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SSC physics suggestion 2022 pdf for all board



SSC physics suggestion 2022 pdf (for dhaka board and all others board) given right here. College students will could get widespread from this particular suggestion of their examination. SSC hysics examination will probably be held on twenty fourth September 2022 11 AM.

SSC examination 2022

Examination:SSC / Equal
Whole Candidates: 20 lakh 21 thousand 868 candidates
Syllabus:Brief syllabus
Board Quantity:11 Training Boards
Examination Begin Date:15 September 2022 at 11 am
Final Date of Examination (Theoretical):1 October 2022

ssc examination 2022

Topic: Physics

Physics textbook chapter record :

Chapter 1: Bodily Equations and Measurements
Chapter 2: Movement
Chapter 3: Ball
Chapter 4: Work, Energy and Power
Chapter 5: State of Matter and Stress
Chapter 7: Waves and Sound
Chapter 8: Reflection of Mild
Chapter 11: Let’s Energy

Chapter-wise SSC physics suggestion 2022 (Necessary CQ query)

Artistic Query 1 : Whereas measuring the size of a wire with slide calipers, the principle scale studying was discovered to be 3.2cm. Alternatively, whereas measuring the diameter of the wire, the linear scale studying of 4mm, the round scale studying of 20 and the minimal studying of 0.01mm have been obtained.

  • A. What’s peach referred to as?
  • b. Why do leaves look inexperienced? clarify
  • c. Discover the cross-sectional space of ​​the wire.
  • d. If the wire is dropped right into a beaker of water, how a lot water will it take away? Give mathematical rationalization.

Artistic Query 2 : Whereas measuring the size of a bar with slide calipers, Rahim discovered the principle scale studying 12cm and the vernier scale studying 6. The system has no mechanical defects and its vernier fixed is 0.002cm.

  • A. What’s pitch?
  • A.D. Derive the equation s = ut + = ar’. The place symbols carry typical which means.
  • c. Discover the variety of vernier chambers of the slide calipers.
  • d. Mathematical evaluation what could be the issue if the size of the rod is set in meter scale.

Artistic Query 3 : Whereas measuring the diameter of a cylindrical iron bar with a slide caliper, the principle scale studying is 4.3cm and the vernier scale is 5. 20 divisions of the vernier scale is the same as 19 divisions of the principle scale. The size of the smallest a part of the principle scale is 2mm.

  • A. What’s one other identify for slide calipers?
  • b. What does vernier fixed 0.01 imply?
  • c. Discover the radius of the iron bar.
  • d. If the size of the rod is 10cm, how a lot quantity will it displace?

Artistic Query 4 : A drive of 10N acts on a set object of mass 2kg. After 4s the ball stops transferring. The item travels a distance so long as the drive acts and the item travels a distance s2 in 4 seconds after the drive stops performing.

A. What’s the regulation of conservation of momentum?
b. Clarify how acceleration is obtained from a velocity versus time diagram.
P. Decide the worth of S1.
d. Discover S2 and specific the connection between s1 and s2 in an equation.

Artistic Query 5: Two runners participate in a 400m race. The primary competitor wins by 10s. The primary competitor begins the race from a set place with a uniform acceleration and the second competitor with a uniform velocity of 10ms^-1.

A. What’s Context Construction?
b. Clarify that it’s attainable for an object transferring within the sea to have an acceleration.
c. How a lot distance will the 2nd competitor cowl within the time the first competitor covers 300m?
d. Analyze the dynamics of stimuli “in competitors the typical velocity could also be totally different even when the identical distance is roofed”.

Artistic 6 : A rock is thrown at a mango at a top of 120m straight upwards with a velocity of 50ms however in the meanwhile of throwing the rock, the mango falls from the tree.

A. What’s gravitational acceleration?
b. Does the momentum of the mango help the third regulation of falling objects? clarify
c. When will the mango and the rock be equidistant from the bottom? decide
d. How lengthy after the mango falls to the bottom will the rock fall to the bottom? Decide it.

Artistic Query 7 : Two buses A and B of lots 1000kg and 1200kg collide with fog transferring in the identical path with velocities of 30ms-1 and 25ms-1 respectively. After the collision the speed of bus B is 5ms-1.

A. What’s momentum?
b. Write some great benefits of friction.
c. Discover the speed of bus A after the collision.
d. The shorter the collision time the upper the worth of the drive Clarify in gentle of the stimulus.

Artistic Query 8 : Two objects P and Q have lots 20 kg and 30 kg respectively. Two objects are transferring in the identical path alongside the identical straight line. Q is in entrance of P and object Q is transferring with a velocity of 10ms-1 and object P is transferring with an acceleration of 3ms-2 from the stationary place. After 10 sec P and Q collide into one object and transfer in the identical path with a velocity of 18 ms-1.

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A. What’s the influence of the ball?
b. Why does the gun transfer backwards whereas firing the gun? Clarify the rationale.
c. Discover the speed of object P simply earlier than the collision.
d. Do the above info help the regulation of conservation of momentum? Do mathematical evaluation.

Artistic Query 9 : A bullet of mass 10g is fired from a gun with a velocity of 1kms”. The bullet stopped after penetrating 3cm into the wooden.

A. What’s half life?
b. Write and clarify Snell’s regulation.
c. If the mass of the gun is 50 kg, discover the recoil velocity of the gun.
d. Analyze mathematically the worth of the stopping drive performing on the bullet within the gentle of the given knowledge.

Artistic Query 10 : A pump of 1kw capability and 70% effectivity is used to raise water to a top of 30m in a complete of 4 minutes. Alternatively, a 2kw motor is able to lifting 1000kg of water to a top of 10m in 2 minutes.

