50. Which of the accompanying alludes to an association’s web address?

# 51. Which of coming up next is Open Source DBMS?

# 52. Which of the accompanying Job Scheduling Policies is absolved from Starvation?

# 53. Which of the accompanying innovation assumes a supportive part in Face Recognition System?

# 54. What is the name of the digital assault that happens when a genuine client demand neglects to finish a web server?

# 55. Which of the accompanying memory has the briefest Access Time?

# 56. Which of coming up next is the IEEE standard of Bluetooth?

# 57. Which of coming up next isn’t a performing multiple tasks working framework?

# 58. Which of the accompanying innovations follows the ‘Pay more only as costs arise’ administration model?

# 59. How is information communicated among console and CPU?

# 60. What data in all actuality does each impede of blockchain convey?

# 61. Each time a gathering of cows partitions in equivalent numbers and goes in three ways, savoring water seven ghats, dozing under nine trees and giving milk to an equivalent number of twelve cowherds; So what is the quantity of cows? Each time a gathering of cows partitions in equivalent numbers and goes in three ways, savoring water seven ghats, resting under nine trees and giving milk to an equivalent number of twelve cowherds; So what is the quantity of cows?

# 62. A boat is pulled towards a harbor by a rope attached to the water level. At the point when the boat is 12 feet from the harbor, the length of the rope from the boat to the harbor is 3 feet longer than two times the level of the harbor on the water. So what is the level of the dock?

# 63. Some individuals were available at an occasion. They can shake hands on occasion. On the off chance that the quantity of handshakes is 300, what number of individuals were there in that function?

# 64. The worth of a point is equivalent to around 50% of the worth of its integral point. What is the worth of the point?

# 65. 40% of the workers of an association are students, half of the excess representatives are graduates and the leftover 160 are postgraduates. What number of workers of the association are graduates?

# 66. If ROSE is composed 6821, CHAIR is composed 73456 and PREACH is composed 961473, then what is the code of SEARCH?

# 67. What will be the following letter in ‘e, j, n, …’?

# 68. ‘A’ can do two times however much that ‘B’; both of them can follow through with a responsibility together in 14 days. How long can ‘A’ take every necessary step alone?

# 69. Which of the accompanying words is unique?

# 70. ‘DRIVE is to License as BREATHE is to __.’ Which choice could sit in the space of this assertion?

# 71. What is consistently in the ‘opposition’?

# 72. DC DE FE ?? Which choice will supplant the HG HI series question mark?

# 73. One individual goes 5 miles west, 2 miles south, then 5 miles west once more. What is its immediate separation from the objective?

# 74. 3 of the accompanying words are homologous. Which word is unique?

# 75. Tinni showed an image and said, ‘He is my granddad’s just child’. What is Tinni’s relationship with the kid in the image?

# 76. What is the wellspring of virtues?

# 77. Who is the creator of ‘On Liberty’?

# 78. From which language does the word administration initially come?

# 79. Who is the originator of the idea ‘Obligation for Duty’?

# 80. Who is the writer of the book ‘Human Society in Ethics and Politics’?

# 81. Who says that the law is futile assuming the ruler is honorable, and the law is invalid in the event that the ruler isn’t respectable?

# 82. In what year was the ‘Public Integrity Strategy’ formed in Bangladesh?

# 83. According to the World Bank, what number of components of good administration?

# 84. What is the premise of good administration?

# 85. Which moral standard puts the most noteworthy significance on satisfaction?

# 86. Whose support did Daulat Wazir Bahram Khan get in artistic creation?

# 87. Which is an illustration of an ostensible metal?

# 88. What is the title of Harprasad Shastri?

# 89. Which is the original expounded on a little ethnic gathering?

# 90. ‘Blue Lohit’ is the nom de plume which creator?

# 91. Which part of the vocal ropes?

# 92. Where is the beginning of ‘Charyapade’?

# 93. Which is the clever in view of the freedom war?

# 94. Big> Badd – What sort of progress is this?

# 95. What is the importance of the word ‘Gaddalika’ in the maxim ‘Gaddalika Prabha’?

# 96. What is the importance of the maxim ‘Saptakanda Ramayana’?

# 97. “Public activity doesn’t work in that.” What is the existential type of the sentence ready?

# 98. “As though I have adored you many times in many structures/in all ages.” – Part of which sonnet of Rabindranath Tagore?

# 99. ‘I’m being hassled by calling.’ What is the significance of ‘bringing’ in the sentence?

# 100. Who is the writer of the assortment of sonnets ‘Face canvassed in promotion’?

# 101. The word ‘sky’ comes from which language?

# 102. What does it intend to eat a crocodile?

# 103. In what year was the novel ‘Durgeshanandini’ first distributed?

# 104. Who composed ‘Fifty years of legislative issues I have seen’?

# 105. Who is this mischievous kid?

# 106. What is the Bengali expression for the word ‘Confirmed’?

# 107. What is the name of the primary female writer in Bengali writing?

# 108. Who composed ‘Amar Dekha Nayachin’?

# 109. What is the name of Vijayagupta’s Mangalkavya expounded on Manasa Devi?

# 110. What is the importance of the word ‘Jijibisha’?

# 111. Who composed this sonnet?

# 112. Which is incorrectly spelled? ABCD

# 113. ‘He who is learned, is regarded all over.’ – What sort of sentence is this?

# 114. What is the importance of ‘medication’?

# 115. Where was Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar conceived?

# 116. ‘Muslim Sahitya Samaj’ was laid out

# 117. What is the name of the magazine altered by Sajanikanta Das?

# 118. Which of coming up next is a low vowel?

# 119. Which component did Rabindranath need to reject?

# 120. Which two parts of Kentum have a place with Asia?

# 121.(

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