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তােমার এলাকার প্রধান প্রধান ফসলের নাম উল্লেখপূর্বক ফসলসমুহ চাষের কারণ ও সেগুলাের জন্য জমি প্রস্তুতির বিবরণ উল্লেখ করে একটি প্রতিবেদন তৈরি কর।



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Class 9 Agricultural Training Project Reply third Week 2021 You will see that this agricultural training ninth class task 2021 on our website which is appropriate for getting correct and superb. It is possible for you to to jot down the Class 9 agricultural training task for the third week of 2021 in your pocket book. Class 9 Project Agriculture Training Earlier than writing the reply, you’ll learn the agricultural training artistic query. You probably have a Class 9 agricultural training information, you will get assist from there. Nevertheless, it could be finest to learn the reply given within the Class 9 agricultural training task as a pattern reply and write it in your individual approach.

Class 9 Agriculture third Week Project

Agricultural Training Class 9 is an task for you in third week. You’ll be able to observe your authentic ebook whereas penning this task. You can too observe the ninth-tenth grade agricultural training information. Earlier than writing an task, you often search Google or YouTube. In that case, it may be seen that the reply of final 12 months ie 2020 has additionally come. Subsequently, once you do the search, you need to search by typing the phrase 2021, then your required task like ninth grade task won’t be an issue to get agricultural training.

Agricultural training ninth grade task however not everybody in Class 9 wants to jot down. Solely these of you who’ve taken agriculture in ninth class have to jot down. A number of topics might be taken as 4th topic in ninth class, together with agricultural training, greater arithmetic, residence science, economics, arts and crafts. For these of you who’ve taken agriculture, ninth grade agricultural training task reply third week 2021 publish is just for them.

Class 9 Agricultural Training third Week Project

Sequence of Assignments: Assignments-1

  • Class: IX
  • Topic: Agricultural Training
  • Sequence of Assignments: Assignments-01;
  • Titles of Chapters and Chapters: Chapter I: Agricultural Know-how;
  • Lesson Quantity and Title/Topic:
  • First Part: Crop Choice
  • 1: Crop choice based on soil and environmental traits.
  • 2: Crop choice based on soil-based ecoregion traits;
  • Part II: Preparation of land for crop manufacturing
  • 1: Preparation of land for various crops.
  • 2: Goal of land tillage i.e. land preparation.
  • Chapter 3: Land Erosion and Erosion Prevention;
  • 1: Soil erosion and sorts of soil erosion.
  • 2: Totally different Facets of Land Erosion, Causes of Land Erosion.
  • 3: Efficient in stopping soil erosion
  • Directions:1. The scholar will cowl the primary and second chapters of the primary chapter of the textbook;
    2. Take recommendation from mother and father or farmers;
    3. If crucial, take the help of the topic trainer and the Web;
    4. Write assignments by hand;
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Project-1: Put together a report mentioning the principle staple crops of your space, causes for intercropping and land preparation for them.

Class 9 Agriculture Project Reply

*** Identify of major staple crops, causes for cultivation, and land preparation in Moharpur (give your district identify)***

My very own district identify is Meherpur. The foremost crops grown in Meherpur are:

Causes for cultivation of those crops in my space: The soil in our space is loam and silt loam however some areas have sandy loam soil. We all know that the majority sorts of crops develop properly in loamy soils.

Causes for rice cultivation: We all know that each one soils besides gravel and sand are appropriate for rice cultivation. Rice grows significantly properly in atel and atel loam soils. Rice might be cultivated in all sorts of land, excessive, medium and low. ! So the soil of my space is appropriate for paddy cultivation.

Causes for wheat cultivation: We all know that loam or sandy loam soil is appropriate for wheat cultivation however wheat is grown on clay-loam soil as properly. Because the soil in my space is loamy it’s appropriate for wheat cultivation.

Causes for jute cultivation: Silty loam soil is essentially the most appropriate soil for jute cultivation. As silt-loam soils are prevalent in our Elam, jute is grown right here in abundance. We’ve got many ponds and ponds right here which get crammed with water throughout monsoon season. Ample services like jute fiber extraction are created there, due to this fact jute cultivation is extra intensive right here.

Causes for potato cultivation: Loam and sandy loam soils are very appropriate for potato manufacturing. The land for potato cultivation must have a whole lot of natural matter which is considerable within the soil of our space so in our space, the soil is appropriate for potato cultivation.

Causes for vegetable cultivation: Loamy soil is best suited for rising greens. We all know that greens should not cultivated in lots of districts of Bangladesh as a result of there is no such thing as a loamy soil there. As we produce a whole lot of greens right here, greens are provided all around the nation from right here.

Land preparation for paddy cultivation: Land preparation for paddy cultivation is a time consuming course of. First, the soil needs to be damaged with an influence tiller within the paddy cultivation land. After that, the land needs to be made properly muddy and stage with 4 to 5 horizontal plowing and ladders. On this case, the land needs to be trimmed with a spade. There ought to at all times be water within the land. And the seedlings needs to be planted when there may be some water above the soil.

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Jami preparation for jute cultivation: Land preparation for jute cultivation may be very simple. The land needs to be left for a while. Water might be irrigated as soon as if crucial. Joe Corridor in Jami. Jute seeds needs to be sprinkled on the soil.

Preparation of land for wheat cultivation: Wheat Rabi crop. After the top of Vardha season, the acceptable time for wheat cultivation is from mid Kartik to mid Agrahayana. Plowing is carried out on the land by seeing the soil Wheat soil must be ready by plowing. For this, the soil needs to be raked from three. Care have to be taken to make sure that there are not any massive bumps on the bottom. Doash or sandy loam soils are appropriate for wheat. This soil is well disturbed. If the land is cultivated by connecting the rotovator with the ability tiller, the soil is cultivated properly and on the similar time the ladder is supplied. Jhurjhure Mari may be very appropriate for germination of wheat.

Land preparation for potato cultivation: Land preparation for potato cultivation is began when the flood water recedes within the low-lying areas or from Ashwin month within the high-lying areas. Typically, potatoes are cultivated in loam and sandy loam soil. Potato land is cultivated 5 to 6 instances by plowing and plowing tillers. After three to 4 plowings, the soil is compacted and appropriate for potato cultivation.

Land preparation for vegetable cultivation: As there are various kinds of greens. Equally, land needs to be ready in several methods for cultivation of various greens. Nevertheless, the frequent land preparation for all vegetable cultivation is to irrigate the land. When the soil of the land turns into smooth, the land is appropriate for vegetable cultivation.

Evaluation Information/Rubrics:


1. Identify of the most important staple crops cultivated with regards to the kind of soil within the specific space;
2. Description of land preparation totally per the desired crops;
3. Important diploma of originality and creativity in writing;

1. Some crop names consult with the kind of soil in a selected space;
2. Description of land preparation most often appropriate with the desired crops;
3. Partial originality and creativity in writing;


1. Identify of a cultivated crop referring to a soil kind;
2. Description of land preparation pretty appropriate with the desired crop;
3. Little individuality and creativity in writing
Development Wanted:

1. lack of particular understanding of crops based on soil kind;
2. The outline of jami preparation with the crop is inconsistent;
3. Lack of originality and creativity in writing;
Class 9 third Week Project Maths, Larger, Agriculture, Economics and Nice Arts

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