Dosshu Bonohur Series By Romena Afaz (Part - 33, 34)

Book Info: 7.5 Megabytes and 163 Pages
Book Courtesy:  Asun Jani & Bangla PDF / Online

Dosshu Bonohur Series By Romena Afaz (Part – 33, 34) is a series of popular thrill adventure written by Romena Afaz. Romena Afaz is a Bengali writer and author of adventure and thriller. The Romanian Afaz was born December 27, 1926 in Sherpur, Bangladesh and died June 12, 2003 in Bogra. It is celebrated for its series of adventure thrillers Doshyo Bonhur (Robber Banhur). Popular books Romena Afaz are series Dosshyo Banhur Alok Roshmi, Kagojer Nauka, Dhushor Prithibi, Shesh Milon Desher Meye, Ghoorni Haoa Sagar Saikote, Lekhoker Shwopno, Rokte map Anka Mandigorer Bari Momer Alo, Mayar Sangsar, Modhumita, Afaz Books, Novels, Stories, Dosshu Bonhur Series Rani Dakat Series Bangla translates books, articles, written and read Dosshu Bonohur Series By Romena Afaz (Part – 33, 34)

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