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My First Day at College Composition



Hello dear understudy, are you searching for the Composition on My First Day at College?

I have shared Your First Day at College Composition for HSC candidates.

Composition on My First Day at College (200 words)

My First Day at College

The first day at school is a significant occasion in each understudy’s life. My most memorable day at school is additionally a significant occasion for me that can’t be forgotten.

College life is a significant stage for building our next vocation. So after the SSC assessment, I was acutely hanging tight for that day. I was dreaming about my new college.

I was an understudy of Rangamati govt school which is perhaps of the best school in our region. Shockingly, I observed that there is no limitation on outfits. I likewise saw that the understudies are free in their movement.

On the named day, I left for school early. At the point when I showed up, I saw the entire grounds was packed. Every one of the countenances were obscure. From the get go, I go to the notification board. I noted down the time-table of my group. Then, at that point, I went to the classes. The teacher was so well disposed. He directed us about school life and discipline. I comprehended that another part had opened in my life.

On this day I likewise got a few new companions as well. All things considered, it was an agreeable day. For the most part, I figure my most memorable day at school will be an extraordinary encounter for me.

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My First Day at College Composition (350 words)

My First Day at College | A Memorable Day

There are numerous essential occasions in my day to day existence. Out of those, all are not similarly significant and paramount. My most memorable day at school is such a day that I will always remember. The memory will stay evergreen in my life.

On this day, I was so energized on the grounds that I heard a ton of things about school life. So I had been enthusiastically hanging tight for that sweet day since passing SSC.

Finally, the ideal day showed up. That day I got up promptly toward the beginning of the day. The weather conditions was equivalent to it was consistently. I arrived at the school right at 9 a.m. It was Kornafully govt school, Kaptai.

The class should begin at 10 a.m. The whole grounds was packed by heaps of youthful understudies. Everybody was trusting that the class will begin. I understood that another part had opened in my life. In this life, I should go forward.

At first, I felt desolate on the grounds that I didn’t know anybody there. So I was strolling to a great extent. After some time, I met a few new understudies and got presented. We traded good tidings with one another.

The ringer rang right at 10 a.m. Then we as a whole go into a major room. A couple of moments later, a sharp looking teacher presents before us. We as a whole risen up to respect him. To start with, he brought over the rolls. Then, at that point, he presents himself. I come to realize that he was a teacher of English.

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After that, he composed our class routine ‍and room number on the board. I brought down my group routine and room number. To be shock, I found that I needed to change my homeroom after each period. Then, he conveyed an exhorting address. I pay attention to him very attentively.

This day was an extraordinary day for me. I tracked down a major contrast between a school and a school. I likewise tracked down a ton of new educators and new companions. All the new experience fills my heart with joy an extraordinary noteworthy occasion in my life. I will always remember this day.

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