A. What’s evaporation?
b. What does an electrical energy station capability of 200MW imply?
c. How a lot water can the primary engine raise?
d. Which motor will you employ for lifting water? Give mathematical reasoning.

Artistic Query 11 : An object of mass 20g is thrown vertically upwards. After 10s it reaches the floor.

A. What’s pitch?
b. Clarify common velocity.
c. Decide the utmost top the item will rise.
d. What’s the mechanical power of the item 2s earlier than it reaches the floor? Analyze mathematically.

Artistic Query 12 : An object of mass 1.5kg is thrown up a steep incline with a velocity of 720ms-1.

A. Write the regulation of conservation of momentum.
b. If you happen to soar from the boat, why does the boat transfer backwards?
c. Discover the kinetic power of the item after 20s.
d. Present that the full mechanical power of the item at a top of 180 m above the bottom is the same as the kinetic power of the item in the meanwhile it reaches the bottom.

Artistic Query 13 : An inter-house basketball competitors is being held in Pabna Cadet Faculty. At first of the sport, the referee hurls a basketball of mass m vertically upward and it stays within the air for six.25 sec earlier than it touches the bottom (assume that the basketball is thrown off the bottom label).

A. What does motion velocity imply?
b. At what time will the basketball attain its most top? clarify
c. Discover the utmost top traveled by the basketball.
d. “The quantity of labor achieved on the ball (at its most top above the bottom) is the same as the change in kinetic power” – Show the assertion.

Artistic Query 14 : 4 seconds after witnessing lightning, an individual mendacity on the bottom hears thunder. Seconds later, a second particular person underwater heard the thunder. Common air temperature is 20°C.

A. What’s the restrict of human intelligence?
b. Why not hear the echo of all mirrored phrases?
c. What would be the velocity of sound in air on the temperature of stimulus? decide
d. Analyze the space between 1st particular person and 2nd particular person from the origin of the phrase.

Artistic Query 15 : Rafi was standing by the river, 0.5 s after the lightning he heard the noise. After 4 sec of lightning, Safiq hears noise beneath water. The common temperature of air at 20°C is the velocity of sound in water 1460 ms-1.

A. What’s transverse wave?
b. Clarify the impact of stress on boiling level. c. Discover the velocity of sound in air on the given temperature.
d. Decide the space of Rafiq and Safiq from the sound supply.

Artistic Query 16 : A pupil fastened his dwelling time at 8:15 AM when he was 500m away from the category after listening to the category time at 8:15 AM. The temperature at the moment was 22°C and the wavelength of sound was 40cm.

A. What’s digital sign?
b. Clarify the dependence of the velocity of sound on the character of the medium.
c. What’s the frequency of sound in hours?
d. Was the scholar’s clock time right or incorrect? clarify

Artistic Query 17 : It takes 0.2s for sound to replicate on the backside of a properly and return to the floor. Wavelength of sound in air is 4cm (air temperature 26°C and velocity of sound in water 1452ms-1)

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A. What’s the scenario?
b. Bats can’t see, but they hunt. How is that this attainable? clarify
c. Decide the depth of the properly.
d. The wavelength of sound in water will probably be most. Clarify with mathematical reasoning.

Artistic Query 18 : Mita and her classmates stood on the door of the lab at college and took a mirror of 10 cm radius and clearly solid the reflection of a tree on the different finish of the varsity grounds on a clean white wall.

A. What’s reflection?
b. When gentle is incident perpendicularly on a aircraft mirror, why does the sunshine ray return in the identical path?
c. Draw the ray diagram of the excimer and decide the space of reflection.
d. Analyze diagrammatically whether or not Mita can type the picture utilizing a convex mirror as an alternative of the given mirror.

Artistic Query 19 : Standing in entrance of the mirror, Nirva measured the size of the mirror as 0.9m with out having the ability to see his full world. Her youthful sister tilts the mirror a bit and sees her world tilt as properly. When Nirva’s youthful sister requested Nirva why, the Nirva drive fastened the incident ray by turning the aircraft mirror twice the angle, the mirrored ray.

A. What’s the reflection of sunshine?
b. Nirva why didn’t see his full reflection within the mirror?
c. Decide the peak of silence.
d. How will Bhumi show Nirvana’s said rule? clarify

Artistic Query 20 : An object of size 3cm is positioned in entrance of a spherical mirror of focal size 10cm and a picture of size 6cm is produced.

A. What’s a mirror?
b. Why is a concave mirror referred to as a converging mirror? c. Decide the linear growth.
d. If an object is positioned 5cm away from the mirror, will the reflection be actual or unreal? Give suggestions via mathematical evaluation.

Artistic Query 21 : Two costs at +90C and -25C appeal to one another by 3.164 x 10 N.

A. What is electrical induction?
b. Solenoid behaves like a bar magnet – clarify.
c. Decide the space between the 2 costs.
d. The place would be the impartial level on the straight line connecting the 2 costs – Give mathematical opinion.

Artistic Query 22 : Two positively charged objects A and B are 2m aside. Two objects are charged at 20C and 40C respectively.

A. What’s the container?
b. Clarify how an object could be induced by induction course of.
P. Decide the drive between the 2 objects.
d. Analyze the circulation of cost between two charged objects relying not on the quantity of cost however on the potential distinction.

Artistic Query 23 : Two level costs of values ​​80C and 30C are positioned at a distance of 15 cm from one another. The drive of attraction between two level costs could be calculated utilizing Coulomb’s regulation. The 2 level costs are then linked by a conducting wire.

A. What’s density?
b. What’s the relative resistivity of copper 1.5 × 10 2m?
c. Within the first case, decide the drive of attraction between the 2 level costs.
d. What would be the change in Coulomb drive between them after being added by him? Clarify mathematically.

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