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Railway assistant station master question solution 2022



Bangladesh Railway assistant station grasp query answer 2022 will publish quickly. This recruitment examination was held on sixth August 2022.

Recruits by :Bangladesh Railway (BR)
Publish title :Assistant Station Grasp (ASM)
Query kind:MCQs
Examination quantity:Written/MCQ -70 and
Move quantity:50 %
Whole vacancies :560
Whole candidates :Nearly 3 lakhs and 50 thousand
Examination date :06-10-2022

Bangladesh Railway assistant station grasp query paper solutions 2022

  • Title of the group: Bangladesh Railway
  • Publish Title: Assistant Station Grasp

All of the exams of Bangladesh Railway will probably be held within the divisional metropolis this time aside from the recruitment examination. This MCQ Bachai examination will probably be held on Saturday 06 August 2022.

Bangladesh Railway Assistant Station Grasp Examination Questions

Bangladesh Railway Assistant Station Grasp Examination Query Resolution

1. Which one is an accurate sentence?
Reply: Rahim is as tall as I

2. ‘Ballad’ is-
Reply: A sort of quick narrative poem

3. ‘Could Allah assist you’. It’s an-
Reply: optative sentence

4. Which is the proper spelling?
Reply: Nirahonkar

5. World Human Rights Day is well known on-
Reply: December 10

6. Including 1 to every of the numerator and denominator of a fraction offers the fraction 45. Once more subtract 5 from every of the numerator and denominator and the fraction will probably be 12. Decide the fraction.
Reply: 7/9

7. “Durnam” and “Durnibar” phrases should not used why?
Reply: It’s known as compound phrase

8. Select the proper translation of the proverb: Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai.
Reply: Birds of the identical feather flock collectively.

9. Which of the next are palm letters? –
Reply: Sure, sure

10. Conjugation of return words-
Reply: per+rotation

11. He runs quick. Right here the underlined phrase is-
Reply: an adverb

12. Which group awards Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for fulfillment in catastrophe administration?
Reply: IFBC

13. A prepare travels 10 miles at 50 mph. At what velocity will his whole journey time be 20 minutes?
Reply: 75 mph

14. The place will FIFA World Cup soccer be held in 2026?-
Reply: America, Mexico and Canada

15. He divided the cash – the 2 youngsters.
Ans: between

16. The that means of the idiom “9 hundred and sixty 4” is-
Reply: Nearly full

17. When is the Darkish Age in Bengali Literature?
Reply: From 1201 to 1350

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18. Which is the primary enemy-free district within the battle of liberation?
Reply: Jessore

19. If the angle of a circle is 1200, what’s the angle of the circumference of that circle?
Reply: 60

20. Karan Karke Which is the proper instance of division by zero?
Reply: College students play ball

21. Fill within the hole. Birds fly ………….. Within the sky.
Reply: At massive

22. What’s the size of metro rail from Uttara to Motijheel?
Reply: 20.1 km lengthy

23. ‘The door opened routinely’ The verb on this sentence is-
Reply: Intransitive verb

24 “I got here to you as a result of I could not discover a method wherever.” – What sort of sentence?
Reply: Composite

25. I want I …………. go touring world wide.
Reply: may

26. If a+b=7, what’s 8ab (a2+b2) = ?
Reply: 24

27. The mob ……….. Dispersed.
Reply: has

28. Which firm developed the Bangvax vaccine?
Reply: Globe Biotech

29. “Barkhelap” within the phrase groom what sort of prefix?

Reply: Persian

30. Robert Frost is a well-known……
Reply: American poet

31. What’s the title of the primary editor of “Kallol” newspaper?
Reply: Dinesharanjan Das

32. What’s the full type of ‘BARD’?
Reply: Bangladesh Academy for Rural Improvement

33. The quantity 90 is 6623% of which quantity?
Reply: 135

34. Dr. In keeping with Muhammad Shahidullah, Bengali language originated from which pure degree?
Reply: Magadhi Prakrit

35. Change the voice: “Who is asking me?”
Ans: By whom I’m being known as.

36. Which of the next is at all times female?
Reply: Shrew

37. Select the oblique speech of the sentence: He mentioned to me “Thanks”. the
Ans: He thanked me.

38. Which of the next colours is lacking within the rainbow?
Reply: Black

39. On what date was the dream Padma Setu inaugurated?
Reply: twenty fifth June, 2022

40. ‘Khistikheur’ is a phrase of which language?
Reply: Bengali

41. Who’s the spouse of the deity “Chandi” of the poem ‘Chandimangal’?
Reply: Shiva

42. Select the proper antonym for: ‘oblige’
Ans: hassle

43. Who’s the author of the ‘Harry Potter’ sequence?
Ans: JK Rowling

44. Mita can do a piece in 10 days. Rita can try this work in 15 days. In what number of days can they end the work collectively?
Reply: 6 days

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45. In keeping with the structure of Bangladesh, technocrat ministers will be appointed upto-
Reply: 10% or one tenth

46. What a part of grammar are prefixes?
Reply: Morphology

47. Has the English channel been added?
Reply: North Sea and Atlantic Ocean

48. A Sonnet is a poem having — traces.
Reply: 14

49. Metals shaped by including the suffix “a” after nouns, adjectives and prepositions are called-
Reply: Title steel

50 ‘Jaws of Loss of life’ is an instance of-
Reply: Metaphor

51. If the aspect size of a sq. is doubled, how a lot will its space enhance?
Reply: 4 instances

52. The place is Hagia Sophia Mosque positioned?
Reply: Turkey (Turkish)

53. What number of women can equally divide 125 oranges and 145 apples?
Reply: 5

54. What’s the sq. of 1+1?
Reply: 4

55. The plural variety of ‘Bureau’
Reply: Bureaux

56. 2+4+8+16+…………. What’s the tenth time period of the clause?
Reply: 1024

57. If a+b+c= 12, a+b= 4 and a+c=7, then what’s the worth of a2?
Reply: 4

58. Who’s the designer of the Mujib century emblem?
Reply: Sabyasachi Hazra

59. Two angles of a triangle measure 350 and 550. What are the angles of the triangle?
Reply: proper angle

60. What’s the proportion charge of revenue if a easy revenue is Tk 460 in 3 years and Tk 600 in 5 years?
Reply: 28%

61. Asian freeway will join what number of international locations?
Reply: 32

62. What’s the worth of 4x+4x+4x+4x?
Reply: 2^2x+2

63. Which drama primarily based on the liberation battle?
Reply: What would you like conch shell

64. What are the prime numbers between 2 and 32?
Reply: 10

65. Which of the next is a counting phrase?
Reply: Twenty

66. When is the birthday of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib?
Reply: August 8

67. Do not make a noise whereas your father.
Reply: is sleeping

68. Which area is mirrored within the novel “Lalsalu”?
Reply: Chittagong

69. Through which sentence is the homonymous verb used?
Reply: Who can die such a contented loss of life?

70 Which of the next is an equal plan of action?
Reply: Narasimha

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