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ঈশ্বর এক ও অদ্বিতীয় এবং নিরাকার তবে সব সাকার রূপ একই ঈশ্বরের বিভিন্ন প্রকাশ- যুক্তি বিশ্লেষণ পূর্বক ব্যাখ্যা কর।



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Project or prescribed work and evaluation instruction primarily based on revised syllabus for tutorial 12 months 2021 within the context of Covid-19 Class: seventh

Project Data


Project: 01


  • Headings of Chapters and Contents: Chapter One: Nature of God
  • No. of Classes and Contents coated within the Syllabus: Lesson-1: That means of the phrases Creator and God Lesson-2 & 3: Nature of God: Formless and Formless Lesson-4 & 5: Oneness of God Lesson-6: Srimad Bhagavad Gita Verses on Nature of God
  • Project: God is one and distinctive and formless however all types are the identical Clarify the varied manifestations of God – analyze and clarify.
  • Directions: 1. Numerous associated to God. Vivid ink can be utilized whereas mentioning phrases, mantras and verses. 2. Photographs, pictures and pictures of deities might be uploaded from web if required. 3. Can take assist of elders if wanted. 4. Aside from personal textbook, different auxiliary books (higher/decrease class) could also be taken as wanted. 5. Every lesson of the textbook must be learn totally. 6. Concentrate on spelling and sentence construction. 7. The presentation must be different.

1st Week Class 7 Hindu Project Reply 2021


Query: “God is One and Distinctive and Formless. However all of the types are completely different manifestations of the identical God”- clarify the argument by analyzing it.

1. “God is one and distinctive and formless. However all of the types are completely different manifestations of the identical God”- clarify the argument by analyzing it.

1. The character of God

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2. Oneness of God.

Reply: 100% appropriate answer of sixth class Hinduism 1st week essay is given beneath.

God is one and distinctive and formless. However all types are completely different manifestations of the identical God.”- Beneath is an evaluation of the correctness of the assertion:- Ishwar means Lord. He’s the Almighty and the Best. He’s accountable for every part. He’s known as Ishwar as a result of he guidelines over the creatures and the world. He’s the supply of all energy and advantage. He has no origin, subsequently He’s everlasting. He has no finish, subsequently He’s everlasting. He doesn’t perish, subsequently He’s immortal. He created himself, so he’s known as Swayambha. God can also be known as Parameshwar. He’s the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the worlds. It’s He who resides within the dwelling being as Atma. God’s infinite attributes, infinite types, infinite expressions and numerous His pastimes.

To the jnani he’s Brahman, to the yogi he’s Paramatma and to the devotee he’s Bhagavan. A particular characteristic of Hinduism is theism. This attribute implies that God is formless. He’s one and distinctive. Nonetheless, he can assume the type of Saka when needed. He took the type of Saka and descended to earth. Then he’s known as Avatar. Each time the darkness of faith seems or human life is disrupted by injustice and injustice then there may be an upheaval of adharma. God descends to earth in a single kind or one other. For instance, in Dwapara Yuga Ishwar or God himself got here to earth as Krishna.

Different incarnations are additionally a part of God. And Shri Krishna is the complete incarnation of God. And it says ‘Krishnastu Bhagavan Swayam’ – that’s Lord Krishna Himself. Totally different gods and goddesses are solely manifestations of various qualities or powers of the identical God. We name this one God by completely different names. That’s, gods and goddesses are the type of a particular high quality or energy of God. For instance, Brahma is the god of creation, God within the type of Vishnu protects and nurtures the dwelling world, within the type of Shiva, he destroys and balances the earth. Alternatively, Durga is the goddess of energy, Saraswati is the goddess of information, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, and so forth. Once more, when God resides in a dwelling being as soul, he’s Jivatma. says Rabindranath Tagore stated in regards to the place of God within the dwelling being – “Infinite inside limits you play your tune” That’s the reason Your manifestation in me is so candy. In different phrases, Paramatma or God exists within the type of dwelling beings inside the limits of the physique. So it may be stated – God is formless; He can take the type of Saka. All types are simply completely different manifestations of God. God is one and distinctive and formless.

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Evaluation Rubrics


1. Keep accuracy of content material to the fullest extent doable.

2. Current with correct info

3. A noticeable diploma of originality and creativity in presentation

4. Aesthetic and numerous presentation to a noticeable extent.

5. Appropriate presentation of spelling and sentence construction


1. Usually the accuracy of the content material is preserved

2. Presentation with appropriate info normally

3. Individuality and creativity normally in presentation.

4. Aesthetic and numerous presentation.

5. Many of the spelling and syntax is appropriate.

1. Lack of content material accuracy

2. Presentation with partial info

3. Partial originality and creativity in presentation

4. Partially aesthetic and numerous presentation.

5. A small variety of spelling and sentence buildings are introduced appropriately

Development Necessities:

1. Lack of content material accuracy.

2. Presentation with much less info.

3. Lack of originality and creativity in presentation

4. Lack of aesthetic and numerous presentation

DSHE Project 2021

The submit God is one and distinctive and formless however all types are the identical clarify the completely different manifestations of God – analyze the logic. appeared first on BD Job Outcomes.

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