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SSC history suggestion 2022 pdf & question pattern



SSC historical past suggestion 2022 pdf & query sample (query construction, marks distribution) has given right here. This examination will likely be held on twenty fourth September 2022 at 11 AM.

SSC examination 2022

Examination:SSC / Equal
Complete Candidates: 20 lakh 21 thousand 868 candidates
Syllabus:Brief syllabus
Board Quantity:11 Schooling Boards
Examination Begin Date:15 September 2022 at 11 am
Final Date of Examination (Theoretical):1 October 2022

ssc examination 2022

SSC historical past query sample and marks distribution 2022

Topic : Historical past of Bangladesh and World Civilization

Chapter Checklist :

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Historical past
  • Chapter 2: World Civilizations (Egypt, Indus, Greece and Rome)
  • Chapter 3: Townships of Historical Bengal
  • Chapter 4: Political Historical past of Historical Bengal (326 BC-1204 AD)
  • Chapter 10: Independence motion of Bengal below British rule
  • Chapter 11: Language motion and subsequent political developments
  • Chapter 12: Navy rule and the independence motion
  • Chapter 13: Election of the Seventies and Conflict of Liberation
  • Chapter 14: The Reign of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1972-1975)

SSC mcq suggestion 2022 (chapter-wise)

Historical past 1st chapter mcq

1. When did the liberation struggle happen in our nation?
A. In 1952
b. In 1954
c. In 1969
d. In 1971

2. Which one represents the true topic/occasion?
A. Bangla
d. historical past
c. science
d. philosophy

3. What’s the Bengali synonym of Historical past?
d. historical past
b. political science
c. philosophy
d. psychology

4. The phrase ‘historical past’ originated from which phrase?
d. historical past
b. Ittih
c. ethics
d. an orphan

5. What’s the that means of the phrase ‘historical past’?
A. outdated saying
b. The story of yesterday
c. fiction
d. custom

6. What’s the goal description of previous developments and traditions?
d. historical past
b. municipal coverage
c. geography
d. philosophy

7. What’s the present historical past referred to as?
A. Modern historical past
b. Present historical past
d. Latest historical past
d. correct historical past

8. Who referred to as the incident historical past?
A. Herodotus
b. E.H. who
d. Dr. Johnson
d. Rapson

9. The phrase Historical past is derived from which phrase?
A. Historical past
b. Historical past
c. Historica
d. Historical past

10. Who first used the phrase hysteria?
A. E. H. Carr
b. Dr. Johnson
d. Herodotus
d. Rapson

Historical past 2nd chapter mcq

62. Primitive individuals didn’t know the usage of what?
A. of cellular
b. of the pc
c. of the web
d. of fireplace

63. When did the rule of the dynasty first start?
A. From 3000 BC
b. From 3100 BC
d. From 3200 BC
d. From 3300 BC

64. What primitive individuals didn’t know?
d. agriculture
b. in enterprise
c. schooling
d. to prepare dinner

65. What was the primary section of the Stone Age referred to as?
d. Puropalya period
b. The New Age
c. fashionable period
d. current period

66. How did primitive individuals hunt animals?
A. With picket weapons
b. With bamboo weapons
c. with the arms of Balaam
d. With stone weapons

67. Which one is much like Egypt?
d. Egypt
b. Isika
c. Yearbook
d. Settle for

68. What’s north of Egypt?
A. pink sea
b. Sahara desert
d. Mediterranean Sea
d. Africa

69. Which of the next is most affordable concerning the primary options of the topography of Egypt?
A. Brahmaputra river
d. Nile River
c. Yangsiqiang
d. the amazon

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70. What’s the measurement of Egypt?
A. About 2 hundred thousand sq. miles
b. About 300 thousand sq. miles
d. About 4 hundred thousand sq. miles
d. About 5 hundred thousand sq. miles

71. What number of years did the Egyptian civilization final?
d. Greater than 2500 years
b. Greater than 2600 years
c. Greater than 2700 years
d. Greater than 2800 years

72. Whose management might be supported to start with of the Egyptian civilization?
A. of Kashem
b. of nemesis
d. of Menes
d. of semen

Historical past third chapter mcq

208. What number of centuries to the east is taken into account the traditional period of Bengal?
A. eleven
b. twelve
d. 13
d. fourteen

209. What was the collective title given to those areas of Bengal in historic instances?
A. flat
b. Bengal
d. Township
d. Horrible

210. What division is essential within the dialogue of historical past?
A. of time
b. of the 12 months
d. period
d. century

211. What century did the Gupta period start?
A. the primary
b. the second
c. the third
d. Fourth

212. Gaur is first talked about in whose e-book?
d. Panini’s
b. of Herodotus
c. It is
d. Mihir’s

213. What’s the title of Gaur?
A. of historic instances
b. of historic historical past
d. of the township
d. well-known particular person

214. Many industrial and agricultural merchandise of Gaudesh are talked about by which e-book?
A. In Vedic literature
b. Mahabharata
d. in economics
d. In mythology

215. In whose e-book is the id of Gaur’s residents discovered luxurious?
A. of Kautilya
d. of examination
c. Panini’s
d. Harshvardhan

216. Throughout the reign of the Pala kings, whose title was referred to as probably the most?
d. Gaur’s
b. of Bengal
c. of Pundra
d. of Harikal

217. Which area of North India was included in Gaur?
A. Southern area
b. Jap area
c. Western area
d. massive space

218. The precise cause for the change in Gaur’s fortunes is-
d. The fortunes of the Pala Empire modified
b. Invention of superior equipment
c. social change
d. Excellence of civilization

Historical past 4th chapter mcq

279. What number of centuries in the midst of the autumn of the Pal dynasty?
A. eleven
d. twelve
c. 13
d. fourteen

280. Sen’s rule in Bengal continued for what number of years?
A. A couple of hundred years
d. About 2 hundred years
c. About 300 years
d. About 4 hundred years

281. How has the political lifetime of Bengal developed?
A. constantly
b. by design
c. on the whole
d. individually

282. Sen’s reign ends within the fingers of whom?
d. Within the fingers of Muslims
b. Within the fingers of the Hindus
c. Within the fingers of the British
d. Within the fingers of the Portuguese

283. The precise cause why a steady historical past of historic Bengal was not written earlier than the Gupta period is-
A. There weren’t so many educated individuals
d. No such materials was discovered
c. No such incident was discovered
d. There was no want

284. Who attacked India?
A. shashank
b. Patliputra
c. Gopal
d. Alexander

285. Within the phrases of the Greek writers, what was the title of a robust kingdom in Bangladesh?
A. flat
b. Chandradwip
d. Gangarid
d. Bengal

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286. What’s the title of the king of Pataliputra?
d. Magadhadi
b. Alexander
c. Gopal
d. shashank

287. Mauryan rule was established in North Bengal throughout whose reign?
A. Shashank’s
b. Gopal’s
c. Alexander’s
d. Emperor Ashoka

288. The complete Bengal was conquered throughout whose reign?
A. Shashank’s
b. Gopal’s
c. of Chandragupta
d. of Samudragupta

289. At what time was the Gupta Empire established in India?
d. 320 AD
b. 321 AD
c. 322 AD
d. 323 AD

Historical past tenth chapter mcq

1025. Enfield supported which of the next?
A. The title of the sword
b. Title of the pistol
c. Title of the weapon
d. Title of the rifle

1026. The place did the fireplace of riot first burn?
A. In Rangpur
b. In Dinajpur
d. Barrackpore
d. in Medinipur

1027. In accordance with which precept the adopted son couldn’t inherit the property?
d. Expropriation
b. lack of chastity
c. extra omissions
d. dereliction of obligation

1028. Exploitation of what started with the institution of East India Firm rule?
A. social
b. political
d. financial
d. cultural

1029. The place was the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah II exiled?
A. in india
d. in Myanmar
c. In Pakistan
d. in nepal

1030. Whose physique was hanged in Bahadur Shah Park in Dhaka in the course of the sepoy riot?
A. of the police
b. of BDR
c. Ansar’s
d. soldier’s

1031. What was the far-reaching affect on the historical past of Bengal?
d. of the division of Bengal
b. Bengal separatists
c. Swadeshi motion
d. Non-Cooperation Motion

1032. Who divided Bengal in 1905? (Train-1)
A. Lord Cornwallis
d. Lord Curzon
c. Lord Chelmsford
d. Lord Studying

1033. Which is the logical cause for Hindu-Muslim group concord to be destroyed perpetually?
A. struggle of independence
b. Swadeshi motion
c. Faraji motion
d. division of Bengal

1034. When Lord Curzon divided Bengal in India?
A. In 1904
d. 1905 AD
c. 1906 AD
d. In 1907

1035. What was Lord Curzon conscious of in Bengal?
A. Social consciousness
d. Political consciousness
c. Financial consciousness
d. Cultural consciousness

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